Greetings and salutations! We are two weeks away from Bound For Glory and we continue to build towards the biggest show of the year for Impact! Wrestling. We have a huge 10-person tag team match where Jake Something, Dirty Dango, Champagne Singh, Eric Young & Jordynne Grace facet Brian Myers, Shera, KiLynn King, Jody Threat & Bully Ray. The winners advances to face each other in a five-way match next week where the first and last spots are determined in the Call Your Shot gauntlet at Bound for Glory. We also have Tasha Steelz going up against Killer Kelly for a Knockouts tag team title shot on the line for the newly formed team. We also have ABC versus John Skylar and a partner of his choosing in a Strap match. With all this action, let’s get to the action!

Tasha Steelz VS Killer Kelly

Kelly crawls to Steelz, creeping out Steelz a bit who backs up. Steelz gets the action started with a Roundhouse Kick that sends Kelly to the corner. Steelz with some chops and boots towards Kelly. Kelly comes right back and knees Steelz in the stomach and follows that up with a Stalling Suplex. After a 2-count, Steelz leaves the ring to regroup but Kelly follows her and does a PK from the apron. Steelz drops Kelly and hits a draping DDT on Kelly.

Steelz with a Low Dropkick and yet another cover attempt. Steelz keeps Kelly on the floor as she maneuvers Kelly to a Headock. Steelz tosses Kelly over the ropes and lands a punch. Masha Slamovich checks on Kelly and Steelz runs the ropes and hits a Baseball Slide on her. Kelly gets Steelz on a Rollup attempt, but Steelz escapes and maneuvers into a Camel Clutch. Kelly fights her way out of the Clutch, but Steelz locks in a Crossface. Kelly fights her way out with Elbows and a few Forearms. Steelz maintains control and goes for a Bulldog, but Kelly escapes and hitsa Clothesline. Kelly continues with a Hesitation Dropkick and goes for the cover. Steelz is up and climbs the ropes, but Kelly catches her and locks in a Sleeper. Steelz is ready to tap, but Purrazzzo pulls the ref out of the ring and thinks it was Slamovich who did it. Steelz rolls out and hits a Black Out for the win.

Winner: Tasha Steelz

We see footage of Savannah Evans pinning Jessicka on BTI.

John Skyler is walking through when he approaches Savanah Evans about being his partner in the Strap match. Gisele steps in and makes fun of him for begging everyone to team up with him. Jai Vidal is then voluntold to team up with Skyler as punishment for costing Shaw the match last week.

Gia Miller is with Jon Gresham and asks him about cheating last week to beat Bailey. Gresham blames the refs.  Bailey walks up and asks Gresham what he’s doing. Gresham walks away….

Tommy Dreamer Calls Someone Out….

Tommy Dreamer says he wants to talk to talk with Crazzy Steve. Dreamer reminds us that Steve is legitimately blind and puts over his in-ring work. Dreamer calls Steve an inspiration to him. Dreamer tells Steve that all he had to do was ask for a title shot if he wanted one. Dreamer says he’d be happy to defend the title against him.

Steve shakes off Dreamer and hugs him and as the hug gets tighter, Steve stabs Dreamer with a fork. Steve tells Dreamer that he isn’t his friend. Refs run down and yell at Steve. Steve raises the Digital Media Championship. Steve tells Dreamer “The angel of death came to Tommy’s room.”

Eric Young, Jordynne Grace, Jake Something, Dirty Dango & Champagne Singh VS Bully Ray, Jody Threat, KiLynn King, Shera & Brian Myers

Threat and Dango start the match. Threat with punches. King is in and demands Dango to hit her,but Dango tags Singh in. Shera tags in and the partners dont’ want to fight, so they hug. Threat is back in and bites Singh’s finger but isn’t able to land a German Suplex, but does hit a Hurricanrana. Dango is in and Bravo help him get some cheap shots on Threat.

Dango puts the boots to Threat and jumps from the ropes, but Threat raises her leg to hit  Dango. Grace tags in for Dango and goes to work on Threat. Threat escapes and tags Myers in. Myers with a Knee to Grace. Myers sends  Grace into the corner and tags King. King with some impressive moves but  Myers with a Suplex stopping the King run. Grace calls for Bully so Myers tags him in. Grace tries to lift Bully but drops her and shows up his muscles.  Bully goes for an elbow drop but Grace rolls away and tags Young in.

