Over the past few months, Carl Ouellet has been pretty busy. He has gone from the Quebec indy circuit to facing the ECW World Champion Justin Credible in the ECW Arena. Plus he just returned from a tour of Saudi Arabia.

Ouellet is hoping that his life is about to stabilize once again, as he is close to working out the final details of a contract with ECW. The former WWF tag team champ doesn’t expect any trouble in that regard.

And he loves ECW so far.

Carl Ouellet during a recent appearance for NCW in Quebec. — courtesy NCW

“I’ve been impressed with the way the crowd reacts,” he told SLAM! Wrestling. “They’re into it. It’s a lot of fun.”

The former ‘Pirate’ in the WWF was happy when his WWF contract ran out in January 2000. While the idea of getting paid to sit at home sounds great, the reality is that one can go stir crazy, especially a wrestler who is used to getting his aggressions out in the ring.

“You want to be in the game,” he explained. The WWF sent him to Memphis for a while, but even that didn’t last that long.

In his early ECW appearances, Ouellet would run in on matches and beat some jobbers up.

Then at the last ECW Arena show in Philadelphia, he got a chance to face the ECW Champ Justin Credible. Dressed black leather and wearing his black eye patch, Ouellet made his chance count — including the use of tables and kicking out of That’s Incredible, albeit only the first time. Credible did pin Ouellet to retain his belt.

Ouellet hopes that everything gets worked out quickly with ECW. He has his working papers for the U.S., a small victory for having worked regularly in the States since 1993.

He claimed to be unconcerned about a national cable deal for ECW, now that TNN has announced that they are dropped the ECW on TNN show in September. For one, the ECW boss Paul Heyman seems unconcerned, and Ouellet is taking his lead from him.

“[Heyman] doesn’t look concerned about it,” Ouellet said. “He seems to be pretty confident about getting another deal.”