The wrestling world is mourning the loss of Mike Jones, also known as Virgil or Vincent, who died on February 28, 2024. collected what some had to say.

Chris Jericho on Facebook

Sorry to hear about the passing of @realvirgil Mike Jones. During the early days of @aew, we used Mike (aka #SoulTrainJones) multiple times in the #InnerCircle story and he was essentially an honorary member…I even tried to book him on the @jericho_cruise and was gonna ask him again for next year.  Always a character and always a good cat, Mike (aka #Virgil)  will be missed.  Here’s to ya Soul Train…having a Lil bit of the bubbly and a few @olivegarden breadsticks in your honor!

Nova/Simon Dean (Mike Bucci) on Facebook

Every interaction I ever had with Virgil was both memorable and friendly. I’ll never forget the time that myself and Brian Heffron did an autograph signing and we were near Virgil‘s table. The person that was visiting him looked at us and asked us if we wanted to buy Virgil‘s autograph. Keep in mind we were in full BWO gimmick and had a line at our table, but I still don’t think the vendor knew who we were. We said yes and the vendor asked me for $20 for the autograph. I told him we’d be willing to trade an autograph, ours for Virgil’s. We wound up doing just that and took photos. I wish I still had that one. Rest in Peace Virgil.

Barry Horowitz on Facebook

My memories of Mike, He did his job and was involved in some great story lines. I had met him during his soul train jones gimmick way before the WWF. He had the look as a body guard and worked well with million dollar man during the golden era.

We got to wrestle plenty of times and a lot of those matches can be seen on YouTube. I can’t say I stayed in contact with him all these years we’d see each other in passing at signings and say hello. I know he loved his GTG Productions Wrestling Autographs shirts and eating at Olive Garden. My condolences to his family during this time, Sincerely, Barry Horowitz

Sal Corrente on Facebook

Another passing in the wrestling world. This one hits a little closer to home. I heard this morning that Mike Jones known to most as WWE Wrestling Superstar Virgil. We started in the business together we were very close in age. We were both trained by Afa Anoai Sr. in Hamden, CT, on Shepard Ave. He came to  Egypt with us where he played an “Egyptian Local”. He was a good talent but I can’t say he always made the best decisions. He was a likable guy. I didn’t see him often after I headed South but we did have him at one of our WrestleReunion events in Los Angeles. As far as I know that Wrestle Royal match may have been his last match ever.
He had a long career and reached heights he dreamed for. That’s a full life if you ask me. He not only Dreamed a Dream he Lived a Dream.
R.I.P Mike Jones.

Mick Foley on Instagram

Whether you knew him as Virgil, Vincent, or as Mike “Soul Train” Jones, one thing is for certain: there will never be another quite like him. Mike was a Pittsburgh guy who hit the big time – giving other Pittsburgh area trainees like me hope that I might one day hit the big time as well. Mike was a good guy, and as often as I heard stories about him – and I heard a lot – none of them were mean-spirited; always told with affection.

His work with Ted DiBiase – especially the vignettes – are some of my favorite @WWE moments, and when Virgil eventually saw the light and turned on terrible Ted, he was a super over baby-face, especially at SummerSlam 1991 — where his victory over DiBiase resulted in one of those pops most wrestlers can only dream about.

RIP Mike Jones #RIPVirgil

The Maestro (Rob Kellum) on Facebook

RIP Virgil. Prayers to his family and friends. Was a pleasure working with him. Love and respect always brother

Matt Hardy on Instagram

RIP Virgil, Mike Jones

Virgil was a funny, unique individual that was always cool to me & I’m saddened to hear about his passing. My thoughts go out to his family, friends & fans.