Merry Christmas, everyone!

I’m excited for Holiday Rush since we have some amazing matches lined up for today. My highly anticipated fight would have to be the main event between Jacob Fatu and Alex Hammerstone the trilogy. Who isn’t pumped for that one?

Akira vs. Love, Doug vs. Alec Price vs. J Bouji vs. Nolo Kitano vs. Brett Ryan Gosselin – Scramble match

Given what happened when Gosselin attacked Doug a few weeks ago, Doug wasted no time pursuing Brett early as he was making his entrance much to the confusion of the other participates. Ha!

The fight inside the ring is underway as Alec Price clears the way with his kicks. He focuses on Akira for the moment with a crossbody. Nolo is back into the fray as he battles Price.

J Bouji’s quickness is used very well when he came face-to-face with Kitano. A drop kick in the corner drives the ghetto samurai backwards. J follows that up with a German suplex. God knows where Doug and Gosselin are right now.

Akira inflicts chops to both Kitano and Bouji. The Death Fighter disposes of J by slamming him on top of Nolo. Brett comes back and crashes Akira in the corner. Soon after, Doug also comes back and delivers a kick to Gosselin’s face.

Unfortunately, Dougie here turned his back on his opponent and got dragged by the hair down to the mat. A foolish mistake.

…. Um… Gosselin was choking Doug, Bouji was choking Brett then Alec was choking J and Akira was like “Hmm. Don’t mind if I do,” as he grabs ahold of Price. Absolute nonsense.

I don’t know what to say… anyway.

J takes out Doug with a pele kick so hard, so harshly executed that I laughed silently for some reason. Ha!

Akira almost pins Nolo after that German suplex into a bridge combination, but his challenger remains in the game. The Death Fighter has his sights set on J Bouji as he meets him in the turnbuckles.

Akira ends up taking out Price, Kitano and Bouji at the same time. Honestly, the second Brett has any ounce of momentum, it swiftly gets shutdown when Doug ploughs through him with a mid-air crossbody.

Akira is definitely my favorite pick in this match as he uses Love, Doug’s Christmas bag to whack Brett in the stomach then Bouji followed by Kitano and Alec.

Gosselin gets his ass trampled by Doug, again, with Akira’s help. Ha! It was all fun and games, but it’s not that I mind, I just didn’t understand where this came from… Akira kissing Doug?? This scrambled my mind indeed. Yet, I found it cute. Random, but cute.

Bouji returns in the match as he eliminates Doug. J wisely rolls out of the ring after dealing with Kitano’s Tri’s Rotation move. It would have been over for Bouji.

Price was looking to make an impression here on MLW by attempting to pin Akira, yet he wasn’t able to. Akira won the match with the Death Penalty just as I wanted.

After the fight, he had something to say. Akira left the The Calling because out of nowhere the one who told them all of these things about power, neglect and unity in order for those who feel the same will follow, then he just vanished. Raven said his propaganda then left. Now, someone else felt like the group needed another leader, Rickey decided it should be him.

Akira believes that Page has become a leech, sucking the energy out of him and everyone else in the locker room. Akira wants to end The Calling since he thinks it can’t rain all the time.

Rickey Shane Page hears this and makes his appearance with Cannonball, who he sends into the ring with a message. Akira was ready for him as he strikes Cannonball with a chair.

The goons also rushed in to smash Akira, so he kept fighting. Even when Rickey finally entered the squared circle. A low blow to Rickey was a thrill to witness. Ha!

Winner: Akira 

Backstage, Salina de la Renta was getting pumped for her upcoming debut match against Ichiban. The odd thing is she suddenly got stressed out the moment she saw a brown bag sitting on a chair. She got paranoid and wanted to know who put it there.

The rest of Promociones Dorado, Janai Kai, Rocky Romero and Jesus Rodriguez were perplexed just like us.

BREAKING NEWS Sami Callihan returns to MLW at Kings of Colosseum on Jan 6, 2024.

Tiara James vs. The Notorious Mimi vs. Zayda Steel – 3-Way Featherweight match 

Ever since Zayda made the biggest mistake of her life signing with Mister Saint Laurent to become the first federette of WTF, Laurent says she can have whatever the hell she wants like Taylor Swift tickets, maybe even a Featherweight Championship opportunity.

MSL isn’t so sure about communicating with Salina given she’s already hard to talk to even in the best of moods. But Steel convinces him regardless.

It seems that Mimi and Zayda were planning to go after Tiara as a double team in the early goings of the fight, fortunately, James has them scouted.

Steel ducks out the way as Tiara attempts to splash her in the corner, then Mimi also knocks James out. Several cover ventures between Steel and Mimi kept blocking the other from winning, so in the obvious fashion of temporary alliances, they begin to argue.

