If we set aside the silly, blink and you missed it run in WWE as “Just Joe” then it’s fair to say that Joe E. Legend has had a pretty awesome career, albeit most of it set in Europe, where he lives with his wife and twin boys. We love Joe, which is why we asked him to write a column for SlamWrestling.net too!




A Message From The Legend Himself
I just want to thank all of my fans for the tremendous response that I’ve received from all of you. All of these memories really mean a lot to me and I’m glad that I’ve been able to leave such a good impression on all of you. I don’t have a computer, so I only get to view these sites periodically and thus rarely get a chance to respond to them. I’m sure that it’s pretty common knowledge that I’ve signed a developmental deal with the W.W.F. and Mr. McMahon has assured me that I will be flown in to every T.V. taping after that, so hopefully you’ll all be seeing me every Monday and Thursday night thereafter. (Once a month on pay-per-view would be pretty sweet as well!) I don’t want to be known as another “superstar” or “Icon” or such so I’ve decided on something that no one has ever done before in this business. I want to be known as the “JEDI” of sports entertainment. You’ve heard of “Obi-Wan Kenobi”? Call me “Sophah – Qennovah”. (say it quickly a couple of times and I’m sure you’ll get it.) Anyways, please feel free to write in to this site and tell me what you think. I look forward to hearing from (and hopefully seeing) all of you on the road and on T.V. in the near future. Remember… Heroes come and heroes go, but legends yaddah, yaddah, yaddah.
Joe E. Legend

I met Joey last year in in the CWA in Germany. He and his Tag-Team partner Rhino Richards were really successful. They won the CWA Tag-Team titles. I had the opportunity to talk to him and he is a really nice guy. He was never unfriendly. The fans loved him and after the shows they waited a long time to get a photo or autograph. Joey is a funny person who takes always time for talking with his fans. I hope to see him back in Germany in 1999 ! Joey – thank you very much for your great wrestling here in Germany and for having fun with you.

Well, it isn’t such a memory, as it occurred this past Sunday at a show in Hamilton.
He came out into the ring, started to insult the fans, and after about 30 seconds, I was sold. I know I saw a wrestler who would become something. He’s entertaining, sells his moves as well as others, great mic skills. Hopefully he’ll go to the WWF… make him an honourary Broodling or something.

I knew Joe and his younger brother Jamie, although he’s no slouch himself being a massive giant himself. Jamie always told me how much you loved wrestling and I always scoughed at the idea of anyone making it in wrestling because of the physical toll it takes on someone, and because at the time, you weren’t that big. But I’m glad you’ve followed your dreams and wish you all the best. Just incase ya went there, just wanna yell out.. MIDLAND SUCKS!! lol.. Go to WWF.. WCW is for actors! =)

Joe E. legend is easily the best wrestler in the world today. He is great on the mic, he is incredbley athletic for such a big man and has the best sense of timing and match psychology that I have ever seen. I just wish that he would CUT THAT HAIR !!!! I don’t know how New York or Atlanta can justify not signing this talent.

Joe E. Legend has been wrestling in Grand Prix in my area this summer. I have seen him a couple of times and I must say that he and Chi Chi Cruz put on the best match I have ever seen in person and one that ranks up there with what you see in the big leagues. Everyone says he should go to the WWF. While I do think he’d do great there, I feel he has ECW written all over him.(That is meant as a compliment). He is a total package and a star waiting to happen. Dave Musgrave, ray.musgrave.@ns.sympatico.ca

This past summer we had been regulars to the North Sydney Forum every Sunday for Grand Prix Wrestling. And Joe E. Legend was one of the main reasons we returned week after week. The man has unbelievable talent in, and out of the ring. But the greatest memory we have is of his farewell speech to the fans of North Sydney as it was a well known fact at that time that he would not be returning the following year and would be going to the WWF. It was a great way to go and we won’t soon forget it. Thanks for the memory Joe E.
Heroes come and heroes go, but legends live forever.
Dan O’Connell and Jean Guy Demeter

While attending most of the GPW cards in Halifax, my friends and I were amazed at the fact that Joe would talk to the fans. We talked to him as many times as we could, I even brought a Wet Floor sign for him to use against Kurrgan and to my enjoyment he did. The next week, I caught wind of the North Sydney fans or Joe E. Fans show their appreciation, So My Friends and I created a Backyard tape of us wrestling and gave it to him, I’m Still waiting to hear from him.
Steen and the other Canadian Amateur Wrestling Association.

