Lexis King narrates the opening while driving around in his expensive ride. The show opens with a massive asylum cage is already set up.

Joe Gacy versus Dijak – Asylum Match

Booker T says: Someone will get hurt here tonight. I love a good fight!

Dijak has a steel chair and Gacy has a fire extinguisher. Gacy is the first to be thrown into the steel. Dijak wins the slugfest and approaches a box that is labeled: Do Not Open. Gacy whips Dijak over and over into the cage. Dijak opens the box. A fist inside whacks him. Gacy sprays him with the extinguisher. Dijak climbs to the top of the cage hitting a moonsault but only for a two count. Whaaaaat? Dijak puts Gacy in a straightjacket. Gacy manages to get his arms free though. Gacy pulls out a table with is symbol on it. Gacy puts Dijak through a table. Dijak answers back by wrapping duct tape around Gacy’s eyes. He beats Dijak with a kendo stick. Gacy fights back even though he cannot see. Dijak puts Gacy through a wooden door. Gacy still kicks out. The fans cheer: This is crazy! Dijak wins with one Feast Your Eyes after another.

Winner: Dijak

Channing Lorenzo and Adriana meet with Tony D’Angelo. Tony is told “their guy is outside” by Channing. Luca Crusifino enters. Tony offers him the consigliere job. Crusifino accepts. D’Angelo: “Welcome to the family, kid.”

Fallon Henley lets Riley Osborne cry on her shoulder. He doesn’t think his date with Thea went well. Henley replies that she got some “really bad advice”. Blair Davenport arrives on the scene dumping all over Henley. She advises Henley to stay out of Riley’s business. Blair and Fallon have words.

Tatum Paxley and Lyra Valkyria chat about being such CLOSE friends and possibly winning the tag titles tonight. Tatum Paxley goes off the deep end. Lyra is stunned and confused.

Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin (c) versus Chase U – NXT Tag Team Championship Match

Bron and Corbin just steamroll over Chase. He cannot match strength with them. Corbin heaves Chase into the air for Bron’s nasty gutbuster. Hudson tosses both of the champs onto the floor. Chase dives onto them. Chase continues to be battered and bashed by the champs including taking a Frankensteiner from Bron from the second rope. Chase is able to send Bron to the floor and Corbin to the steel post. He hot tags Hudson. Hudson takes down the champs on his own. He gets a two with a sidewalk slam on Corbin. Chase almost pins Cobin but Bron makes the save. Bron leaps off of the ring apron almost putting Hudson through the announce table. Corbin kicks out of Chase’s high crossbody off the top rope. Chase doesn’t see the blind tag. Corbin drops Chase with a Deep Six before sliding out of the ring. Bron spears Chase for the win. Thea throws a temper tantrum and stomps off. Chase U is stunned.

Winners: …and still NXT Tag Team Champions, Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin.

Carmelo Hayes is surrounded by bodyguards during his backstage interview. Hayes says the NXT Championship is “reserved” for him. Shawn Spears arrives backstage. He is carrying a steel chair.

Shawn Spears versus Uriah Connors

Shawn Spears is back. Courtesy: NXT.

Spears sits on the chair on the rampway before he hits the ring. The crowd chants “Welcome back!”. Spears whispers something to Connors in a corner. Spears makes short work of Connors with a C4. The house lights go down. Spears says it takes a special kind of man to hold up a mirror to mankind. He calls out Ridge Holland. He says Ridge is lying to himself saying he is fighting for his family. When Spears holds up the mirror to his face he isn’t ashamed of what he sees unlike Holland.

Holland storms the ring. Holland punches and stomps Spears. The crowd boos him. Spears slides him his steel chair. He dares Holland to hit him with it. Officials arrive to break things up. Spears smiles as he retrieves his chair.

Josh Briggs believes Brooks Jensen should think twice about challenging NXT North American Champion Oba Femi. Briggs isn’t afraid of Femi. He will become the new NXT North American Champion. “Good luck, brother,” says Briggs. Dijak walks and mocks Briggs.

Ilja Dragunov is interviewed. As champion he isn’t surprised by D’Angelo stepping up last week. He says if Hayes wants another championship match he will have to earn it. Channing Lorenzo and Luca Crusifino interrupt. They warn Ilja that their boss already has plans in place. Ilja finds it all quite interesting.

