As we open the night, we welcome LA Knight to the stage. He is impressed by how close Roman is to 1200 days as Champion, but Knight recognizes that those days can come to an end very abruptly based on last week.

Knight guarantees that Reigns will be dropped, and that Championship will come to him. And since the Megastar interrupted Roman as he made his entrance, the champ decides to return the favour in the middle of Knight’s connectivity with the fans.

Ha! LA Knight anxiously taps his watch just to remind Roman he’s taking a lot of time showing off his… um… greatness?

“Irrelevant town,” he says. Y’all can’t lie. He’s become unbearable. But Roman does have one thing right. We are fools for acknowledging him.

Surprisingly, Reigns didn’t expect Knight to be the one to step up to him, although, the stepping up isn’t the easiest. Apparently, kids these days call this industry “cinema”. Ha! Ha! Ha! Honey, what??

Reigns sings his own praises about how he turned this company into a multimillion dollar business due to what he does, being the face on the posters and whatnot. I don’t know why he said that Knight impersonated one of his cousins during his time here because I don’t recall. Ha!

Knight impersonated Bray Wyatt though. Apart from that, Roman adds on that the other seemingly relevant thing his opponent has done is get the fans to chant his name louder than anyone else I’ve seen thus far. Enjoy it while you can is the warning Roman gives the Megastar for tomorrow, he’ll end the chanting.

Reigns is so sure that once he retains that people will forget about Knight just like that. I HIGHLY doubt it. Ha! If Roman is going to put LA Knight down, he has to make damn sure that he’s completely out. Warning shots, as he’s mentioned, don’t work on him.

He’ll come back as many times as he has to. “The only bloodline that will be visible will be running down between your eyes while you hear ‘em say ‘And new, WWE Champion LA Knight’. Yeah!”

Nick Aldis was prepared by sending officials out to the ring prior to anything blood worthy happening. There were just a couple of angsty shoves.

Roman may have beaten everyone who’s stepped up to him that’s for certain, but none of them came at him in the angle that LA Knight is. That’s the difference.

Kevin Owens vs. Austin Theory 

I’ve seen idiots. Tons of them in my lifetime, but rarely do I see some in this industry deliberately acting like that.

Theory and Waller were asking for it when they simultaneously lined themselves up, which prompted Owens to punch them at the same time like he said he could.

Just…. arg. Waller is joining commentary tonight, so he could witness his friend lose. Whoops. Win. Maybe. Grayson’s jaw is recovered at least.

After Kevin said that Austin has a punchable face, Theory reiterates that he has a confident face rather than an arrogant one like I thought. Theory was being so rude when he said that Owens’ face is one only a mother could love.

What’s funny is that Waller won’t give a direct answer to the question about how it felt to be punched at the same time as his friend. He keeps dodging. Ha!

At the beginning of the match, Theory kept behaving like a damn weasel trying to escape KO’s clutches. Yet, he patiently backed off regardless.

Theory escapes onto the main floor, and Kevin follows after him. Austin uses that to quickly drive his opponent back first against the apron and the commentary desk.

Owens retaliates with a strong clothesline to Austin after sending him crashing on the ground followed by a Senton.

A distraction by Waller helps Theory shove Owens into a post. He almost knocks KO with one thunderous punch to the jaw. We can’t have that.

Kevin continues to fight every attempt Theory has at putting him down. That brain buster could have ended this. Could have.

Owens manages to reverse Theory’s momentum into a brain buster of his own from the second rope plus the Pop Up Powerbomb. Owens puts an exclamation mark ending with a victorious Stunner.

Winner: Kevin Owens 

While Bianca Belair was in an interview backstage about her upcoming match against Bayley as she promised last week, Belair is suddenly, but not surprisingly attacked by Damage Control.

Belair was only just able to fend them off a second or two prior to intervention from the officials.

No. No. No. No. No. No! I don’t know what Lashley was doing shaking Logan Paul’s hand. Don’t shake this… person’s hand. What’s weird is that I had this feeling that Paul was trying to act like a black individual.