Mimi drops Zayda on top of Tiara with a move that closely resembles a Samoan Drop.

Another row of screams between Mimi and Zayda occurs in the middle of the ring. Tiara takes advantage of that with a double drop kick from the second rope.

James almost had the victory when she stacked both women up, yet Mimi kicked out in time. Tiara disposes of Mimi as she crashes on the main floor then she focuses on Zayda with a twisting neck breaker.

I’m sure Tiara would have won then and there, but MSL pulled her by the leg to prevent her from gaining anything. Frustration all around. Somehow Steel won after performing the I’m Prettier on James. Arg…

Winner: Zayda Steel 

Also coming to Kings of Colosseum is a match between TJPW Hyper Misao versus MLW World Featherweight Champion Janai Kai.

Matthew Justice vs. Josh Bishop 

It’s pretty apparent that the chops these two man deliver to one another wasn’t going to be enough to put the opposition down, so they increase the pain factor.

Matthew sores through the sky with a right hand to Bishop’s jaw, rocking him to his knees. Justice flings himself through the ropes and tackles Josh at the same time. Bishop retaliates by slamming Justice spine first against the apron.

Matthew has a chair in hand, ready to hit Josh with, yet Bishop delivers a clothesline that results in the chair colliding with Justice’s face.

Latter on, Justice beats Bishop onto the table his opponent set up and was looking to leap from the top, but MSL distracted Matthew long enough so Josh could recuperate. Bishop picked up the table and slammed it into Matthew’s head.

Another distracting by MSL cause Matthew the match just as Bishop sends him into the table and wins. Justice may have lost this match, but he continues to pursuit Josh backstage.

Winner: Josh Bishop

Ha! Ha! Ha! What did Charlie the cameraman do to deserve an attack by Salina? Poor man. De la Renta was using Charlie as a punching bag to preview what she’ll do to Ichiban.

Kevin Blackwood vs. Tony Deppen

Ha! The announcer wasn’t even out of the ring yet when Blackwood and Deppen started throwing hands. I kept saying “Run before you get those fists into you!” The way he scurried out of there as fast as he could was priceless.

Blackwood is bloodthirsty for Deppen to get a beating. Ha! He nearly got Deppen with that German suplex bridge. Tony was truly getting his ass handed to him. Ha! I laughed way too much during this fight.

Annoyingly so, Crawford and McCoy tried to interfere, yet Kevin wards them off.

Blackwood had Deppen, he had him in a ankle lock so tight that you can see the level of agony Tony was in. Alas, and irritatingly so, Deppen sends Kevin into the exposed turnbuckle, rolls him up and gains the victory.

Winner: Tony Deppen 

Elsewhere with Zayda, she welcomes back Richard Holliday after he made a spectacular appearance at One Shot and signing with WTF. Indeed wtf on aligning himself with MSL.

Anyway, he’ll be Alex Kane’s next challenger for the World Heavyweight Championship at Kings of Colosseum. For the National Openweight Championship, Akira and Rickey Shane Page will do battle in a Taipei Death match. Ooh, my must-see fight. Glass will be attached to each men’s knuckles. Wow.

Also, Matt Riddle is back to MLW as he battles Jacob Fatu at Kings of Colosseum. Yay!! A first time meeting match.

The Mane Event vs. TJ Crawford & Griffin McCoy vs. Wasted Youth – Triple Threat Tag Team match

A mess explodes in the early goings at the hands of McCoy and Crawford, wasting no time disposing of everyone, including those who weren’t inside the ring yet.

Midas Black looks to fight back with a double drop kick to Crawford and McCoy. A double team by The Mane Event was absolutely beautiful.

Marcus Mathers from Wasted Youth delivers a great crossbody to Midas and Jay Lyons. An amazing defense variation from Wasted Youth was something we’ve never seen before.

TJ and Griffin slide back in with some dirty and underhanded moves to their opponents as they continue to braze their path. Midas set up a hoop on the outside, so Jay could deliver a spear to Crawford to prevent him and McCoy from winning. A reverse ring of fire.

Wasted Youth play multiple double teams on Jay Lyons and Midas Black. They get rid of Lyons onto the main floor then pursuit Black. Marcus Mathers hits a perfect 450 and gains the victory for his team. Griffin tried to stop him, but he was too late.

Wasted Youth finally get a future World Tag Team Championship opportunity.

Winners: Wasted Youth

The brawl between Bishop and Justice continues to the rooftop where Matthew dismantles Josh by climbing a ladder and squashing him through a table.

Salina de la Renta vs. Ichiban – Intergender Lucha match 

Ha! Ha! “Ichi-bum”? Jesus Rodriguez’ introduction of Ichiban was hilarious if we’re being honest here. Clever, too.

