Another Saturday, means another weekend of AEW action. Let’s get straight into it.

To get things started is a quick recap of AEW Rampage.

Rapid Rampage Review

Chris Jericho returns to the ring against Matt Sydal, Jericho succeeds and claims the winning by Judas Effect.

Chris Jericho attempting a finish using Wall of Jericho against Sydal

Chris Jericho attempting a finish using Wall of Jericho against Sydal. Photo: AEW

Anthony Henry takes on Penta El Zero Miedo. Fear Factor ends this one leading Penta to get the win.

Anthony Henry tries for a splash on Penta El Zero Miedo.

Anthony Henry tries for a splash on Penta El Zero Miedo. Photo: AEW

Kris Statlander and Queen Aminata. The fight ends with Statlander landing a Blue Thunder Bomb.

Statlander absolutely trucks Queen Aminata.

Statlander absolutely trucks Queen Aminata. Photo: AEW

For the last match of the night, two high flying daredevils go at it. Jeff Hardy vs. Darby Allin. The injured Darby wins the match by reverse pinfall after a series of failed high flying finishers attempts.

Darby Allin goes for the Coffin Drop on fellow highflyer Jeff Hardy

Darby Allin goes for the Coffin Drop on fellow highflyer Jeff Hardy. Photo: AEW

Now let’s get to the main course of the weekend. Might I add, it has a little bit of everything.

AEW Collision

Jon Moxley vs Shane Taylor

Photo: AEW

Jon Moxley vs Shane Taylor (with Lee Moriarty)

Right away we start the night with an incredible matchup. Moxley vs Taylor. The fight starts with crazy amount of elbow exchanges. There was a huge strength difference in favour of Taylor as he was dominating Moxley in the first half. Lee Moriarty makes his presence known in the fight as he front kicks Moxley in the face. The fight goes on with an incredible back and forth with larriats, headbutts, and you guessed it, more elbows.

This slugfest ends with Moxley submitting Taylor with a bulldog choke.

Winner: Jon Moxley via submission

Moxley takes the mic after the match and expresses he is pissed and very hungry. He says he won’t take any more crap, even calling out his colleagues and teammates, telling them to “stay the hell up.” Moxley claims that 2024 will be his year, and to be honest, it’s looking like it will be.

Adam Copeland Open Challenge match

Photo: AEW

Adam Copeland Open Match Challenge, against Dante Martin

Next up is the one and only “Rated R Superstar,” Adam Copeland. He continues his open challenge match. This time it’s Top Flight member, Dante Martin. The pair shake hands once the match starts and get started right away. Copeland gets serious and takes off the leather cover of the top turnbuckle. He absolutely bashes Martins head on the unpadded buckle. A failed spear attempt by Copeland almost leads to the end of the match. Martin had two opportunities to end the match but Copeland manages to kick out of both pin attempts. The fight ends with combination of a spear and submitting Martin with a crossface.

Winner: Adam Copeland via submission

Copeland ends his day with thanking Martin for taking the match and saying he will continue to work hard to bring back the AEW TNT Championship to Collision. Which of course, no surprise with calling out Christian Cage. Hopefully this rematch comes faster than we think.

Top Flight and Private Party go at each other backstage and hint at a rematch.


Thunder Rosa vs Queen Aminata

Thunder Rosa vs Queen Aminata. Photo: AEW

Thunder Rosa vs Queen Aminata

“La Mera Mera” returns to the ring against Queen Aminata. This is Aminata’s AEW Collision debut and is also fighting on back to back nights. Thunder Rosa looks good out the gate in her return with no signs of ring rust. The two go back and forth with reversing pin attempts ending in a back breaker on Rosa. Queen Aminata continues to put some damage in Rosa’s back. She dominated the former champ for majority of the contest. Rosa makes a comeback capitalizing on the young Aminata’s mistake going for the double stomp. Rosa takes this one via pinfall.

Winner: Thunder Rosa wins via submission

Although Rosa showed no ring rust, it does seem that her aura is missing. A couple more matches can bring that back. As for Queen Aminata, she’s been really reliable in the women’s division, looking forward to see what AEW has in store for her.

Bullet Club Gold makes an appearance with a cardboard cutout of Juice Robinson. Weird. But hey, The Acclaimed came out as well. The Acclaimed offer to create a faction and unite. The crowd is feeling it. They would be called “Bang Bang Scissor Gang.” And it happens. The two parties are now one. Time will tell if “Bang Bang Scissor Gang” will be one of the most iconic group is wrestling.

Buddy Matthews vs Daniel Garcia

Photo: AEW

Buddy Matthews (with House of Black) vs Daniel Garcia (with FTR)

The House of Black’s Buddy Matthews takes on Daniel Garcia. To sum it up. This is David vs Goliath. Buddy’s knee get injured from Garica, and it seemed to bother him throughout the entire match. After a sequence of multiple flying knees and a piledriver outside the ring, both fighters make it back into the ring before the count. Matthews’ nose get busted open. Just like the story of David vs Goliath, David wins. Garcia pins Matthews.

Winner: Daniel Garcia via pinfall

After pinfall. All hell breaks loose, The rest of House of Black get in the ring and gets into it with FTR. The whole locker room empties trying to break the two groups up. Then commercial break happens, bummer.

But then, when we comeback from commercial. FTR challenges House of Black to an six man elimination cage match on next week’s AEW Collision. If that isn’t exciting, I don’t know what is.


Roderick Strong vs Matt Sydal

Photo: AEW

Roderick Strong vs Matt Sydal

This matchup was action-packed. Non-stop action from start to finish. Strong vs Sydal didn’t stop for anything but to catch their breath. This match is the type that wrestling fans appreciate. Roderick Strong takes this one. Not much to say about this match other than I wish it would have gone on longer.

Winner: Roderick Strong via pinfall

Eddie Kingston & Ortiz vs Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli

Photo: AEW

Eddie Kingston(c) & Ortiz vs Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli

The main event starts off with a taunt competition between Kingston and Danielson, which honestly gets old quick. Luckily the match starts to ramp up, unluckily for Ortiz, it ramped up with a constant assault from the Danielson and Castagnoli combo. The pair continues to taunt the AEW Continental champion as his long time partner is getting mauled. Ortiz finally escapes and tags in Kingston leading to an incredible run against Castagnoli.

The fight finally becomes a “thrilla in Manila.” Action coming from both from tagged in men and tagged out men. After a long lasting tag team match, Kingston can only watch while reaching out to his friend getting pinned by Bryan Danielson.

Winners: Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli via pinfall on Ortiz

There seems like there is no end to the beef going on between Kingston and Danielson.

Prior to exiting the ring, Danielson spits on Kingston face. Both Danielson and Claudio Castagnoli exit and talking to the camera claiming that Kingston doesn’t want no trouble with them. The show fades to black.

Top Photo: Mayhem on AEW following the Buddy Matthews vs Daniel Garcia. Photo: AEW

AEW Collision - 01/20/2024

Final Thoughts:

The FTR and House of Black rivalry continues to grow in a way fans are looking more hungry for. The Jon Moxley fight was a good start for his first match of the year. Copeland’s match was decent. Rosa’s match was fairly entertaining and so was the Strong vs Sydal fight. The main event takes off some points as the taunting in the match overweighted the action.

Till next time!