Tonight is the final night of the PowerrrTrip show by the National Wrestling Alliance, in association with Tried-N-True Pro Wrestling.  This is the big one where we get to see “Alwayz Ready” Matt Cardona challenge the NWA Heavyweight Champion, Trevor Murdoch, for the Ten Pounds of Gold.  While the outcome is not in dispute, it will be interesting to see how the matchup took place, but that will be later on in the card.

We go to cold open backstage, as Kyle Davis is with Austin Idol and Tyrus ahead of their eight man match tonight with Ill-Begotten, Mims and Cyon. Tyrus quips that “it’ll be more like Ill-Forgotten.”  As for Cyon, Tyrus says doesn’t get it. He’ll just get a beating. Tyrus asks Davis what he thinks about it, and Idol interjects and says nothing Davis says matters. 

That was rude.  Maybe a tad truthful, but, still…

We go to Valor Hall in Oak Grove, KY. Your commentators Joe Galli, Tim Storm, and Velvet Sky have the call.

We cut to ringside, where Joe Galli is with Cyon. Galli notes the masked man assembled a team to take on IdolMania, and asks the hard hitting question:  who is your father. As chants of “Who’s your daddy?” echo through the hall, Cyon states to the fans and Galli that they cannot be concerned about past, because his future is brighter. 

Oh, by the way, if the answer to Cyon’s father turns out to be Vader, I seriously hope George Lucas doesn’t sue.

But let’s go to the First Match of the night, which is an…

Courtesy of the NWA

Eight Man Tag Team Match:  IdolMania Sports Management (NWA World Television Champion Tyrus, Jordan Clearwater, BLK Jeez, and Marshe Rockett) vs. The Ill Begotten (Rush Freeman and Alex Taylor), Mims, and Cyon

As all IdolMania makes their presence known and direct it to Sky by commentary (not a good look, no matter how heelish it is), they climb into the ring en masse, and Tyrus gets on the microphone and asks for silence while Clearwater’s robe comes to show off “Pure gold.”  Clearwater goes full Rick Rude, and says he’s giving 420%. (Heh).

As the rest of the men get in the ring, it’s Clearwater and Cyon to start, and the masked man unleashes his frustration at the Golden Boy.  Cyon ends up in IdolMania’s corner, but fights out and gives a belly to back suplex to Clearwater.  He sends Clearwater to the corner and goes up top with punches, and gives him another suplex for good measure to cover, but gets a two count.  Cyon tags Taylor in and he gets a nice headsnap to cover for a two count. Now a tag to Freeman, and The Ill-Begotten gets some nice double team action in the form of an atomic drop/dropkick combo for another two count.  Taylor goes on the attack, but Clearwater rakes his eyes and tags in BLK Jeez, but Taylor sends him to the corner for a suplex for a one count.

Taylor sends Jeez to the corner and lands a running dropkick, but gets another two count. Taylor hits the ropes, but Rockett kicks his back and that stops him in his tracks for Jeez to land a clothesline.  He tags in Tyrus, and the Man-ster uses his size to his advantage, toying with Taylor and delivers a huge fallaway slam.  Tag to Rockett, who gets a standing dropkick to cover Taylor, but Freeman breaks the count.  Taylor is in Peril, and Clearwater tries to take advantage, but Taylor nails a standing dropkick to stun the Golden boy.  As each man goes crawling to their corner, Clearwater gets Jeez, but Taylor gets the hot tag to Mims, and he is a Big Strong wrestler En Fuego, clearing house, and delivering a huge spinebuster to Jeez, but Clearwater breaks up the count. 

The match breaks down, as Clearwater is caught in a DVD by Cyon, and the masked man sends him out and hits a plancha to Clearwater.  Jeez follows with a slingshot dive that had some serious hang time.  Outside the ring chaos reigns as Jeez tries to unmask Cyon.  Meanwhile, Mims and Tyrus face off, and Big Strong Mims picks up the Man-ster to go for a slam, but Rockett unbalances Mims from behind and Tyrus falls on Mims and gets the pin.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  IdolMania Sports Management

After match, Jeez and Rockett prop up Mims, and Tyrus nails him with the heart punch to add salt in the wound.  Overall, IdolMania is here to stay, despite Velvet Sky’s protestations.