Girl, we were waiting for the battle to begin as Ichiban and Salina kept circling each other like vultures, de la Renta claps her hands and here comes Rocky Romero, who gets dropped. Then Janai Kai, who gets thrown onto the main floor. And lastly, Jesus Rodriguez, who’s on the receiving end of a Ichiban Kai.

Now that Salina is on her own, she sprays something in Ichiban’s face, which forces the official to end the match. Romero, Rodriguez and Kai start ganging up on Ichiban. Security try to stop the onslaught, but Janai was the most eager, so they were too scared to get her while Rocky and Salina were plotting to remove Ichiban’s mask… successfully so. Yikes.

The biggest disrespect you could do to a masked Luchador. Mascara Dorada came out to check on Ichiban. He was so pissed that he went after Rocky since he ran with the mask.

Winner: Who cares

Second Gear Crew (c) vs. Bomaye Fight Club – World Tag Team Championship match 

For the Second Gear Crew it’s Good Brother #3 and 1 Called Manders versus Mr. Thomas and World Heavyweight Champion Alex Kane from the Bomaye Fight Club.

Three failed covers from Kane somehow was a delight to see. Ha! He kept rolling Good Brother on his back long enough for a two count only. A slug fest ensues in the ring. Kane was teetering in ways I would see at African parties or funny videos. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Because of that, Mr. Thomas tagged himself in as Good Brother brings in Manders.

Those two behemoths were bringing some next level brutality to the table, which we love to see. Slaps to the chests, throats and faces. Oof, that power slam to Manders. Damn.

But, look out! Mr. Thomas is on the receiving end as Manders and Good Brother ganging up on him after sending Kane into a post. A superplex to Mr. Thomas explodes the ring.

Ha! I don’t know why I laughed when Kane splashed Manders in the corner. Maybe it’s because I don’t see him do that very often. Still funny, though. Anyway, he has Manders in a ankle lock, but only temporarily because he got distracted by MSL and Zayda.

Mr. Thomas and Kane nearly had Manders, yet MSL’s interference blocked that from happening. So, Kane went after Laurent and met with Holliday holding a champagne glass. Richard throws the alcoholic drink in Kane’s face. That made Alex mad enough to start a punch-up with Holliday.

This stops the match real quick… The rest of WTF are here, too. “That puts the F in WTF.” Ha!

Winners: Hmm

Ooh… Although, Janai Kai and Delmi Exo entered a small tiff, Exo received an envelop from Azteca Luchadores. I wonder what’s that about.

The Second Gear Crew will have to defend their Championships at Kings of Colosseum versus Tom Lawlor and Josh Bishop after what transpired earlier.

The epic conclusion is up next! Are we ready?

Jacob Fatu vs. Alex Hammerstone

A few insignificant shoulder tackles at the beginning of the match was a given, what comes afterwards is the pounding Hammerstone put Fatu through in the corner of the ring.

Fatu retaliates with thunderous uppercuts to Hammers’ jaw that rocks him to a knee and backwards. He also crashes in Alex with that twisted Senton and a Swanton.

Hammerstone was teetering, Fatu can see that, so he lined up for a Super Kick. Unfortunately, Alex shielded himself with the referee then knocked Jacob out with that sit kick.

Fatu is noticeably in pain as Hammerstone delivers a back suplex. He didn’t get the results he wanted, so naturally, Alex blames the referee. Jacob clocks Hammer with a Super Kick.

Hammerstone was looking for the Nightmare Pendulum, yet Fatu has him scouted. He plants Alex with a Super Huricarana. Wow-wee! Alex knew he was getting some harsh punishment, so he decided to push the official into the rope, causing Jacob to trip off balance.

Hammerstone doesn’t get the win after that massive belly-to-belly suplex from the top rope.

Slugging. Slugging. Slugging. The Nightmare Pendulum hit Fatu hard, but it didn’t take him out. Much to Hammerstone’s shock.

A Samoan Spike from Fatu followed by an incredible Moonsault for a victory to end this three parter. I’ve only seen Solo Sikoa do a Samoan Spike. I’m glad I got to see Fatu do it, too. The way Hammer fell backwards like a cartoon character… Ha! Ha!

Jacob was finally able to pin Hammerstone. MSL removed his sunglasses because of this lost and ditches his “meal ticket”. Regardless, great sportsmanship is shown joining Fatu and Hammerstone.

What I didn’t expect was for Hammerstone to become emotional as he says that this may be the last time we see him in an MLW ring. For the foreseeable future, we could see him elsewhere. Major League helped grow Alex, and he, in return, grew MLW. He thanks Court Bauer for signing him despite his change in friendships.

Winner: Jacob Fatu


TOP PHOTO: Fatu & Hammerstone tally card. Courtesy of MLW