Newcomer Oba Femi is a name to learn quickly, winning the NXT Breakout Tournament just last week and cashing in on North American Champion Dragon Lee tonight. As the story goes, a Nigerian fortune teller told him he’d dominate the industry – no lies were detected.

The surprise victory headlined a show of goofy montages and caricatures – as well as beginning an uninspired edition of the annual Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. But what the brackets lack in solidified teams will presumably be a vehicle for the next great Shawn Michaels storyline cook-up.

Blair Davenport vs Nikkita Lyons

The NXT parking lot still isn’t secure in 2024 as footage shows Davenport blindsiding Lyons. The competitors brawl to the ring, and commentary insinuates they’ve been tussling for 20 minutes with no luck of separation. Lyons is rough around the edges but powerful enough to toss around Davenport, who continuously targets the injured left knee and captures the pinfall victory with her own knee strike.

Winner: Blair Davenport


Cody Rhodes narrates the Dusty Classic promo package, calling NXT the “Ellis Island of sports entertainment.” After, Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams mildly bicker in the locker room, with the former announcing their entrance into the tournament – Hayes with a shot at becoming a triple-crown champion.

Gallus vs Baron Corbin and Bron Breakker – First Round Match

Vic Joseph hates to “ask the obvious” but proceeds anyhow: can Corbin and Breakker get on the same page? Can they coexist? The battle-tested Gallus boys are on top before picture-in-picture and stifle a Corbin comeback thereafter by capitalizing on his injured right hand. Breakker gets the hot tag like a rabid dog, double-suplexing Gallus and letting Corbin hit End of Days for victory. So yes, yes they can coexist.

Winners: Baron Corbin and Bron Breakker


As expected, the NXT-style cinematic video of Tiffany Stratton follows her start as Fallon Henley’s ranch hand. It’s like they’re still at Full Sail letting film students put their projects on a wrestling show.

NXT Women’s Champion Lyra Valkyria is in-ring to announce a 20-women battle royal “with a twist”: the final four transition to a fatal four way, and the winner faces the champion at Vengeance Day. Lola Vice, with Elektra Lopez, interrupts and boasts about her “Latina heat” before Valkyria tries throwing a wrench between them. A beatdown ensues, but Tatum Paxley saves her cherished champion once again.

Meta-Four mocks the breakup of Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen, and the former wants a rematch for Noam Dar’s Heritage Cup Championship. Instead, he’ll face “Main Man” Oro Mensah on his way back to contention.

Luca Crusifino tries arguing a match result with Ava before North American Champion Dragon Lee returns, quickly interrupted by Lexis King and his violently Dominican beard. “See you tonight, cabron,” says Lee after signing his open challenge contract.

Oro Mensah vs Josh Briggs

The Briggs single agenda officially starts here, but Meta-Four outnumber him giving Mensah the opening advantage. He lucks out with a hellish clothesline, staring through Dar with a victory over his “Main Man.”

Winner: Josh Briggs


OTM vs The D’Angelo Family (c) – NXT Tag Team Championships

Both teams are accompanied by their equally thrown-in, equally tall managers Scrypts and Adriana Rizzo. A mistimed double-team gives OTM control, who despite being inexperienced look like heavyweight brutes. D’Angelo, somehow the veteran, makes a fiery comeback and has improved tenfold since his debut. They eventually hit Bada Bing Bada Boom before Scrypts inadvertently takes out Lucien Price, allowing D’Angelo to connect with Forget About It for the win. Yes, those are the real finishing move names.

Winners: The D’Angelo Family


NXT Anonymous catches Jacy Jayne coordinating a plan with the female students to help save Chase University. After, NXT Breakout Tournament winner Oba Femi is interrupted by Lexis King to flex his own championship contract.

Gallus boys are no longer on top, but Joe Coffey is not afraid of Ridge Holland. “I’ll be seeing you!” Holland threatens like a Victorian boy.

Cora Jade vs Gigi Dolin

While both came into NXT with independent experience, Jade has skyrocketed past any hype Dolin once had. It’s a quiet battle, and Jade steals the win with a DDT after holding the referee hostage.

Winner: Cora Jade


Jaida Parker offers to even OTM’s odds against The D’Angelo Family, adding more swagger and presence to the faction in one short segment than ever. Could this be NXT’s next women’s breakout star?

Hank Walker and Tank Ledger vs Axiom and Nathan Frazer – First Round Match

Axiom and Frazer, despite being unofficial, are a perfect pairing of lighting speed and agility – although they’re met by the aptly named tanks of opposition. Frazer running the ropes is still incredibly impressive, and the match pace is equally fast. He eventually hits the Phoenix Splash for victory, but all four guys come off like beasts.

Winners: Axiom and Nathan Frazer


Edris Enofe and Malik Blade are excited for their first Dusty Cup match, looking to put an end to Trick-Melo Gang’s hype. Brinley Reece hampers their moment offering a training program of sorts with the childish energy of Thea Hail – except not as genuine.

Dragon Lee (c) vs Lexis King – North American Championship 

The ironically good state of King is funny for internet banter, but it’s put to the test against a world-class champion in the main event. Trey Bearhill makes a brief petty appearance, held back by officials, but King controls regardless through picture-in-picture. He’s noticeably outdone by Lee with signature aerial quickness, they trade strikes and reversals, and the champion retains fair and square by pinfall.

Winner: Dragon Lee

Oba Femi arrives to cash in his Breakout Tournament contract, and Lee connects with a dive before the bell officially rings.

Oba Femi vs Dragon Lee (c) – North American Championship

Femi overpowers the champion, who fights back with a superkick and DDT. But the massive size and intensity of Femi leads to a Pop-Up Powerbomb, securing the victory for the rookie who won the Breakout Tournament just last week. It’s a blink-of-an-eye rocket strap to a deserved new North American Champion, who is truly turning heads for the white-and-gold brand.

Winner: Oba Femi


NXT 1/9/24

Orlando, FL

In a show drenched by bad acting and goofy characters, Oba Femi brings straight, monstrous hurting – and it’s refreshing to see such a quick turnaround for a potential-filled newcomer.