Terminus Pro Wrestling has its debut show from Atlanta, Georgia at the KROC Center. The event featured wrestlers from AEW, IMPACT, and Ring of Honor, and elsewhere all coming together. The promotion is headed by Jonathan Gresham and Baron Black. As Terminus plans to establish pure wrestling, they released their directives prior to the show.

Matches in Terminus can be won by pinfall, submission, knockout, or disqualification (unless a substitute stipulation is agree upon by the wrestlers in the match). There will also be five second countouts.

Time limits will be strictly enforced, with all matches except championship bouts having a 15-minute time limit. Championship matches will have a 20-minute time limit.

If a match reaches the time limit, there will then be a 90-second overtime period. Wrestlers have to start the overtime period in a neutral position. If there’s no winner after those 90 seconds, the match ends in a draw.

Disqualifications can be caused by foreign object use, outside interference, or if a wrestler commits two technical fouls. It’s also stated that any weapon usage will result in expulsion from Terminus.

Technical fouls will be given at the referee’s discretion. The following actions are considered technical fouls:

  • Throwing an opponent over the top rope
  • 10-second top rope count
  • Five count rope/corner break
  • Intentional physical contact with a referee
  • Intentional low blow
  • Intentional eye gouge
  • Fish hooking
  • Intentional hair pulling
  • Spitting
  • Closed-fist punches to the face

Here’s the card for the show:

  • ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham defends against Josh Alexander (defended under ROH Pure Rules)
  • ROH World Champion Bandido defends against Baron Black
  • Josh Woods vs. Lee Moriarty
  • Impact Digital Media Champion Jordynne Grace defends against Kiera Hogan
  • Moose vs. Mike Bennett
  • Diamante vs. Janai Kai
  • Terminal eliminator match: JDX vs. Daniel Garcia vs. Invictus Khash vs. Adam Priest
  • Tracy Williams & Fred Yehi vs. Dante Caballero & Joe Keys


Few changes to the card were announced. Diamante was in for Liiza Hall and Josh Woods is in for Jay Lethal. The changes were due to travel issues after a winter storm hit the Atlanta area.

The hosts of the show run down the card. They announce that Lee Moriarty vs Josh Woods will kick off the show.

Zicky Dice joins the hosts and expresses his excitement for the show. He puts Lee Moriarty over. Zicky also teases a future match at a future show.

The hosts preview the Terminal Eliminator match, JDX vs. Daniel Garcia vs. Invictus Khash vs. Adam Priest. There are audio issues galore here…….

They then preview Moose vs. Mike Bennett. The hosts put over Moose’s power but say that Mike Bennett has the experience to withstand what Moose can do.

More audio issues plague the live broadcast on FITE as they preview Diamante vs. Janai Kai.

The hosts then put over the fact there are not one but two ROH championship matches. They first talk about Bandido vs Baron Black. Baron Black’s trainer, Mr. Hughes comes out and says that his client has a bright future. Again….technical issues.

Matt Taven crashes the pre-show and says that the OGK travel together. He also puts over a lot of the wrestlers on the card. He is excited to see Daniel Garcia.

The live stream on FITE left a lot to be desired for the pre-show. That’s live TV folks!

Janai Kai and Lee Moriarty make an appearance.

The hosts hype Jonathan Gresham vs Josh Alexander. Overall, this was not the best start to the show but I will keep an open mind for the main show which is now slated to start at 6:30 pm EST.

Main Card

The show was due to begin at 6pm EST, but it has been confirmed that the event will now start at 6:30pm EST. The reason given is due to inclement weather in Atlanta and to allow people more time to arrive safely at the venue.

The show starts with a “All Roads lead here” sign. We then get the intro which runs through the updated card.

The show kicks off with the announcers, Lenny Leonard and Dave Prazak.

Match 1: Josh Woods vs. Lee Moriarty

Lee Moriarty is out first with a warm reception from the crowd. Josh Woods follows second.  The announcers ran through the Terminus directives. The men shake hands as the action is ready to get underway. The match started with both men assessing their opponent. They tie up but its broken up quickly.