I was a regular at Grand Prix Wrestling at the North Sydney Fourm. The reason why I went was Joe. E. Legend. He is a great guy. I’ll never forget when he was leaving to go. He stood out in the parking lot for close to an hour with us and talked about his career and we asked him questions about his life. He told us how much he liked Iced Cappichino’s at Tim Horton’s. But anyway I just wanted to say Joe. E is a great guy and i wish him the best in the WWF.
Norman Scott

I had heard stories of the Legend from an acquaintance for a long time but it was purely by freak accident that I ever met him. He’s the funniest guy I’ve ever met and one of the most talented. Mostly I remember his fondness for chocolate chip cookies I hoarded for him, his constant checking of “the list” and him wrestling in South Park boxer shorts. Oh yeah and all wet in swim trunks, tremendous!
toni (onestiffbitch)

I was working at a gym last year and Joe E came in to train, he was at the Hart brothers school of wrestling. He came in to work out, and I asked him if he was a wrestler because he had a wrestling school t-shirt on. At the time i had no idea who he was, but now I am pissed off that I did not get his autograph. From the 2 minutes that I talked to the guy he seemed pretty cool, I hope that he gets over in the WWF.

Well last year I met Joe E. Legend and believe it or not watching him work out matches back stage helped me a lot. I was in the EWF at the time and then became a wrestler for CWI. This guy has alot of talent and a good head on his shoulders, I wish him the best of luck in the WWF,I was there when he was at the SkyDome, and when he took on Tornado at Carmen’s for EWF.This guy is a very good worker, and again I wish him the best of luck.

The best times have to be the summer of Grand prix tours. Four hours waiting in the parking lot for tickets, but, there just never seemed to be a huge line for us to beat anyway, but religiously, every Sunday we did it, just to get the golden ring side seats to watch the greats like joe E. and wildman austin and chi chi cruz. The BEST memory(aside from Joe’s kindness and willingness to talk to the fans) was the Night he struck Gold in North Sydney, beating Hercules to win the Grand prix Title. The second he won it, he came right over to us and celebrated. Joe.E, tear it up in the WWF man, cause the North Sydney Violence Authority will always be your biggest supporters.
Donnie B. ( Brasco911@hotmail.com)

This isn’t much of a memory (I guess!), but I’ve been a fan of Joe’s for 2 years and have followed his work in Insane Championship Wrestling and Mid-West Championship Wrestling. I also remember his appearance on Shotgun Saturday Night last April, when he wrestled Val Venis. Joe is one of the greatest wrestlers the sport has seen, and I can’t wait to see him in the WWF.

I remember one summer night at the Cocagne Arena, where Grand Prix Wrestling had their regular weekly show. During that night, I bought my camera to be able to get some pictures with the stars, that I thought had the best chance to go to either of the BIG TWO. That night I asked Joe E. Legend if he would mine taking a picture with me, and he gladly accepted. What even surprised me more, was the fact that he even brought the Heavyweight belt for the picture and he placed it on my shoulder. Now in my days I’ve talked to a lot of wrestlers, but Joe E. Legend as to be the best in the whole world. He is always down to earth and always takes time to meet and chat with the people. To you Joe! May you succeed in the WWF, and One day I hope that you will be a champion in the WWF. Good Luck, My Friend.
Serge Niles, Cap-Pele, NB.

