Trish Stratus always seems to be at the top of her game, whether that is the world of fitness modeling, being a championship wrestler or yoga mogul. Once again Stratus has scored a hit, this time with her DVD entitled Trish Stratus Stratusphere Yoga.

As a writer for SLAM! Wrestling I have had some interesting assignments that ranged from rappelling, to driving old time wrestlers to reunions, to covering local wrestling matches. This time I took on the challenge of testing Stratus’ first yoga DVD.

My wife Danielle and I pledged that we would be devoted to Stratusphere Yoga for two weeks in order to give it a fair shot. Trish Stratus must have thought of working parents with kids in activities when she created this DVD because it fit in perfectly with the demands of a busy family.

Stratusphere Yoga is broken up into five routines that are each 10 minutes in length. You can pick the body parts you want to focus on from the main menu. At first I thought that 10 minutes of yoga would be easy and not much of a challenge, but I was wrong. You can select the workout you want and the length of time that works for you that day.

The 10 minutes flies by as Stratus leads you through a yoga flow routine that combines strength training movements with traditional yoga poses. I found that once I started on a 10-minute section I got lost in the energetic and challenging routine. The time seemed to pass very quickly and at the end, my muscles always felt like they had an excellent workout.

Trish does recommend that you go to her website to preview the moves in the DVD. Alas, I could not find the video of the moves on her site. Instead, I just followed along with the video.

This product is for people of all physical abilities. Stratus encourages the participant to do what they can and to improve every day. Being a former university rugby player and current rugby coach I questioned if this was the right workout for me. I suffered a back injury over a decade ago that has reduced my flexibility and has made working out with weights quite difficult. I can say with Stratusfaction that after two weeks I can touch my toes for the first time in years and my back has not bothered at all. Another benefit of my two-week journey with Stratusphere Yoga is that by the end of the first week I was able to cinch my belt to the next notch. That has not happened in a long time! I will readily admit that during the second week I began to really look forward to my workouts featuring the former WWE Women’s Champion.

My wife also thoroughly enjoyed her experience with the Stratusphere program. The 10-minute long sessions allowed her to work out with the kids around; they even joined in on occasion too. She found greater flexibility and strength, better posture and a clearer, calmer mind. I will add that I think her figure looks a little trimmer too.

I highly recommend Stratusphere Yoga to anyone, especially people who are time strapped. Even 10 minutes a day can make a difference in your life.


Now that Caleb and Danielle have finished their two weeks with Stratusphere Yoga, they will spend the same amount of time testing and reviewing Stratusphere Yoga for Men featuring 5-time All-Star Joe Carter.