Hey, hey, hey everyone!

As we open the night for MLW Reload, Sessions by Saint Laurent is the first thing we have the displeasure of seeing, but he does invite Alex Kane as his special guest.

Laurent mentions that back in 2021, not to my knowledge, he signed Kane to MLW during recruitment season. How unfortunate. Even more so that Laurent proposed that Kane and the Bomaye Fight Club join the World Titan Federation. Yuck. Bleugh. Why?

Ha! Ha! Ha! Kane said that Laurent smells like “ass and popcorn,” Ha! Ha! I nearly choked on my saliva laughing so hard. The champ, luckily, rips the contract and says hell no.

The Notorious Mimi vs. Zayda 

If I’m being honest because Zayda is here, I was very disinterested in this fight. She kept making it look like a joke in the early goings until Mimi quickly took over as she should with multiple knee strikes to the chest of her opponent.

Zayda turns things around in her favor as she kicks Mimi in the gut while she laid on the mat somewhat helpless. Saint Laurent was enjoying the view. Fortunately, Mimi disorients Zayda by yanking her hair then proceeds to hammer away.

A face plant by Zayda stops Mimi’s momentum. An exchange of right hands commences in the middle of the ring. Sigh… Sadly, Zayda won when she caused Mimi to tip off balance then performs the I’m Prettier to secure a point.

Winner: Zayda 

BREAKING NEWS Minoru Suzuki will be in New York on Feb 29 for Intimidation Games as more matches continue to stack up.

Steph De Lander vs. Goodbrother #3

We understand that Goodbrother #3 was chosen by Mance Warner to take that empty spot in the Second Gear Crew plus initiate some revenge on Steph for stepping on Warner when she paired herself with Matt Cardona.

Steph tries to use her feminine charm as she kisses Goodbrother on the lips then quickly stacks him up for a near fall. She does send him in the guard rails, but Goodbrother retaliates by shoving her into the post.

As if things weren’t odd enough, Goodbrother #3 decides to give Steph a lap dance just when she was about to give one instead. What?? She was too excited, though. For the moment, everything was weird then Steph rammed her challenger’s face against the chair.

Goodbrother kicks out after getting speared into a plank of wood he previously set up. Honestly, what’s happening? Goodbrother used a marriage proposal, a saliva-covered eye poke plus a sudden roll up to win.

What? What? What??

Winner: Goodbrother #3

At Superfight Feb 3, Alex Kane will be facing the first Heavyweight Champion Satoshi Kojima. Plus, Mistico is engaging in a match against Averno, presented by Salina de la Renta. The Samoan Werewolf Jacob Fatu is entering a dream match versus Yuji Nagata. Under Callihan Rules, Sami vs. Akira is going to be hellish.

Jimmy Llyod vs. Ichiban

I haven’t seen Ichiban since he was unmasked in the most disrespectful way by Rocky Romero a few weeks back. I’m glad to see him again in better spirits as he takes down Jimmy.

While Ichiban was on a roll as he hammers a couple of fists to Jimmy’s head, Salina de la Renta and Jesus Rodriguez burst on the scene in arrogant air. We know there’s some animosity between Ichiban and Promociones Dorado, so naturally, they show up… again.

I’m not sure if Lloyd was taking advantage of the unfairness of Jesus’ potential interference, but he did as he slams Ichiban on the mat. When that fails to award him the victory, Lloyd places Ichiban in a headlock.

Jimmy performs a Falcon Arrow off the cheap shot from Jesus with an unsuccessful conclusion. Ichiban counters with a Stunner plus a move he calls Code One.

Jimmy catches Ichiban in a mid-air suicide dive then collides him with the main floor.

Ichiban escapes a close ending to himself, which included ladders as he delivers a winning DDT from the second ladder within the ring. He also has the opportunity to face Rocky Romero for the World Middleweight Championship at Superfight. Yay!

Winner: Ichiban

Moka Miyamoto vs. Nao Kakuta – Tokyo Yoshi Showcase match 

Miyamoto manages to thwart Kakuta’s efforts with a jab to the abdomen just as Nao bounces off the ropes. Unfortunately, Moka took too much time to attack that Nao was able to avoid the incoming strike.

Later on, Kakuta is seen yanking at Moka’s hair and almost put this match away. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t want her to win this way. Miyamoto counters with a few body slams.

Nao places Moka into a choke hold using her legs as reinforcement around the ropes of the ring. The damage has been done despite Miyamoto escaping the pain.

