Raw is in Quebec City tonight, and you know what that means…

Sami Zayn starts off the night with a HUGE and long ovation from his provincial faithful, including an Ole chant that goes on and on.

The celebration is halted by the arrival of Judgement Day who surround the ring, hoping to intimidate Zayn. Kevin Owens then shows up to a huge pop, perhaps louder than the one Zayn received. He quickly starts to tear JD apart, finishing with a Stunner on Damian Priest. End result is Zayn and Owens against two members of the Judgement Day.

New Day vs. Drew McIntyre / Matt Riddle

Face vs. Face for now, but dear god it’s time for Drew to turn heel.

A couple close falls on Riddle show that he’s the Face en peril. New Day plays the heels, I guess, but they’re too popular.

Nice knee by Riddle amid an aerial assault by Kofi almost brings Drew in. Riddle at one point gets a good run on Woods, including a Fisherman Suplex from the top which looked nice, but HE COULD HAVE MADE THE TAG!

I’m becoming less and less a fan of Riddle by the minute in this match.

Before Drew can be tagged in, however, he is pulled off the apron by a sneaky Erik. Trouble in Paradise finishes the match soon after.

Winners: New Day

Post match, both Viking Raiders attack the two face teams until McIntyre takes out the two assailants. So let’s get this straight – Drew takes out the two men who took out three by himself. And he’s sitting in the tag ranks???

Backstage, Jackie Redmond tries to get things straight from JD McDonough and Finn Balor before Judgement Day interrupts. They still don’t want him in the group.

Back from break we get a really strong promo video for Shayna Baszler. This is followed by a Gunther backstage promo which isn’t bad either.

Chad Gable vs. Gunther (Intercontinental Title Match)

Technical match starts very strongly with some good work by both men. Soon though, Gunther takes over and delivers a nasty chop leading into the commercial break.

Back from break it’s more domination from Gunther. Super stiff action here with a good variety of strikes and throws from Gunther. I’m losing count on the numbrer of two counts as this match goes on.

Gable gets the occasional hope spot but Gunther quickly responds. After a two-count by Gable, Gunther locks in the Sleeper. Gable powers up to break the hold.

Series of shots including Superman Punches from Gable. Back Suplex puts both men down for a few ticks. Gable gets a Dragon Screw into the Ankle Lock in a good transition. Gunther rolls out and kicks Gable away. but Gable soon after gets a German Bridge for two.

Fight spills to the outside and Gable Germans Gunther to the timekeeper’s area for the countout win. Well constructed.

Winner: Chad Gable

Gunther keeps the belt, but he looks very vulnerable now. HTM is smiling.

Backstage, Shinsuke Nakamura cuts a subtitled promo in Japanese, reveailing that he knows about how much pain he has in his back on a daily basis. The style is very different from what we usually see in WWE and really is strong.

Rhea Ripley vs. Candice LeRae

Ripley has new music.

LeRae counters the Riptide and then hits a Lionsault for two. That’s about all the offence the former “Winnipegger” gets as Ripley gets the Stretch Muffler for the finishing tap.

Winner: Rhea Ripley

Post match, Raquel Rodriguez hobbles out on a crutch. She’s playing possum, though, and decimates Ripley in the aisleway. The two then trade work in the ring until Raquel gains advantage. She then gets on the stick and announces that the two will face off at Payback.

Backstage, Tommaso Ciampa cuts an expert-level promo, during which he drops a nice little “do it yourself” Easter egg.

The Miz vs. Akira Tozawa

Miz cuts a promo about LA Knight before the match. The fans chant “what?” instead of “quoi?” in the middle of it. Mon dieu! For shame!

The promo “battle” between the two devolves terribly before Miz takes a cheap shot. Bell rings quickly before Knight’s music plays. Tozawa takes over in the match going into a commercial break(?!?!?!?!?)

Back from the break, Knight is on commentary as Miz takes charge in the ring.

Yes kicks are delivered with taunts toward LA between.

Tozawa shows off some good offence and if he had more exposure he could be a good threat. Senton Bomb meets Miz’s knees. Miz gets distracted while setting up for the SCF and Tozawa comes away with the roll-up victory.

Winner: Akira Tozawa

Post-match, Miz eats a BFT.

Backstage, Drew and Riddle chat and Drew threatens to end the teamship. New Day comes in and goofs around.

Coming out of the break, J-Day is sitll arguing backstage. Too much J-Day, to say the least.

Becky Lynch is out now but is quickly interrupted by Trish Stratus who sucks up to the Quebecois crowd and weakly turns on the crowd. This was terrible.

The crowd changes something unintelligible, and likely offensive. Trish tries to cut an empassioned promo but she’s cut off again, then goes for the offensive “frog” term. Not good.

Lynch gives a quick promo following, announcing she will face Zoey Stark in a Falls Count Anywhere match next week.

Chelsea Green / Piper Niven vs. KC Squared

KC2 come out with air guns. Not for nothing, but given the injuries, do you really want to give a tag team weapons of any sort?

Good tandem work by the faces but they look tiny compared to the champs. Niven is tagged but the faces completely miss the cue because they continue beating on Chelsea. Ref saw it though and makes sure that right is restored. Basement Crossbody gets the win for the champs, injury free… perhaps? Green is clutching her torso as the three count is made… uh oh….

Winners: Green / Niven

Backstage, Jackie Redmond talks with Seth Rollins. He admits to a back injury and then cuts a very serious promo, more serious than we’ve seen him in months.

Quebec Connection vs. Judgement Day

Balor and Priest are the chosen ones tonight.

Match goes all clusterfricky until Owens gets the briefcase and bonks Balor.

Winners: Judgement Day

Now hold on a minute, playa…

Quebec Connection/Cody Rhodes vs. Judgement Day

I’m spent. Series of finishes to Dom to send the Quebec crowd home happy.

Winners: Cody/Zayn/Owens

Until next time, Stay Classy.