The overwhelming number of posts about Terry Funk and what he meant to the wrestling world speaks for itself. A select few are collected below:

Ric Flair: In My Entire Life, I’ve Never Met A Guy Who Worked Harder. Terry Funk Was A Great Wrestler, Entertainer, Unbelievably Fearless, And A Great Friend! Rest In Peace My Friend Terry Funk Knowing That No One Will Ever Replace You In The World Of Professional Wrestling!

I’m struggling to process this — but Terry Funk is gone. I just talked to Terry’s daughter, Brandee, who gave me the awful news. He was my mentor, my idol, and one of my closest friends. He was the greatest wrestler I ever saw.
If you get the chance, look up a Terry Funk match or a Terry Funk promo, and give thanks that this incredible man gave so much, for so long, to so many. There will never be another like him. May God bless Terry, his friends, family and all who loved him. RIP my dear friend – it was an honor to know you. #RIPTerryFunk
I will be writing much more about Terry in the next few days.

The Blue Meanie Brian Heffron: A day I wish would never come. Thank you Terry Funk for what did for wrestling. Thank you for helping ECW. Thank you for being kind to me. I love you…. TERRY FUNK FOREVER! FOREVER! FOREVER! FOREVER! #RestInPeaceTerryFunk

Terry Funk with ECW originals. Photo courtesy Brian Heffron

Terry Funk with ECW originals. Photo courtesy Brian Heffron

Kenny StarMaker Bolin: I just got the horrible news about Terry Funk a few minutes ago. I had known him I guess since 1976 or so I have so many cool stories about him and just how good he was to me and my son and what a nice man he was to be such a vicious character, I can’t stop crying. RIP, Terry.

Gary Juster, promoter, on Facebook: RIP my friend Terry Funk. An amazing performer over several decades with different styles. A legend in Japan where he loved the culture, the people and the wrestling, of course. We spoke regularly for the past several years. His dementia continued to get worse and worse and finally he was unable to take calls. He always made me promise to call him back. I will miss him. One of those workers that gave it his all. He was so good that he could sometimes make even a skeptic believe, if just for a moment.

Mick Karch: Back 30 years ago, the NWA and PWA put on a joint card in Minneapolis. Terry Funk and Road Warrior Hawk were the main event. Working with Terry was an honor and privilege beyond words. A couple things I remember: To hype the show, I had Sir Oliver Humperdink (who managed Terry) on a cable access show I hosted. We had Terry on speaker phone from Amarillo. He ripped into me. ‘Karch, or Krotch, or Kooch, or whatever your name is!’ It was one of the funniest and most cherished moments I remember, to be verbally assaulted by the Funker. His match against Hawk was chaos. The bell never rang as they fought outside the ring throughout the arena. At one point, Terry swung a chair near the announce table. Damn near hit the announce team. I said to Terry afterward, ‘I’m glad I got out of the way,’ to which he said, ‘if you didn’t, I would have hit you.’ And no doubt he would have. RIP and thank you to one of the greatest and most revered wrestlers of ANY generation. This is brutal.

Tony Kozina: My heart is heavy learning this news. One of my absolute inspirations in wrestling, and, as I learned later, as a human being. Terry Funk was, as a wrestler, able to stay on top, in some fashion, from the 70’s where he captured the NWA World Championship, through to the 2000s. I had the privilege of being on a show with him in late 2005 in Conway, SC that had him fight Dusty Rhodes in a cage in the main event. I had the pleasure of meeting Terry Funk a few times and you could see as clear as day, the man was a kind, warm hearted gentleman. I don’t know what else to say.. It’s just a sad, sad day. Sleep well, Champ… and thank you so much for all the inspiration.

Dutch Mantell: “Unbelievable talent that could have a match with a broomstick. Drew tons of money all over the world. Rest In Peace My Friend on your infamous Double Cross ranch.”

JBL: “One of the reasons I got in the business was Terry Funk. Love you Texas legend, RIP.”

Michael PS Hayes: “Just read the devastating news about Terry Funk passing away. What a character, I was literally awestruck the 1st time I met Terry in New Orleans!! Thx for all U did for our business!! Prayers and Condolences to Terry’s family, friends and fans!!”

Pollo Del Mar: “Any who do not know the enduring impact of former @NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion Terry Funk on pro wrestling have never heard of ECW, watched AEW or seen a Mick Foley match. He’s also one of the single greatest displays of a very talented wrestler evolving with the times. #RIP”

Jerry Oates: “This is also very sad…He was a dear friend and had wrestled with him many times he will be deeply missed!”

George Napolitano, photographer: “Sorry to learn about passing of another hero,Terry Funk.His career spanned NWA champ to hardcore King w ECW. I remember seeing him batter after another crazy encounter& asking how can U do this? He said its in my blood! RIP my friend. You’ll never be forgotten”

Joe E. Legend: “One of the absolute greatest of all time has left us. Only got to meet him once but 2 minutes in to the conversation, he treated me like we’d been friends and colleagues for 20 years. A tremendous performer, a fantastic example, a classic gentleman and a genuine legend in our game. Farewell Terry Funk. Our business and our world are worse off for your passing. Prayers and condolences to the family and friends of the great man. RIP Terry Funk.”

Susan Green: “Tough day for my wrestling family. Thoughts and prayers for Abe Jacobs. Then Terry Funk met him in 1960 when his Father booked me against Kay Noble in Amarillo. We saw each other all around the world once I graduated high school. Smiling he never let me forget my early days and of course my name Susie. Terry my friend (brother Rest in Peace I will see you again when my number is called”