Josh Woods with a take down on Moriarty but Moriarty gets a quick pin attempt. Both men now traded pins. As they tie up again, they head to the corner and the hold is broken by the ref as the audience claps in support of pure wrestling.

Woods now with a pinning combo but Moriarty finds his way out and takes advantage of the bout. This doesn’t last long as Wood’s now uses his technical ability over Moriarty. Woods with an armbar from Woods but it was quickly countered. The two men trade armbar attempts but neither man can gain ad advantage.

Woods grounds Moriarty and began to target the arm of Moriarty. Moriarty finds a way out and also targets his opponents arm then attempted to lock in a crossface but Woods was able to escape. Woods delivered a devastating German Suplex as Moriarty but then Moriarty countered Woods with a European Clutch and pins him to pick up the victory.

Winner: Lee Moriarty via pinfall


Match 2: JDX vs. Daniel Garcia vs. Invictus Khash vs. Adam Priest in a Terminal Eliminator match

This match will have two men in the ring at once. The other two will tag in and out. This will be an elimination style match. Khash and JDK started the match but Priest quickly tagged himself in. Khash with a headlock on Priest but Priest is able to counter and then running to the ropes and both men start arm dragging each other. Priest with a dropkick and this took Khash down. After some time, Khash is able to take control of the match but as he walked by the corner, Garcia tags himself into the match. Garcia took advantage of a tired Priest and puts on an offensive clinic. Garcia tagged JDX into the match.

Priest is STILL in the match and has taken the brunt of everyone’s offense. JDX hit Priest with a back elbow. JDX went for a pin but Priest somehow is still in the match and was able to make a match saving tag to Khash. JDX and Garcia were the two legal men. Garcia drove his between the shoulder blades of JDX. Garcia is comfortably in control but is too close to the edge of the ring as Priest tagged himself into the match. Garcia and Priest then began to tag each other in and out of the match by chopping each other. As the two men are exchanging chops to become the legal man, JDX sneaked in and attempted a roll-up but was unsuccessful in getting the cheeky pin in.

JDX hit a STO/DDT combo on Garcia and Khash. He then hit Garcia with a spinebuster. There was then some confusion as to whom the legal men were but Garcia hit a low blow on JDX and sneaked in the pin for the elimination.

JDX has been eliminated

The match has now turned into a three-way match. Khash took out both Garcia and Priest. Khash then hit a German Suplex on Priest but Garcia hit a running knee on Khash to pin Priest who was still down from the German Suplex from earlier. Garcia got the pin!

Adam Priest has been eliminated 

We are down to the final two men, Garcia and Khash. Of note, there was only three minutes left to this match so both men don’t have a lot of time to get the win. Garcia and Khash go face to face and began trading open handed chops. Garcia hit Khash with a direct shot and Khash was completely knocked out as the referee stepped in to give Garcia the win!

Winner: Daniel Garcia via knockout


Match 3: IMPACT World Champion Moose vs. Mike Bennett in a non-title match

Matt Taven joined the broadcast team before the match. As the match got underway Moose flipped off Bennet. Early on the match Bennet tried to use his technical abilities but Moose would quickly overpower Bennett. Moose used a shoulder tackle to overpower Bennet. Moose then used a closed-handed punch as he got his first warning. Moose continued to use Bennett as a ragdoll throwing him and tossing him throughout the ring. Bennett was whipped to the corner turnbuckle hitting it Spine first and coming down hard to the matt. When Bennett got back up he and Moose began to trade chops.

Moose was stunned by one hard chop. Bennet then superkicked Moose which stunned the big man. With a stunned Moose, Bennett hits a cutter on Moose and went for a pinfall but only got a two. Bennett is starting to get control of the match and got a few close pins. There are ten minutes left on the clock for this match and Bennett lifted Moose up for the Piledriver, but Moose hit Bennett and sets himself up for the spear before Bennett rolls Moose up after the Sunset Flip. After another exchange, Moose was hanging on the ropes and Bennett looks for a strike but Moose sends Bennett over the top rope, which gives Mike Bennett the win as this was Moose’s second technical foul.

Winner via disqualification: Mike Bennett

After the match Moose and Alex Coughlin, who was out of this show due to injury get in each other’s face.


