Mandy Leon vs. Clara Carreras 

I’m in shock. I didn’t expect to see Mandy Leon at MLW since the last time I saw her was at Ring of Honor Wrestling. That’s also where I saw Roxanne Perez for the first time. Apparently, Leon is the newest member of The Calling, not Brittany Blake like I initially thought.

As soon as Leon enters the ring, she immediately attacks Carreras by delivering a knee to her mid-section then whips her into the corner. She even chokes Clara with her leg and the ropes.

For a moment, Carreras did manage to push Mandy off with chops to her chest, creating some space, followed by a cannonball.

Mandy has Clara by her hair then viciously throws her entire body to the other side of the ring. Ouch. It’s said that Leon’s movements have become more diabolical and cruel since this match started. And frankly, I can see that.

Leon sends Clara onto the outside and distracts the referee, so one of The Calling’s gas mask men could choke her out before returning her on the mat for further punishment.

She had Carreras beaten with a move she calls Astro Projection, yet she stops the three count to two as Leon sadistically glances at Raven. She mouths the words “Trust in Raven,” then delivers a DDT for the victory.

Another victim is claimed as Mandy leaves the calling card on Clara’s chest.

Winner: Mandy Leon

While The Second Gear Crew and the SST are bounding over joining each other for some beers later, Alex Hammerstone is also here on the same night as Kane hosts the Big Apple Grapple.

Elsewhere, MicroMan and Willie Mack were simply enjoying Dunkin’ Donuts, Mister Saint Laurent was informing MicroMan to watch his weight by rapidly taking a bit of his donut then throwing it away. Waste of food, sir…

The SST are now seen as bulletproof because they’re all wearing gold now, but can that overexcitement be squished when Anoa’i and Finau defend their World Tag Team Championships against Mance Warner and 1 Called Manders next week? That remains to be seen.

Mance Warner vs. Sam Adonis – Leather Strap match

The moment that Adonis was strapped in, he lunged at Warner with chops to his chest, not allowing him any time to catch on to the fight.

Warner gets back to his feet and rains pain onto Adonis as he gains some upper hand… until the roles are reversed, that is. Ha! Adonis uses the strap to whip Warner in the back. Later followed by a powerful neck breaker.

Adonis was using the strap to his advantage, making Warner suffer so much more than he has during this fight.

Mance climbs back into this match with a swing neck breaker on the main floor. He was distracted while he was setting up a wooden board inside the ring to notice that Adonis used the strap to knock Warner’s… well, dick.

I’m so confused… I didn’t think this match had anything to do with touching the turnbuckles first, but apparently, Adonis touched the buckle the fourth time after crashing into the wooden board Warner set up in order to win.


Winner: Sam Adonis

Since arriving in MLW, I’ve been questioning who’s been bankrolling the Bomaye Fight Club because they always seem to have money somewhere and pops up advantageously. Tonight, we finally get some answers.

Let’s start with Dan Lambert, the owner of the American Top Team. He negotiated a deal with Kane during the 2021 MLW open draft. It’s said that Lambert and Kane have had repeated falling outs… or did they? Lambert doesn’t seem to be bothered supporting someone like Dana White, so he’s views on backing Kane up aren’t so ridiculous.

Nest we have Shane Taylor, the CEO of Shane Taylor Promotions LLC, he built an enterprise with only the best including himself plus dominating Ring of Honor for over a decade. He has the perfect track record to implicate himself with Kane.

And lastly we have Huawei, and I’m shocked about this one, a Grammy nominated recording artist. Huawei has been seen hanging out with MLW wrestlers at nightclubs after fights, one of them being Kane. I even saw a clip of Huawei shaking hands with 2023 Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio. Although, we have multiple names here to help decipher who’s providing the money, unsurprisingly, none of these people is the head money sponsor.

Hopefully, next week we get a clear answer. I thought tonight was going to be the time. Guess not.

Anyway, since the conclusion of the Leather Strap match was still odd to most fans and to Warner, he decided to issue a Countryside Whipping match against Adonis at Never Say never.

Elsewhere, Delmi Exo feels honored to be the second women to hold the World Featherweight Championship and the one who dethroned Taya Valkyrie. And speaking of the former champ. she delivers a cheap shot to Exo from behind in a fit of rage.

Valkyrie stomps Exo’s face against the Championship belt resulting her needing medical attention. Taya did this because Delmi deserves it according to her for being annoying. Also, Valkyrie wants a rematch for the title in the next 30 days. Maybe now she won’t be a brat…

Big Apple Grapple 2: Search for more Hoes

Kane’s victim is Shigehiro Irie. When I first saw him was at my first Battle Riot this year. He was very good. One of the last four standing. Irie doesn’t take too kindly to Kane’s insinuation of calling him “a hoe” for the money prize as he retaliates with a headbutt response to Kane’s shoving.

Kane scurries to the outside, Irie follows him and gets throw against the barricades. He body splashes on top of Shigehiro on the apron.

Alex was looking to inflict a second supkex, but Irie counters with one of his own. Completely surprising Kane.

A collision in the middle of the ring occurs due to some miscalculations on both of the fighters’ parts. Ha! Kane wins after dropping Irie on the back of his neck with a massive suplex.

After that success, Kane is still looking for more, so he calls Hammerstone out. The World Heavyweight Champion doesn’t appreciate that Kane blabs about the work, when really he needs to work on his dental plan. Which came as a funny shock to me because I was staring at Kane’s mouth once the camera was on him. Ha! Ha! Ha!

The officials do manage to turn Hammerstone away before anything dramatic happens. Ha!

Winner: Alex Kane


TOP PHOTO: The Calling. Courtesy of MLW