Young powerslams Bully but Shera trips Young up and King has the ref distracted. Ray and King hit Young with a Double Suplex, King covers. Young gets whipped to the corner. Bully is in the ring again. Young hits a Dropkick and then Grace and Threat are back in the match. Threat with punches on Grace. Grace uses her strength and and hits some slams on Threat, and ends this streak of moves with a Spinebuster. King is in to break the pin. King throws Threat out to save the match and kicks Grace in the head.

Something and Shera get in the match. Bully goes to the top rope and SOmething throws him to the ring. Something tosses Dango and Singh int he ring, but Singh is a partner of his. Something tosses Dango onto a group of wrestlers outside and hits Shera with Into the Void for the win.

Winner: Eric Young, Jordynne Grace, Jake Something, Dirty Dango & Champagne Singh

Gia Miller is with Josh Alexander. Alexander hypes his match with Kon. Alex Shelley interrupts and says that his champion’s mentality can get Josh in a lot of trouble. Shelly says he will be his insurance policy.

A vignette for Mickie James vs. Trinity airs. Gia Miller is now with Trinity. Trinity hypes her match with James. Trinity says she saw the side eye, but she knows Mickie never lost the title so of course she wants it back. Trinity calls Mickie a true friend and would be proud to face her but she will still be champ at the end of  Bound For Glory.

Fans Revenge Strap Match: ABC vs. John Skyler & Jai Vidal

Bey and Skyler start things and it ends with Skyler on the floor and the fans strike him. Bey works the left arm of Skyler for a bit, until Skyler escapes and tosses Bey through the ropes. The fans don’t hit Bey, in fact they take selfies with him, Bey chops the chest and throws Skyler out again who gets some whips from fans again.

Skyler crawls to Vidal and tags out. Vidal tries to work on Bey but Austin is in and helps Bey take down Vidal. Austin sends Vidal to ringside and Vidal gets whipped. Skyler is in and sends Austin to ringside, but the fans don’t whip him. Bey fights Skyler as Austin fights Vidal. ABC with the 123 combo on Skyler and they get the win.

Winners: ABC

A video for Edwards vs. Kazarian airs….

Moose VS Bhupinder Gujjar

Moose doesn’t take long to take Gujjar down and works him over with punches. Moose with a Powerbomb, but Gujjar escapes, but Moose hits an Urinagi. Gujjar is in the corner and Moose charges, and hits the Turnbuckle as Gujjar escapes. Gujjar hits a Flapjack and that is it for his offense. Moose hits a Clothesline and a Powerbomb, followed by a Spear for the win.

Winner: Moose

After the match, Seve Maclin claims that he is the true owner of the World Title briefcase because he’s the one who grabbed it. Maclin says he isn’t afraid of anyone. ~LIGHTNING STRIKE~. Myers, who was with Maclin is sent outside and he hits a Clothesline on both Moose and Maclin. As Maclin leaves, Rhino Gores him again.

Santino walks up on The Rascalz spray painting the tag titles. ABC enter and lay out the challenge for their title shot at Bound For Glory. Callihan and Swann interrupt and Sami calls bullcrap. Santino books Rascalz vs. Sami & Swann next week. The winners will face ABC at BFG.

Chris Sabin sends a message to KENTA

Josh Alexander vs. Kon

Alex Shelley joins commentary and in the ring, Josh tries for an early Ankle Lock, but can’t quite lock it in. Alexander with a Shoulder Tackle on Kon as we head to break. Kon is in control of the match as we return from break. Kon is in control of Alexander. Kon with some chops on Alexander’s injured arm. Alexander counters with a Suplex, followed by a Missle Dropkick from the top rope.

Deaner trips Alexander which leads to Kon hitting a Spinbuster on him. Kon with a few Elbows and a stomp on Alexander’s ankle. Kon bites Alexander’s head and tosses him down and gets a pin attempt but Alexander gets up at 2. Kon continues to use his strength, but Alexander comes back with a few Strikes.

Alexander with a German Suplex on Kon, but Kon returns the favour with a Choke Bomb but it’s only good for a 2. Alexander lifts Kon, who hits the ref for a REF BUMP. Alexander hits a Crossbody on Kon and both end up at ringside. Deaner is looking to get involved, but Alexander counters and hits Shelley with a chair. Alexander goes into the ring and Kon grabs him for a Chokeslam, but Alexander escapes, and gets the Ankle Lock in. Kon rolls out but Alexander eventually hits him with a C4 Spike for the win.

Winner: Josh Alexander

After, the match, Josh Alexander and Alex Shelley yell at each other. Shelley with a Shell Shock on Alexander. Shelley shakes his head and stares at Josh laying on the ground….