Match 4: Diamante vs. Janai Kai

Diamante and Kai started the match by testing their opponent out. Kai began hitting Diamante with her vicious and famous stiff strikes.  The two women separate, and Diamante grounds Kai. Diamante and Kai begin with a series of strikes again but Kai took Diamante down with a kick right to her spine. Kai locked in a Hammerlock on Diamante.

The two women continue to go back and forth, and both women try to one up the other but a stalemate continued. Diamante locked in a modified crab, but Kai escaped by heading to the ropes and getting a rope break. Diamante still had Kai’s leg but Kai kicked her out of the way. Diamante now locked in a chokehold in the middle of the ring and locks in the body scissors. Kai had no other way out so she began to tap out!

Winner: Diamante via submission


Match 5: Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Kiera Hogan – IMPACT Digital Media Championship

The match started with a show of respect as both ladies shook hands. After a lockup, Grace pushed Hogan to the corner. They have back and forth submission holds but Hogan is able to take the champion down and get a big leg drop on the champ.

After a bit of time, Grace takes Hogan down and takes control of the match. Grace then lifted Hogan for a Standing Suplex and kept Hogan in the air for a number of seconds. Grace really showing her strength and power for the crowd. Grace then placed Hogan on the top rope, but Hogan quickly recovered and hit a Missile Dropkick to the champ. Hogan then manages to hit a Superkick in the middle of the ring and got a very close pin attempt only for two.

Grace was able to get control of the match ad delivered a powerbomb to Hogan as she countered a sunset flip. Grace immediately hit a Muscle Buster from the top rope. Grace with a pin attempt but Hogan kicked out at two.

Hogan was able to get some momentum in the match and hit a neck breaker to the champ. Hogan with yet another pin attempt but Grace kicked out. Grace then sends Hogan crashing into the corner before hitting a Deadlift German Suplex. Grace  tried to lift Hogan up but Hogan reversed this but into a small package and Grace kicked out. Grace and Hogan go back and forth with strikes and then Grace hits her Fall From Grace, went for the pin and got the win!

Winner: Still IMPACT Digital Media Champion, Jordynne Grace, via pinfall


Match 6: Bandido (c) vs. Baron Black for the ROH World Championship

Bandido and Black started with a lock-up. Black took Bandido down with an arm lock. Bandido attempted a quick win with a roll-up but Black got out and backed into the corner of the ring. Black was now impressed with his opponent as offered Bandido his hand and both men shake hands but Bandido quickly turned this into a headlock. After some more back and forth, Bandido hit the Three Amigo to pau homage to Eddie Guerrero. Black was able to get up and get momentum in the match. Black locked Bandido in an abdominal stretch and then a side suplex. Black went for a pin but Bandido kicked out at two.

Both men are trading chops in the middle of the ring. Bandido then unloaded with a bunch of chops to Black then hit a Lariat kick to get Black down. Bandido hit a Death Valley Driver to Black but was only able to get a two count. Bandido locked Black in a Indian Death Lock but Black hit the ropes for the rope break. This gave Black the opportunity to gain some momentum in the match as he put Bandido in a Texas Cloverleaf but this didn’t last long as Bandido got a rope break of his own.

As time was running out in the match both men begin urgent offense. Bandido connected with a kick to Black. Bandido catches Black with a head-scissors takedown for another two count. Black was able to hit a Butterfly Suplex on Bandido but only got a two count. Bandido ultimately hits the X-knee and the 21-Plex for the win.

Winner: Still ROH World Champion, Bandido, via pinfall


Match 7: Dante Caballero & Joe Keys vs. Tracy Williams & Fred Yehi

The match started with Williams and Key as the legal men. Williams gained control but the match hit a stalemate again. Yehi and Caballero are tagged into the match to try to open it up. Yehi hit Caballero with some strikes. Keys and Caballero then team up and rally against Yehi. Keys hit some very stiff looking offense on Yehi but Yehi was able to slam Keys onto the matt with a suplex. Williams was back in the match and hits Keys with a clothesline but takes a spear right away. Williams and Yehi are now double teaming against Keys attempting to isolate him from his partner, Caballero.