What I remember most about Joe E. was how nice he was to all of us. I used to go to the North Sydney Forum every Sunday Night to see him! When I seen him out of his dressing room, I used to go talk to him and not even bother watch the other matches! The last night he was at GPW he talked about a lot of things. And he spent a lot of time with us regarding the fact that he was tired and he had to hit the road to head to Halifax. Joe was a great performer and will be missed in North Sydney!
Danny Long, North Sydney

As you can see from previous postings, the North Sydney area was very kind to Joe E. And that was a reciprocal relationship because he was always willing to interact with his fans. After the show, he was always willing to chit-chat about his various experiences in the ring and his thoughts on the business. Oftentimes, when another Grand Prix match was taking place, he would peer over the seats in the back to watch and most ringside fans would completely ignore the match to salute Joe E’s entrance to the building. That’s how over he was. His summer feud with Chi Chi Cruz was fantastic and was legit far better than any series of matches I’ve seen in the Big Two over the last three years at least.
And by the way, an Iced Cappuccino with chocolate milk instead of cream is strictly referred to as a “Joe E Special” among my circle of friends.
Bryce McNeil

I just read the message sent to SLAM! by Joe.E.Legend and I just wanted to say that he is one of my favorite wrestlers. I went to Grand Prix wrestling every time it came Halifax last summer and I’m sure he will be SophahQuennova (I got it) in WWF. His matches against guys like Chi Chi Cruz and others were great. GOOD LUCK Joe
Davan, Windsor NS

I Went to see Grand Prix Wrestling in the summer of 99 and saw some of the best wrestling that I have ever seen live. Joe E. Legend and Chi Chi Cruz had some of the best matches at the North Sydney Forum and it was very exciting him and Chi Chi are both class acts and maybe someday we will see both in the WWF where we may seen some more great matches between two great legends. The Last night of Grand Prix Wrestling At North Sydney when Joey said Farewell, me and my friends drove to Antigonish to see Joey For the last time he talked with us and it was a great experience. Good Luck Joey and Hope You Come Back Someday!!!
James Ashe, Glace Bay, Nova Scotia

I will never forget when Joe E. Legend shook my hand in Cocagne of 1999

Dear Joe
I send you many good wishes for your beginning of the matches.
I am aunt Nora of your darling Svenia. You know, that one, near Köln in Germany.
I am happy, you had nice days together in Canada. Svenia said, Vancouver is a very nice city.
I had a look for you in Internet. It was very interesting . I am just training to use Internet. My son explains it to me.
Many good wishes from Nora

My most telling memory of Joe E. Legend is not his immense skill in the ring and the incredible matches he put in an old barn called the North Sydney Community Forum. My most important memory of Joe E. is not even his incredibly entertaining mic spots done on a sound system that muffled everything. My top memory isn’t even that some friends of mine thought so much of him that they started printing Joe E. T-shirts (one of which I bought – the only wrestling related T-shirt I’ve ever owned!)
My favorite memory of Joe E. Legend is outside that arena, where 15 or so of his fans stood around waiting for their hero after the last card of the year. Joe came out, talked and answered questions for almost an hour despite being obviously fatigued from performing in a very warm rink. He was never talked down to anyone and seemed to truly appreciate our interest in him.
As I type this, Joe E. Legend is on the verge of making his WWF TV debut, when the rest of the world will find out about his immense abilities in the ring and on the mic. What most will not ever know is how good a person he is too.
A Joe E. Fan, David Lorne Smith, Sydney, NS, smithdl@istar.ca

I remember Joe E. Legend from Grand Prix Wrestling because at that time he was one of there champion last year and got to meet Joe E. Legend after his match with Hercules and he was funny. I saw tapes on Joe E. Legend when wrestled for the IWA in Winnipeg he wrestled stars like Adam Impact, Chi Chi Cruz and most of those matches are classics and wrestled for New Japan Pro Wrestling but I never saw those but I’d like to. Now I hear he is going to the WWF some time this year so Joey best of luck to you in your career in the WWF and I hope McMahon puts you as Joe E. Legend in WWF becouse I would like that.
Jason Noonan, Truro, Nova Scotia

I’m from Liverpool, ENGLAND, so this is not so much a memory, more a hope for the future. At the time of typing this, Joe has appeared a number of times on WWF TV, stirring up trouble in the back. His apparent ring-name, “Just” Joe, along with the strong persona and obvious catch-phrase, “Don’t shoot the messenger” has him nicely positioned. Couple this with the numerous good things I’ve read about this guy and I’d like to think that by the years end, he could be enjoying early-Kurt Angle-like success.
Lee Jones.

