Greetings and salutations! Its another episode of Dynamite and this week on the one-year anniversary of Jay Briscoe’s passing we have AEW World Heavyweight champion, Samoa Joe having his first title defense against HOOK. We will also hear from The Young Bucks as they seem to have answered the call to face Sting in his final match ever. With so much on the go, let’s get straight into the action.

The show starts with a video package hyping the main event of AEW World Champion Samoa Joe and HOOK

TNT Championship: Christian Cage (c) (with Killswitch and Nick Wayne) VS Dustin Rhodes

The match starts and Christian has the early advantage, but Rhodes comes back with a Scoop Slam, which causes Cage to go outside for a breather. Rhodes slams Cage into the barricade and slams him onto the commentary table. Back in the ring, Rhodes has the momentum on his side until Cage comes back and ends up sending Rhodes outside and follows that up with a dive. Rhodes hits a Destroyer for a 2-count. Cage is right back in it as he gets Rhodes down and uses the rope to choke him.

Cage then snaps Rhodes’ neck on the ropes and hits a Frog Splash for a 2-count. Cage has had it and gets the TNT championship, but the ref stops him from using it. With this minor distraction, and as Rhodes has Cage in a small package,  Wayne sneaks in and tips the roll-up allowing Cage to be on top for the rollup pin. Rhodes kicks out and comes back with a flurry of offense culminating with the Unnatural Kick. Rhodes hits a Cross-Rhodes for a 2-count. Wayne interferes again, and this time Killswitch is in to attack Rhodes, but Rhodes hits a Destroyer on Wayne on the outside. Cage hits a Spear and not one, but two Killswitch’s for the win.

Winner and still TNT Champion: Christian Cage

In an interview, Swerve Strickland reiterates the fact that he he has his eyes on the main event. He doesn’t care who wins tonight, he wants the AEW Heavyweight championship. He says he is the most dangerous man coming for the belt and the most coveted prize in the industry. Strickland is asked about Page and he gives Page some praise but says that Page can’t beat him so he has no reason to fight him again.

Chris Jericho is asked about losing his Tag Title chance at Battle of the Belts IX. He says that Guevara is hurt, so he is not there tonight. Jericho blames Powerhouse Hobbs and Konosuke Takeshita and says he wants revenge. Matt Sydal interrupts and challenges Jericho to a match. He accepts and the match will happen at AEW Rampage.

Orange Cassidy & Trent Beretta (with Chuck Taylor) VS Penta El Zero Miedo & Komander (with Rey Fenix & Alex Abrahantes)

Cassidy and Penta start things off. Penta with a kick. Trent and Komander are in. Komander flies, as he always does and hits a dive. Trent comes right back and does a Half-and-Half Suplex. Cassidy and Trent cut the ring in half and keep Komander on their half. The match spills outside and Trent sends Komander into the barricade and keeps him grounded. Cassidy and Trent with a Double Suplex. Komander tries to come back and sends Trent over the ropes and is able to get the hot tag to Penta. Penta clears house.

Penta with a hard kick to Trent, then moments later on the outside of the ring, Komander dives onto him at ringside. Cassidy is in the ring and Penta hits a Made in Japan for a nearfall.  Cassidy hits a DDT and brings Trent back in the match. Penta hits a Destroyer on Trent, followed by Komander diving off the ropes and getting a 2-count. Trent hits Komander with a Knee Strike, Penta with a Knee Strike on Trent. Cassidy is in and hits Penta with the Beach Break, followed by an Orange Punch on Komander which gives Trent the pin and the win for his team!

Winner: Trent Beretta and Orange Cassidy

After the match, Roderick Strong, Matt Taven, and Mike Bennett storm the ring and Strong says Cassidy has been a fighting champion, but thinks he’s afraid since he was in a tag match just now. Strong says the title belongs to him, and he’s here to make Cassidy accept that. Strong challenges, and Cassidy accepts, but Strong says he’ll have to wait until AEW Revolution.

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