Lyra Valkyria and Tatum Paxley versus The Kabuki Warriors – WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Match

Roxanne Perez injures Lyra Valkyria. Courtesy: NXT.

Man, Asuka’s dancing like a goof routine is so, so old and stale. So is she. It is time for WWE to send her on her way. The crowd chants to The Warriors: “Welcome back!”. The fans are actually cheering for the Warriors. Kari motions for Tatum to kiss her butt. The Warriors cut Tatum off from Lyra. The exchange forearms in the middle of the ring. As the official is distracted Asuka attacks Paxley from behind.

We cut to the back where Thea is causing a commotion backstage.

Lyra has to calm Tatum down from being disqualified. The challengers take it to the champs drop kicking them out of the ring. Lyra gets a two count with a Northern Lights Suplex on Sane. Lyra accidentally spin kicks Tatum in the head. As Asuka holds Tatum in place Sane hits the Insane Elbow for the pin.

Roxanne Perez attacks Lyra after the match throwing into steel post after steel post. Perez rips off the turnbuckle pads and stomps on Lyra’s arm from the apron. Lyra sells the arm injury as medical officials and refs rush down to help her. Perez chuckles and chuckles.

Winners: …and still WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, The Kabuki Warriors.

Lyra is taken away in an ambulance from the arena and no The Undertaker or Steve Austin wasn’t driving it.

Fallon Henley versus Blair Davenport

Blair targets Henley’s arm throughout the match taking a page from Perez’s book apparently. Henley fights back with one good arm. Sol Ruca attacks Davenport while the official is distracted. Henley scores the tainted win.

Winner: Fallon Henley

Jacy Jayne rips on Chase U for losing the match tonight. Hail twitches into frame. She needs a tag team partner for next week. Jayne says: Don’t look at me. I am busy next week. She walks away.

Gigi Dolin, Arianna Grace are meeting with GM Ava. Arianna Grace won’t agree to a match unless Dolin agrees to one condition. If Grace wins Dolin must agree to be transformed into a “true lady”. Dolin accepts so she can get her hands on Grace.

Spears is caught and interviewed as he is leaving the arena. He says rage is Holland’s best friend. He will teach him to embrace it next week.

No Quarter Catch Crew is in the middle of the ring. Are they the farm team to the New Catch Republic? Inquiring minds want to know. NQCC states that the Heritage Cup will be defended by any member of their crew. William Regal’s music hits. He is given the “Welcome back!” treatment as well. The crowd chants: “That’s your father!” to the NQCC. Regal explains how much the cup means to him. “I hope you will defend this cup with the honor and integrity it deserves,” he says. He tells the entire group that he will watching.

Meta-Four don’t know what to do with Noam Dar. He is so depressed. When he sees his pals he snaps out of his haze. It is time for Meta-Four to move on to “bigger and better things”.

Mr. Stone is watching a video of Lexis King mocking him. Von Wagner wants to smash King. Stone says King made this personal. He wants Wagner to step aside and let him take on King himself. Wagner agrees to let Stone handle his business alone.

Tony D’Angelo versus Carmelo Hayes – No. 1 Contender’s Match

Hayes puts the hurt on Tony. Courtesy: NXT.

The winner faces Ilja Dragunov for the NXT Championship at Stand and Deliver. Hayes jumps the bell attacking Tony with shot after shot. Tony’s shoulder tackles and slams pump the brakes on Hayes’ flurry. Tony shoulder tackles Hayes from corner to corner. Hayes mocks Tony. He gets punched in the gut and thrown across the ring for his nonsense. Hayes is knocked off the apron. His “personal security” around the ring catch him in midair. Haynes softens up Tony’s arm, works it over. Tony stuns Hayes with a series of belly-to-belly and sidewalk slams. A cutter scores Hayes a two count. He switches quickly into an arm bar submission. The crowd starts chanting for Tony. Hayes hits the First 48 for a two count. An angry Hayes punches and punches Tony. Trick Williams’ music hits. Hayes security is frazzled looking around for him. Tony slams down a distracted Tony. He pins Hayes with Fuhgeddaboudit.

Tony admits that he is the one who tricked Hayes but he does have a present for him. Trick Williams hits the ring. He lays out Hayes’ security and takes it to Hayes who rushes off with his security in tow.

Winner: Tony D’Angelo