Hey, my name is Lester and I have a very cool memory of the first time I met Joe Hitchen(Legend). It was at a Grand Prix Wrestling event in North Sydney, Nova Scotia. Me and a few of my friends came up with the idea to ask one of the wrestlers that were coming in to do “the Lenny Elbow”, a simple elbow with a twist that I made up, not much of a move but still, we met Joe E. Legend on his way in to the arena and decided to ask him… he said he would see what he could do. That night Legend went on to fight The Mighty Hercules and about 80% of the way through the match, Herc put Joe E. in a bear hug and Legend used the Lenny Elbow to escape the hold, from that point on, although knowing that Joe E. Legend might not be the best wrestler of all time, but in my mind he is both the coolest and my favorite wrestler OF ALL TIME!
Lester MacKenzie(Lenny Buttacup)

I honestly believe Joe E Legend was without exception, the most technically sound wrestler to come from Canada since Bret Hart. His arrogance on the microphone and antics inside the AGPW wrestling ring couldn’t compare to his giving, loyal attitude outside the ring.
One of my most treasured pieces of wrestling memorabilia is my picture with Joe that was taken in Truro back in 1998. Joe, with his ICP T-Shirt on, showed no signs of camera shyness as he exposed one of his arrogant smirks.
Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling is no longer the same. Our hero has left to endure more greatness in the World Wrestling Federation. As I watch my WWF Raw Is War, SmackDown, Sunday Night Heat, and Metal tapes, I am so impressed with Just Joe’s abilities. Then I get my WWF Shotgun Saturday Night tape where he made his first WWF television appearance against Val Venis (even if deaf Howard Finkel called him Jerry Legend) and think how far he has come since then, and especially, how much further he is going to go.
In short, Joe, I was honored to see you wrestle and getting to know you, we all miss you not being around, but we are standing behind you as Just Joe entertains us on WWF TV, although in our hearts, the Legend will live forever.
Ryan Quigley, Five Islands, Nova Scotia

I remember the time when Border City Wrestling announced that they will be featuring Joe E. Legend’s last match in BCW before jumping to the World wRasslin’ Federation. I was very pissed knowing that this would be my last chance at seeing Legend on the independent scene as was much of the crowd with their “You sold out!” chants. Legend won the match and raised his hand in the air but only received a bunch of boos from the crowd. Soon the middle finger in his fist slowly rised to let all of us chumps know who the real legend was. When I yelled in Legend’s face that he sold out he said “I didn’t sell out, I bought in.”
After the show I had a chance to talk to Joe E. Legend and wished him luck in the cesspool of professional wrestling, the WWF.
“Just Joe’s come and Just Joe’s go, but JOE E. LEGEND will last forever!”

I recently saw Just Joe open up Memphis Championship Wrestling’s biggest show in Jonesboro, Arkansas. He wrestled a Florida guy, but I’ll never forget how awesome Joe was as a heel! He really worked the crowd. I was very impressed with this man.
Afterwards, Just Joe made fun of an overweight fan as he mimed shovelling food in his mouth and having a heart attack-it was hilarious!

I’ve known the Legend Family for long time now. From the first day I met Joe his life has been wrestling. I remember going to the LEGEND’s residence and seeing Pro Wrestling Illustrated on the coffee table and enough wrestling videos to choke a horse. Joe has been so dedicated to the sport and now it has all paid off. I’ve seen Joe wrestle many shows and the WWF hasn’t seen the FULL LEGEND yet. Joe can play the crowd and wrestle an even better match. Joe is one of the best rounded wrestler I’ve seen. Joe has paid his dues in Japan, Winnipeg, the Atlantic and right here at home in Toronto. It won’t be long until Joe is at the top of the FED and the LEGEND’s waist will be covered in gold.
Best of Luck to you Joe.
Forever known a C