We get recaps of the season finale of NWA USA, but you can see it on YouTube or read it here.  You’d be a lot better person if you read it.  Just sayin’.

But now we get the penultimate match, and it looks to be a barn burner as we go to the…

I Quit Match: Nick Aldis vs. Thom Latimer

Latimer Tells Kyle Davis to come in the ring.  He enters with a steel chair, and states he never will quit, and he will make Nick Aldis squeal those words.  With that, Latimer calls out Aldis to “come out and meet your maker.”  As Aldis comes out, he sprints to the ring and this is a straight-up slobber knocker.   

Aldis tries to end the match early with the Kingslayer submission, but Latimer gets out.  Aldis sends him out of the ring, and he gets on the apron edge to go for penalty kick, but Latimer catches the leg and sends him crashing to ring. The ref comes out with a microphone, and asks if he quits, but Aldis says to “get that thing out.”  Then the King of All Evil sends Aldis teeth first to the bolt that hooks the turnbuckle with the ring post, but still Aldis won’t say those two words.  Latimer goes under the ring and gets the bolt hook, and slams it across his back.  The ref asks if he gives up, but it’s still a no.  Latimer gets in Aldis in the camel clutch, and then gets hook and fishhooks Aldis in the cheek for good measure, but he still won’t say it.   

Aldis escapes and goes outside and under the ring, and The Dealer gets a chain and whips at Latimer’s head, but misses.  Latimer wraps his fist around the chain and hammers at his head, then wraps Aldis arm around the chain, and ties it around the ring post for an assisted submission, but Aldis will not give in.   Latimer unravels the chain, and Aldis uses the opportunity to grab the slack and pull on it to ram Latimer to the post. Ref asks Latimer if he will submit, and he responds by saying “p*** off!”  More plunder enter the ring courtesy of The National Treasure, and as Aldis climbs in the ring, Latimer kicks the middle ropes right into Aldis’…err, little Dealers.  The ref check on Aldis, and he won’t utter the words.  Latimer climbs up the top turnbuckle, and Aldis returns the receipt by getting his forearm to his…err, little Evils. Aldis then gets Latimer in a modified Gory Special/choke hold, and then releases the hold for Latimer’s head to crash right on the edge of propped steel chair!

Aldis once again heads to the Kingslayer, and Latimer pushes off.  He kicks Aldis out of the ring, and ramps up the ultraviolence by ramming his arm to the ring post and slamming it on the steel steps.  Latimer slams a chair to his arm on the steps, and pushes the steps to trap his arm on the ring edge.  The ref gets the mic, and Aldis declares to Latimer, “You hit like a b****!”  Latimer grabs the chair and goes up top to slam down, but Aldis moves away in time.  Latimer rushes at Aldis, but The National Treasure gets a steel chair and connects with his sternum.  Dazed, Latimer crawls to a nearby table and Aldis gets a big elbow to the table outside.  Back in the ring, they slug away at each other.  Once again, Aldis tries to cinch the Kingslayer, and Latimer pushes him off, and he manages to deliver a huge spear.  The ref checks on Aldis, but he just.  Won’t.  Stop.  Latimer sets down a folder steel chair and prepares to hit Aldis on it with a Piledriver, but he manages to backdrop The King of All Evil to the chair.  Aldis then gets his head in between the steel chair, and then proceeds to Pillmanize his head.  Latimer won’t give up, and now Aldis gets in the Kingslayer, with Latimer’s head still caught in the twisted steel chair.  This brings out Kamille to ringside, and she hesitates for a minute before she has no choice but to throw in the towel to help her fiancée and call the match.

Your Winner via Referee Stoppage:  Nick Aldis

Neither Latimer nor Aldis are happy with outcome.  As Kamille checks on her man, Latimer is absolutely livid that she had to save him, and Aldis is upset that he never got him to say, “I Quit.” This would be a textbook example of a pyrrhic victory.

During break, Latimer became unhinged and brutalized the security and staff, as he headed backstage.