I don’t care if someone says I’m wrong for this, even though, that’s the sense I got. I’m not joking. But I can say that given how I am black.

And speaking of black beauties, B-Fab requests a meeting Bobby Lashley, which spikes intrigue with the Profits, commentary and myself.

Piper Niven & Chelsea Green vs. Shotzi & ? – Tag Team match

Last week on SmackDown Lowdown, Niven and Green wanted to have a Tag match with Shotzi regardless of whether or not she has a partner. They like to assume she doesn’t have any friends.

But lo and behold, Charlotte Flair is Shotzi’s mystery partner. I’m a little shocked that it wasn’t Scarlett given how they were hostesses at NXT Halloween Havoc plus outside of the WWE challenges you can watch on YouTube. Oh well.

There was a time when Flair and Shotzi did team up once. Let’s ride that coattail.

Ding. Ding. Ding. Shotzi and Piper start this match off as the ballsy badass goes after her opponent early. Niven quickly shoves her off.

As this fight is still underway, the Unholy Union of Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre are looking on.

The champs play a “spectacular”, being the keyword, double team against Shotzi. Keeping her in their corner away from Flair.

Shotzi finally manages to break free from the opposition and tags Charlotte in, who makes an explosive entrance. She dodges an attack from Chelsea and delivers a boot for her troubles that grants Shotzi and Flair the win.

Winners: Shotzi & Charlotte Flair 

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! My stomach hurt laughing at the fact that Heyman brought up the dead era of the Doctor of Thuganomics.

That’s over. Why bring it up? Ha! But that’s just to narrate the conclude of John Cena’s wrestling career when he faces Solo Sikoa on Saturday.

Heyman makes sure we understand that this confrontation wasn’t any of The Bloodline’s fault since Cena was the one who said he had a problem with them to begin with. True. I never said it was Roman’s fault. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

If you call his name enough times, he’ll show up. And John does arrive, but without a smile on his face as I know him to have. You can tell he’s pissed. And I’m not going to downplay it.

Sikoa’s marching orders from the Tribal Chief is to give Cena the mic, so he could say goodbye to us. How premature of you.

John doesn’t say his goodbyes because it ain’t time, but what he does mention is what everyone has been asking themselves. When is Solo going to speak? Anytime he does, it’s under someone else’s orders.

Even Cena has been waiting for this man to speak, and this is what he brings to the table? What about your ambitions, mister?

John isn’t going to say goodbye for himself rather for us. Sikoa showing up here was due to Roman’s presence. Cena shoves that into the Enforcer’s face.

“You’re nothing but a bargain, basement taz ripoff!”

John encourages Solo to tighten up his thumb because the only place that’s getting stuck is Sikoa’s ass. Ha! Ha! He really can flame people on the mic every time he’s on screen. I thought I was the only one who noticed John’s raspy voice, but that only helped state his case even better.

Elsewhere, Damage Control are revelling in their dirty work of earlier when Bayley oddly alludes to being Iyo’s opponent tomorrow once she beats Bianca senseless later tonight.

Oof. That leaves Dakota and Iyo just a little perplexed. Bayley reassures them that she’s kidding.  Aldis, however, isn’t when he barres Damage Control from ringside during Bayley and Bianca’s match. Yay! Yay!

Iyo almost looks too happy when she says that Bayley can handle it.

The Brawling Brutes vs. Pretty Deadly – Good Ol’ Fashioned Donnybrook match

Since there are no count outs or disqualifications, while Pretty Deadly make their entrance, the Brutes ambush them. Yay! I don’t have the patience to see their hair wag in the wind.

We got to see the 20 or so Beats of the Bodhran in the early goings of the match. Pretty Deadly kept pleading for this to stop.

The Brutes play a double team against Elton Prince, trapping him in the corner as Ridge Holland delivers a crossbody while Butch stretches him out with a shillelagh.