Well I’m one of the few Joe fans in Blackpool, England it seems! I have been to three indy shows around Blackpool just to see Joe perform and after waiting 35 minutes in a then-deserted arena, I was lucky enough to get an autograph and have a quick chat with the man himself!!! Well, all in all I would just like to say what a great guy he is and I wish him all the best in the future. It’s a shame the Just Joe thing didn’t come off. I was enjoying it! Well hope to see Joe soon.
luv Krista in Blackpool

The first thing I want to say is that Joe deserves to be in the WWF because he is one of the few wrestlers that actually respect and take time to interact with his fans. I also think that he is a really good wrestler.
I saw a match between him and Chi Chi Cruz and I thought that they were the BEST in the world and that if they made it BIG together (which they both deserve) they will be great and definetly be in the Rock and Austin positions. I saw Joe in Neguac, New Brunswick and I was realy exited about it (My parents weren’t there, so I was home free) and I got really involved so the camera lady was focused on me! I got two pictures in the newspaper next to Joe. I bought like ten copies of that news paper. So I will be able to show my friends if he makes it big and maybe even sell a copy on eBay.
I went “back stage” and talked to Joe for like two hours and my mom couldn’t find me when she came to pick me up and she got really worried. Anyway I don’t care about that. Joe was really open with me and he shared a lot about about himself. He didn’t tell me about cappichinos or anything like that but he did tell me about Death Match’s in Japan!
The other night I saw the R.A.W federation and I got really exited because there were a lot of former Grand Prix federation (as I later read Grand Prix was virtually shut down by R.A.W). I asked the girl about Joe and she said that he was in that FED and he was in England right now. If Joe ever reads this “I can’t wait to see you again!”
I live in Nova Scotia not New Brunswick I just visit there sometimes.(That’s where I saw Grand Prix). I have future hopes of being a pro wrestler as Ground Zero. So keep an eye out for me.
Jonathan Mahoney

I met Joe when he was wrestling for Memphis Championship Wrestling. It was a a developmental territory for the WWF but it’s not now. He’s a great guy, very sweet & extremely funny. I was very sorry that the WWF released him from his contract.

Well, I just thought I’d tell you all my memory from last night. Joe was once again wrestling in Blackpool (the only reason I went) and I dragged my little brothers and sisters along with me. We managed to snag a few 3rd row seats and we were buzzing. When Joe did a run in everybody was booing except for me and my brother, who stood proud and were cheering him on. We did the same when his match arrived (much to the dissapointment of the crowd as Tatanka was “the hero”). We managed to see him after the card (I swear he thinks I’m stalking him) and started chatting. I even promised myself that I will bring a camera to the next card just to get a photo taken with him! Feeling pleased that I had met my favorite wrestler once again I gathered up the troops and we went to wait for our lift home. It was there that my brother and sister decided they’d spotted him and chased him up the road! Any normal person would have killed them but Joe just smiled! I’d like to say thank you to Joe as he made all of our evenings! And good luck for the future!

I am just back from a wrestling show in Morecambe, and after meeting and having my picture taken with you, I must thank you for the truly entertaining show. I had previously seen you in a show in the same venue last year, but hadn’t realized it was you until I read the 2 pound souvenir and immediately recognized your face. As soon as it struck me I was eager to watch the main event which you would put your ‘European National Title’ on the line against the ‘Native American (SOMETHING) Eagle.’ Just like the people in the E-Mail before, it was only me and my brother cheering for you, over the chants of U.S.A., U.S.A. which were circulating around the ‘Dome’. When the wrestlers came out for an autograph session later that night, I noticed that you weren’t there. As you were the main reason for me staying behind, I made sure that my time was not wasted, and asked the ‘Eagle’ to politely get you from the backstage area. As soon as I saw you, I raced to the other side of the ‘Dome’ to get to you. After a few people before me got their autographs, It was finally my turn! I told you that I had sussed you out, and told you that I was a big fan of yours, and that I was disappointed that the WWF had let you go. You then replied with: “I hated that ‘Just Joe’ gimmick” and I agreed. I am sure that I will never forget that night, and plan on having that picture and autograph framed and placed proudly on my bedroom and ‘Wrestling room’ walls!
annette statham