But now we go to Main Event, and this is for the…

Courtesy of the NWA

 NWA World Heavyweight Championship: Trevor Murdoch (c) vs. “Alwayz Ready” Matt Cardona

This match has a big fight feel with boxing style intros, with divided fan reactions to both Cardona and Murdoch.  An interesting note is that Cardona has ring gear/trucks similar in design to Christian Cage, who Galli notes wore the same thing when he won the Ten Pounds of Gold.

As the bell rings, Murdoch goes to lock up, but Cardona goes outside, because he’s, ironically, not ready yet.  He goes back in, and they tie up, and Cardona gets a shoulder tackle, but Murdoch answers with an arm drag, and he heads out of the ring again. Fans at ringside mercilessly chant, “He’s not rea-dee!”  *Clap! Clap! Clap Clap Clap!* Cardona goes back in, and Murdoch outwrestles the upstart, and Cardona goes out again. Murdoch gets sick of this and gives chase.  Cardona gets in the ring first, and as the champ climbs in, he pummels Murdoch.  Murdoch gets back to his feet and chops away, but Cardona gets a poke to the eye, but it’s not enough and Murdoch hits a full Nelson slam, and Cardona scurries out again.  Murdoch goes on the hunt, and he and Cardona brawl outside the ring.  Cardona gets Murdoch and nails a double arm DDT to the concrete floor.

Cardona rolls back in the rings, and Murdoch is busted open and bloodied, as he stumbles to make way to ring.  Cardona gets a drop kicks to Murdoch, and goes out to create more damage to the champ.  He grabs a chair from under the ring, and props it in the corner turnbuckles as the ref checks on the bloodied champ.  Cardona kicks and punches away at the crimson head of Murdoch, and then hits a neckbreaker to cover, but gets a two count.  Murdoch looks glassy-eyed, as Cardona keeps up the carnage.  He sends the champ to the corner, but Murdoch comes out and gets a huge spinebuster.  Still woozy from the loss of blood, Murdoch goes up top and lands a crossbody on Cardona that gets a two count.  Murdoch follows up with a piledriver, but still gets another two count.  He runs at Cardona, who sidesteps and Murdoch runs right into the propped chair.  Cardona, sensing his opportunity, goes to the corner and delivers the Radio Silence jumping leg lariat, and the ref counts one, two, and three!

Your Winner, and New NWA World Heavyweight Champion:  Matt Cardona

The fans boo at the decision, and Velvet Sky is disgusted by Cardona and his actions.  At that moment, Chelsea Green, VSK, and Mike Knox come out from backstage and enter the ring to celebrate his win.  Murdoch is outside the ring, and Cardona mocks him, asking if he’s okay.  He then asks for the mic and says, “All Hail, the Deathmatch King!  All hail, the NWA World Heavyweight Champion!”

Cardona tells Billy Corgan not to worry, because he won’t pull, a Shane Douglas with the title (Whoa!  Sick burn!). He puts himself over for being a self-made superstar, thanks the “NWA Universe”, and promises to be the champion forever.

Well, hold on, Long Island Iced “C”, because here comes “The National Treasure”, Nick Aldis, with a rebuttal.  Firstly, he says, “This isn’t the NWA universe. This is the NWA, son. These are wrestling fans. We don’t need your buzzwords. Okay? This is where men sell their business in the squared circle.”  He then runs down the new champ, and then lets him know that he still has his rematch clause, and he’ll face Cardona at The Crockett Cup.  Aldis ends it by advising the new champion, “I’m here tonight to tell you, flat out, that your challenger is looking right at you. So don’t get too comfortable with that Ten Pounds of Gold, because it’s coming home to the real world’s champion!”  Cardona is beside himself as Aldis ruining his moment as the slow goes to credits


Final Thoughts:

This was a perfect way to end the PowerrrTrip series.  Regardless of how much time has passed since hearing Cardona became the champion, seeing the action unfold is much more satisfying.  Me, personally, Murdoch and Cardona put on a show stopper.

Aldis and Latimer added a little extra to their feud, and regardless of the how the match ended, you know things are not over with the former friends, and now bitter enemies.

IdolMania is proving they are a faction to be reckoned with, and this and all the matches will culminate during Crockett Cup, which is just around the corner.  We’ll have some more insight on what to expect, so see you in seven!