Greetings and salutations! Its time for some Impact Wrestling specials and this time we are in the UK for Turning Point. This was recorded last week  but we are in store for a Knockouts Championship match between Deonna Purrazzo and Trinity. If Trinity wins, Purrazzo can’t challenge Trinity anymore. Gail Kim will serve as guest ref. We also have Will Ospreay in action and he will be taking on Eddie Edwards. With all this action, let’s get straight to things.


Rhino & Grado def. Mike D & Ryan Richards

Rhino hit the Gore.

Leon Slater def. Mark Haskins

Leon Slater hits a 450 Splash in a great display from the youngster

Main Show

Josh Alexander & Eric Young VS Subculture

Andrews gets a Stun Dog Millionaire on Young then Josh. Webster is in and he hits a Shadows Over Malice on Young. Young with a roll up on Webster and is able to get a Piledriver, Andrews breaks the pin though at 2. Young is back at it and slams Andrews as Alexander is back in the match and the two try a double team move but Webster counters and whips Young to Alexander’s lower half. Andrews backlsides Alexander but Josh gets out and hits a C4 Spike for the win.

Winners: Josh Alexander & Eric Young 

After being signed by IMPACT/TNA President Scott D’Amore, Leon Slater will be a member of the roster in 2024!

Gisele Shaw VS Alex Windsor

Windsor connects with a top rope dropkick then Shaw hits a Springboard cutter for a 2-count. Windsor hits a Blue Thunder Bomb but it’s only good for a 2-count. Shaw hits Denouement for the win.

Winner: Gisele Shaw

Simon Miller says that Joe Hendry is going to believe in him after their match tonight.

Trey Miguel VS Rich Swann

Swann is able to finally get some offense in and kicks Trey in the head for the a 2-count. Miguel yellsq at Swann and he gets chopped hard for it. The two men go back and forth then Swann with a few kicks, followed by a poisonrana from Miguel. They superkick each other and both go down. Miguel with more kicks on Swann’s chest and then hits a Lightning Spiral for a 2-count. Swann comes back with a Cutter and then hits the 450 splash for the win!

Winner: Rich Swann

Dani Luna doesn’t like being compare to Jordynne Grace…

Dani Luna VS Jordynne Grace

Luna tries to whip Grace, but she eats a Backfist instead. Luna with kicks. Both women try to Clothesline each other, but end up hitting Double headbutts and they both go down hard on the mat.  Luna with a German Suplex followed by a Clothesline for a nearfall. Grace is back in control and hits a Running Back body drop for a 2-count of her own. Grace hits a spinning back fist and then hits a Grace Driver for the win.

Winner: Jordynne Grace

Simon Miller addresses the crowd and claims that he’s more successful than the rest of the locker room. Joe Hendry reveals his latest music video, poking fun at Miller.

Simon Miller VS Joe Hendry

Miller pretends to be injured but after the show he Rakes the eyes of Hendry behind the referee’s back. Miller hits a side slam for a nearfall. Miller goes for a submission but Hendry fights out and is able to hit a Fallaway Slam. Miller is up top and hits a Spear but its not enough. Hendry hits a mid-air cutter and connects with the Standing Ovation.

Winner: Joe Hendry

Chris Sabin & Frankie Kazarian vs Moose & Brian Myers

Sabin tags Kaz after being separated from him. Kaz hits Moose with a backstabber and goes for a Hurricanrana, but Moose tosses him into the ring post. Myers spears Kazarian and rolls him back in the ring. Myers goes for Roster Cut but Kaz gets out and goes for a Chicken wing. While this is happening, Moose spears Kazarian and gets the win.

Winners: Moose & Brian Myers

Knockouts World Championship: Trinity (c) vs. Deonna Purrazzo

Just remember, if Purrazzo doesn’t win she cant challenge Trinity anymore as long as she is champion. Purrazzo was not in control for a bit but then she is able to come back and hit a Single leg dropkick to the face of Trinity. Trinity comes right back and hits a spinning bulldog, then a huge Clotheslines. Trinity with a Rear View then she climbs up top and jumpos, but Purrazzo is able to hit a pump kick.  Trinity is back and hits a Samoan Drop but its only good for a 2-count. Deonna is able to get Trinity down and lock in the Fujiwara armbar but Trinity manages to grab the bottom rope for the break. Both women trade shots and Trinity falls. Purrazzo hits Queen’s Gambit for a nearfall and Deonna argues with Gail Kim, who is the special guest ref.  This gives Trinity the time to get up and Kick Purrazzo hard, then locks in Starstruck. Purrazzo rolls Trinity up and gets out but Trinity hits the sit out buster and applies Starstruck again for the tapout win!

Winner: AND STILL Knockouts Champion; Trinity (c)

Will Ospreay vs Eddie Edwards

This was the match of the night. Ospreay hits his Nandos kick. Moments later Ospreay with a Spanish Fly for a nearfall. Ospreay then continues his attack and hits the Oscutter but Edwardsbmanages to still get up.  Ospreay jumps fromt he top, Edwards catches him and hits a Blue Thunder Bomb. Ospreay hits the Hidden Blade but Edwards is back right away and hits a Boston Knee Party. Both men are back up and trade punches until Edwards hits a Clothesline, followed by the Tiger Driver. Edwards goes for another Boston Knee party, but this time Ospreay counters and hits a Hidden Blade. Ospreay is firmly in control and hits a Styles Clash for a 2-count. Ospreay hits the Hidden Blade again and finally gets a Stormbreaker in for the 3-count.

Winner: Will Ospreay