Both teams get double team offense and Yehi was able to lock a Koji Cluth on Keys. Keys is screaming but Caballero sent Williams crashing into both men to break the submission. Yehi now hit a backfist and got a two count after a suplex from Yehi. One minute left. Caballero and Joe Keys then work together, then after a diving headbutt, pin Tracy Williams.

Winners: Dante Caballero & Joe Keys via pinfall

Before the main event we got a video package highlighting both men.

Match 8: Jonathan Gresham (c) vs. Josh Alexander for ROH Original World Championship in a Pure Rules Match

The match will be contested under ROH Pure Rules and will have a sixty-minute time limit. Alexander and Gresham begin with a set of back and forth wrist locks and takedowns. Both men showed their strength but Gresham took Alexander down while having a hold on his wrist. Alexander with a backslide to Gresham but Gresham kicked out only after a two count. Alexander took down Gresham with a side headlock. Gresham is looking for ways to reverse this but is unsuccessful. Gresham now has changed his approach to the match as he wanted to use his speed rather than his strength. Gresham with a dropkick to Alexander but Alexander quickly responded with a shot to Gresham’s legs and ankles. Gresham and Alexander are both on the ground. Alexander applied a ankle lock as Gresham is forced to use his first rope break.

Both men are back up and as the match resumed, Alexander was able to get Gresham back on the ground and into a Half Crab. Gresham quickly went to the rope to use his second rope break. Gresham now only has one rope break left while Alexander has all three of his left. Alexander continued to control the match with a series of stomps on the ROH champion. Gresham was able to get some offense in while delivering chops to Alexander. Gresham applied a Figure Four as Alexander is forced to use his first rope break.

Gresham is now mounting some serious offense and Alexander, possibly out of frustration hit Gresham with a closed fist punch which gave him a warning. Alexander now hit a bunch of German Suplexes to Gresham. Gresham tried to grab a rope to block a German Suplex but was too far. Alexander now with a pin but was only able to get a two-count.

Gresham and Alexander trade chops as Alexander hits the chest of Gresham and Gresham is concentrating his chops to the thigh of Alexander. Alexander’s knee eventually buckles and Gresham hit a moonsault from the middle rope. Gresham went for a second one but this tie Alexander caught Gresham and hit a Tombstone Piledriver. Alexander only got a two count from this. After Alexander drilled Gresham, he fell to the matt and as Alexander attempted a submission, Gresham grabbed the rope to use his final rope break.

Alexander now locked in another ankle lock on Gresham. Gresham has no rope breaks left but he was able to use the ropes momentum to reverse the move and send Alexander to the corner of the ring. Gresham then saw an opening and capitalized it by getting a figure four on Alexander in the very middle of the ring. Alexander reversed this into yet another ankle lock. Gresham is holding the rope but he’s fresh out of rope breaks to help him. Gresham pushed himself to the apron. Alexander lets go of the hold, hunts Gresham on the apron and hits a suplex which saw both men attempt a cover from the suplex impact. The referee is pinning both men. Both Alexander and Gresham’s shoulders are down as the referee counts to three. EVeryone is confused as to what they just saw. Since both men’s shoulders were on thee ground, this match is officially considered a DRAW.

Winner: Still ROH Original World Champion, Jonathan Gresham via double pinfall

After the match, Bandido comes back out to the ring. Both men are exchanging words as they each lay claim to being the ROH champion. Music hits which distracted both men. Santana, one half of Proud N’ Powerful is out! Santana grabbed a mic. Santana loves the “do it yourself” mentality that Terminus has. Santana puts his attention squarely on Gresham as he talked about the history between them. Santana then challenges Gresham to an ROH Championship match at the next Terminus show on February 24th. Gresham accepted the challenge. Santana tells everyone watching to spread the word as pro-wrestling is back in Atlanta. The commentators close out the show.

Final Thoughts:

This was a strong show even though the last twenty-four hours were very uncertain with heavy snow coming down in Atlanta. Even though the pre-show had horrendous technical issues, and the show started late it was a strong in-ring show. I think that this promotion will be a good destination for competitors from any promotion. The real sports feeling with the rules being enforced is a nice touch. All in all, I was happy to watch this live and I am looking forward to February 24th for their second show.

Match of the Night: Jonathan Gresham vs. Josh Alexander