The Brutes have been exploding out of the gates since this came to be. Pretty Deadly haven’t. Butch almost breaks Elton’s fingers at a pub table near the commentary desk, yet Prince only just avoids the pain.

Prince slams Butch on the pub table then Holland bulldozes through him. Wilson pushes Ridge into the post as Elton delivers an uppercut. They’ve turned the momentum in their favour.

Luckily, Holland dumps them on the outside after being on the receiving end for a few minutes.

A tornado DDT to Prince from Butch. And an Alabama Slam on the garbage to Wilson from Holland.

Ridge had Kit in a tight Boston Crab submission move, yet Prince hits him with a wooden bar stool.

Butch may have gotten Wilson with that loud kick to the back of his head, alas, everything is a standstill when Kit turns Butch inside out with a clothesline.

Holland puts Prince through a table leaving Wilson to a Bro Kick by Butch courtesy of Sheamus.

Holland and Butch thought they had Pretty Deadly, but Wilson shoved Ridge into the barrels. Up top, Prince hits Butch with glass as Pretty Deadly secure a victory by delivering a neck breaker through the table.

I didn’t expect this.

Winners: Pretty Deadly

Backstage, Heyman warns Aldis that they’ll need a truckload of medical personnel for LA Knight because this is the most vicious version of Roman we’ll get.

Explain to me this, why did Logan sanction a weight-in with Rey? What’s the point of this? To feel more relevant by showing off your weight as if I give a damn?

If anyone cares, Paul weights at 213 while Mysterio is at 175. The challenger laughs at how small the champ’s poundage is. Logan wanted so desperately to know Rey’s weight just to add more air to his ego. I wouldn’t laugh if I were you, and gladly, I am not.

This whole face off made me queasy….  At least Rey was able to sneak a well-deserved slap to Logan before backing up. Unfortunately, yet hilariously, this one security guy got knocked out by Paul.

He didn’t do anything wrong. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Rey even bunks Logan’s head with a microphone for good measure prior to leaving. Ha!

Bianca Belair vs. Bayley

Bayley throws a t-shirt in Bianca’s face before pounding away at her. Belair dodges an attack then bulldozes through Bayley’s gut in the corner.

Bianca delivers two German suplexes then a springboard Moonsault.

Bayley leaves Bianca hanging off the second rope as she bounces her onto it plus a knee to Belair’s head that also hits the post.

Bayley has Bianca in a chinlock. The EST muscles herself out of it for a moment. Belair uses her speed to plough through Bayley with shoulder tackles.

Bianca delivers a beautiful superplex to Bayley that almost took her out.

Bayley retaliates by utilizing Belair’s hair, dragging her towards the post, yanks on it hard enough, so Bianca could bang her head against it. Ouch. Ouch. My teeth were gritty.

She may have lost an eyelash.

The ruthlessness between these to women kept raising. Bayley was thinking to plant Bianca through the commentary desk, luckily, Belair kept fighting.

The ringing clapping sound of Belair’s hair colliding with Bayley’s stomach was indeed loud. And effective since Belair secured a victory with the KOD. The EST isn’t done yet as she performs another KOD through the table.

Winner: Bianca Belair

At Crown Jewel, the kickoff match starts with Sami Zayn versus JD McDonagh. Rey Mysterio will defend his US Championship against the ungrateful He Who Will Not Be Named.

Bianca Belair faces off against Iyo Sky for the WWE Women’s Championship. Roman Reigns goes against the Megastar LA Knight for the Undisputed WWE Championship.

And let’s not forget that John Cena collides with Solo Sikoa. Rhea Ripley will have to fight four badasses, Raquel Rodriguez, Shayna Baszler, Zoey Strakz, and Nia Jax in order to retain in a Fatal 5-Way match for the Women’s World Championship.

Seth Rollins will see Drew McIntyre’s hungriest version yet for the World Heavyweight Championship. Cody Rhodes’ path takes him through Damian Priest.

See you there! Have fun!


TOP PHOTO: Roman and LA Knight face-to-face. Courtesy of WWE