Moka thought she had Nao with that submission move, but Kakuta was able to reach the bottom rope to break the hold then she delivers a thunderous face plant. Nao picks the victory when she pins Moka with a spinning Stunner.

Regardless of the lose, Miyamoto still won something… a date with Love Doug because he’s been a long time admirer of Moka, so there you have it.

Winner: Nao Kakuta 

Tiara James vs. Delmi Exo

The level of Exo’s focus has come into question since she lost her Featherweight Championship to Janai Kai some months back. Her grip hold on Tiara isn’t long lasting, nor effective until that last arm twist, which forced James to grab the rope.

Plus, why are these Azteca henchmen still skulking around like rats in public? They’re seen watching this match as well for some reason. Anyway, Delmi delivers an arm drag plus a drop kick to James that sends her backwards. Tiara retaliates with a swift elbow to the jaw and a clothesline.

Exo attempts the Delmi Driver, yet Tiara kept fighting back to prevent her from initiating it as she flattens her challenger. Surprisingly, not in a rude way, Delmi manages to roll James for a victory. This is the first time Tiara has been pinned since arriving in MLW.

Delmi believes that this win has brought her back on track to challenge Janai Kai for the Championship again, so she calls her out. While they’re arguing about title opportunities, Zayda also makes her presence known and her intentions heard.

A brawl ensues where there’s so much chaos that the officials arrive on the scene to stop it. But weirdly enough, those Azteca henchmen hand Delmi a phone. Is she going to call someone, or is someone going to call her?

Winner: Delmi Exo

Alex Kane & Matt Riddle vs. Josh Bishop & Tom Lawlor – Tag Team match

Riddle catches Lawlor in a side waist takedown, but Tom turns it around in his favor for a little moment until Matt is back on top of things. Plenty of rolling and rolling. Counter and countermoves.

Watching them wrestle looked like authentic fighting style that I’m not used to seeing. Reminds me of the No Ropes match between Kane and Davey Boy Smith Jr. months ago.

Once Kane is in the ring, he and Riddle play a double team on Tom as Alex flips Matt, so he could fly and crash onto their opponent, who’s laying flatly on the mat.

The champ delivers the first suplex of the match as he mocks Lawlor by wearing his blue headband. Sadly for Kane, his upper hand is soon squashed once Bishop comes into play.

Now here’s something we don’t see every week, Kane suicide diving after Lawlor. Ha! But… Kane got a DDT done to him for his fighting spirit right on the main floor. He may be hurt because he wasn’t moving.

Kane became a human punching bag at some point, however, he successfully tags Riddle in, who makes quick work out of Bishop. Kane and Matt perform double suplexes to their challengers that left the audience gasping for more.

Even Richard Holliday, who came out of nowhere as usual, tried to help, yet Kane swiftly got rid of him as Riddle performs the Super Broton for a victory over the WTF. And speaking of success, I would love to see Riddle challenge Kane for the World Heavyweight Championship one day.

Winners: Matt Riddle & Alex Kane

Satoshi Kojima vs. Sami Callihan

While Kojima was making his entrance like the wholesome man that he is, Callihan interrupts with a bang from behind. He gives Satoshi a papercut using a small poster he found underneath the ring. Ouch!

Callihan’s tactic here is to prevent Kojima from even showing up for his Superfight title match against Alex Kane. He’s jealousy is an ugly sight to bear. Satoshi gets back up with a clothesline to the throat of Sami as he retreats to collect himself.

Kojima goes after him and delivers multiple chops to his chest then throws him into the guard rails. Sami flips the tied by snapping Satoshi’s fingers. Callihan revels in the agony he’s causing Kojima by digging his nails into his adversary’s ribcage.

Sami doesn’t appreciate the fact that the referee touched him in order to remove him from Satoshi. He said “Don’t touch me, b*tch!” before spitting a disgustingly large amount of saliva. Ha! We’ve been mention that a lot today.

Gross. Gross. Gross man.

Thankfully, Kojima does his own version of a spit back in the face of Callihan in the form of a DDT and the Cutter.

Callihan has given nothing but rudeness this entire match, his gross and distasteful nature is something I want to see less of, please. Kojima is awarded the victory when he flattens Sami with a massive clothesline after doing it two or three times.

Winner: Satoshi Kojima 


TOP PHOTO: Weight chart between Kojima and Callihan. Courtesy of MLW