The question arose with his career renaissance in the late 2010s  — is PCO human? Well, given our history with him and the many stories, we think so, no matter if he was a Bee, a Pirate or some sort of crazy cyborg.



I remember Carl Ouellet at a family party! Carl Ouellet is my cousin but I have to admit that I saw him only one time. Anyway, I think that he’s a great “Canadian LumberJack Style Wrestler”. I like to see him wrestle with Rougeau, one of the greatest Canadian Wrestler. The only thing that I hate is that he’s back in the WWF…
The Wolverine

I remember seeing Pierre Carl Ouellet at Famous Players Centre Laval in Laval, Quebec. He arrived with Jacques Rougeau at the time they were the AFC in WCW. PCO was wearing an nWo t-shirt perhaps trying to give us a hint he and Jacques would join the then growing faction. Well I am glad they are back in the WWF.

I saw him 3 times and he is a great man. He and Jacques Rougeau were my favorite wrestlers in the WWF in the early 90’s. I didn’t like at all the pirate story. When he returned to the ring of WCW with Rougeau for the Amazing French Canadians, I loved this team much better than the Quebecers of the early 90’s. When they returned to the WWF, I was happy. But Rougeau is too slow for this sport,he can’t give it anymore, he is finished. Carl Ouellet should go to the ring by himself with a good gimmick in WCW or WWF.

I remember Carl Oullette from the early 1990’s (I think). I helped get talent for a one-time promoter and Louis Laurence suggested him to me. He came to wrestle at a small card in Toronto, which also featured Steve DiSalvo and Michel Payette (sp?) Carl stayed at my house. What a sweetheart! Back then, his English wasn’t that good and my French was worse, but we got along great, kept in touch for a while after that…and eventually lost touch.
Lori Joyce

I remember Pierre Carl Oulette for his feud he had in September of 1995 with Bret Hart and he stole Bret’s leather jacket and then eventually met at the “In Your House” Pay-Per View.
John Pollock

The most amazing wrestler from Quebec is back in WCW. Carl Ouellet’s cannonball will once again be heard all over WCW wrestling ring. I hope WCW will give him what he truly deserves — a championship belt.
Stephane Lajoie