Stratusphere Sculpt is Trish Stratus’ third fitness DVD offering and, as always, she aims to please. The seven-time WWE Women’s Champion has put together a challenging fitness circuit that is sure to make you sweat.

This fitness routine starts with a warm-up, then moves into five fitness circuits that are all ten minutes in length, then ends with a cool down. Like her first video, Stratusphere Yoga, Trish offers a great way to get in an action packed work-out that could be anywhere from ten minutes or 50 minutes in length. Having the flexibility to pick a specific workout or length of time is ideal for the person who wants to remain physically active, but has a limited amount of time.

I tried Stratusphere Sculpt for just over two weeks and I can say it made me work hard! Trish tells the viewers that they can do the exercises with or without weights and to do what you can. At first I struggled to get through the 50 minutes of action. Very soon I was able to complete the whole workout and was often left feeling very tired. I must say that the work-out was not only physically challenging, but the quick exercise changes made sure I was never board.

In order to really get the most out of this DVD you need to be prepared with a yoga mat, fitness ball and weights. Trish and here team use an inflatable rectangular prism instead of a ball and were able to get more stability than using an exercise ball. I found I had to modify a few exercises because I was using a ball. For example, Trish was doing decline push ups and used her prism as her high base. I didn’t feel confident enough to use my ball for that exercise, so I just put my feet on my coffee table instead. I did not feel that my modifications took away from the routine. Sometimes my subtle changes made it even more difficult. I would suggest contacting Stratusphere Yoga if you want to locate one of those prisms.

A neat feature of the video is the Stratusphere logo that appears in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. The logo acts as a timer that gets coloured in like a clock throughout each ten-minute session.

I did see some good results from this routine. My upper body certainly became stronger as a result of the weight training and varied movements. Also, my core was quiet challenged and when you have to plank after 40 minutes of hard work it can be difficult. By my last session I was able to complete all of my planks and crunches.

I intend to continue using this DVD as a part of my fitness routine. I envision Stratusphere Sculpt as being used once or twice a week while I use Stratusphere Yoga and Stratusphere Yoga for Men the rest of the time. I highly recommend this DVD for your home fitness needs.


Caleb Smith is becoming a yoga fan. His kids like these routines as well and often try to plank and do downward dogs beside dad.