’s George Tahinos shot Terry Funk during the Funker’s great comeback, as a hardcore icon in ECW, and at various other times.

“Terry was nice to me when he saw me, I would always go over to say hello and pay respect,” Tahinos recalled after hearing of Funk’s death on August 23, 2023, at the age of 79.

“Terry would sometimes get a little crazy during a match so you always had to keep alert. One time a few of us were backed up against the railing in the corner and since I was the guy on the end he grabbed me and knocked me down,” said Tahinos, launching into more Funk stories.

“One time Dennis Coralluzzo had Terry against Abdullah the Butcher in Haledon, NJ. I left a Devils playoff game early to go and shoot the match. There was more action in the locker room that during the actual match,” he said. “There were a few Japanese photographers there and Funk and Abby were on each side of the locker room and one would stand up then the other would stand up and then they would rush at each other and fight while the Japanese guys would be clicking away. They did that a couple of times and then things calmed down. That was the night I saw Abby taping big box cutter blades to his fingers. I made sure to keep about 10 feet away from him so as not to get grabbed like he was known to do to managers and photographers.”

Tahinos caught up with Funk post-ECW days too.

“Terry was always good to shoot at the conventions. He was very accommodating and a lot of the wrestlers would always going over to talk to him or get a photo. I was able to get the shot of the three guys together from the famous The Night the Line was Crossed,” said Tahinos.” I had to bring Shane Douglas and Sabu over to Terry and the shot was taken.”
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TOP PHOTO: Terry Funk strikes a pose for photographer George Tahinos.