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Who is ready for War Chamber? This is going to be super exciting to watch. The Calling has become one of the most ominous figures I’ve come to know. For weeks, they’ve been terrorizing other fighters on the roster just to prove a point. That trusting, or joining, the Raven cult rewards many opportunities to show that you’re a force to be reckoned with.

Leaving them behind was your biggest mistake…

Before we get to the fight, Davey Boy Smith Jr. is backstage. He picked his number for when he’ll enter at Battle Riot in seven days! He won’t tell us though, but we’re looking at the winner according to Smith Jr.

On other news, the Opera Cup tournament will be back this summer. What’s even better is that due to his outrageous and disrespectful actions, Alex Kane has been banned from taking part in the competition. Ha! Ha! That’s what you get.

The Second Gear Crew & Alex Hammerstone vs. The Calling – War Chamber match

I’m not surprised that The Calling won the coin toss backstage to determine who has the advantage. In some way, I believe the evil part of the universe rigged that toss…

Our first entry is Rickey Shane Page. On his way to the Chamber, he grabs a pipe wrench from the table of weaponry. The 1 Called Manders followed soon after. He quickly removes his hat and sleeveless coat as he rushes into the Chamber, going straight after Page.

We’ll be dealing with Rickey pounding away at Manders for five minutes. Ha!

Manders manhandles Rickey against the cage then uses an accessory of his cowboy origins to choke Page with. Am I the only one who thinks that Manders looks different without his hat and coat? Like a stranger? Ha!

Action in the War Chamber bout at the MLW show taped on February 4, 2023, at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, and airing on April 18, 2023. Photo by George Tahinos, https://georgetahinos.smugmug.com

Manders attempts to suplex Rickey, yet his opponent turns it around in his favor to flip the cowboy down, sending him flying.

The pipe wrench he brought with him, Page uses that to inflict pain against Manders’ inner cheek. Yikes! He does manage to return the favor by spine busting Rickey. He even uses Page’s wrench used against him.

This match has commentary and myself wondering if The Second Gear Crew and Hammerstone could get as dark as The Calling in order to get things done? Because that is required in a fight like this versus people as sadistic as those who follow Raven.

A chop to Manders barely phases him as he sends one back to Rickey twice as hard, which causes him to teeter to one knee.

We are now getting our second entry from The Calling, it’s Akira. Once he enters, Akira goes right on the attack. He and Rickey play a double team to plant Manders with a German suplex.

Action in the War Chamber bout at the MLW show taped on February 4, 2023, at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, and airing on April 18, 2023. Photo by George Tahinos, https://georgetahinos.smugmug.com

Rickey performs a heavy elbow drop to Manders after enduring several Kawana style kicks from Akira. The two minutes are up, and Matthew Justice is our next entry. He came in with chairs to Akira’s face and a swinging kick to Rickey.

Manders and Matthew double team with a modified Hawkeye Stampede on Akira and Page. I was shocked to find that Delirious is the The Calling’s third entry. Wow… just, wow. He suits you, Raven.

Matthew and Manders had Rickey and Akira momentarily laid out when Delirious got inside the cage. He went swinging alone, somewhat successful. He bit Manders’ hand?…

The numbers game finally kicks in when Delirious, Rickey and Akira go after Manders and Matthew. A Panic Attack was sent to both members of The Second Gear Crew courtesy of Delirious.

Hammerstone is our next entry as he ploughs through The Calling. The scales have been tipped very well for Hammerstone and The SGC. Here I thought Alex was going to arrive last, but luckily, he came earlier than that. Commentary thought so too.

Action in the War Chamber bout at the MLW show taped on February 4, 2023, at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, and airing on April 18, 2023. Photo by George Tahinos, https://georgetahinos.smugmug.com

The Calling’s final entry is someone we’ve seen, but haven’t had the pleasure of meeting since he was shifting around in the background, is Doctor Cornwallis. He’s the one who wears a gas mask and a bloody apron.

The moment he comes in, whatever momentum Hammerstone, Justice and Manders had was almost immediately changed.

The Calling has the speed of Delirious, the heavy seizes of Doctor Cornwallis and Rickey, then the “x-factor and insanity” of Akira. Commentary and I wonder how does Hammerstone and The SGC match that?

Page uses a fork to Manders’ upper chest. Hammerstone receives a wrench to the gut by Cornwallis. Matthew gets his face pulled apart. Hope was deviating fast, fortunately, Mance is here. He uses the steel door to slam it against Cornwallis since he tried to go after Warner.

We wondered where is the insanity that was missing from Hammerstone’s team, well, here he is. Warner was biting Delirious’ big toe. Gross…. Just gross.

Regrettably, Hammerstone got injured in the Chamber, so he was helped to the back by officials. The numbers game is down a player for the SGC, yet they’re doing as well as they can as they team up with chairs in their hands.

Warner loosens a barded wire off the Chamber, but we don’t know how’s that going to look like. So we’ll wait. Meanwhile, the SGC have destroyed everyone. We had our first near win as Manders pins Akira.

Rickey is seen bleeding from the head due to that barbed wire from earlier at the hands of Mance. My God… it was horribly amazing. That’s probably the sadist in me talking… oops.

Manders was able to take care of both Cornwallis and Delirious, but Akira counters with a German suplex out of nowhere to the neck of Manders.

Rickey knocks Mance out. Matthew attempts to get involved with a chair to Page’s body, successfully hitting the mark. Rickey gets to his feet and kicks Justice down with a chair over his face.

For some odd reason, the rest of The Calling’s gas mask men come out from backstage, circling the ring. They precured their team with a table. Page sets it above Justice, yet Manders beats him with a chair to the already bloody head.

Action in the War Chamber bout at the MLW show taped on February 4, 2023, at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, and airing on April 18, 2023. Photo by George Tahinos, https://georgetahinos.smugmug.com

Mance superplexes Rickey from the top over a table with two steel chairs set on top of it. Damn. Warner’s head is bleeding too.

Mance covers Rickey, Delirious intervenes. Delirious covers Warner, and Matthew interrupts. Justice has Delirious, then Akira prevents further victory.

Rickey performs a DDT to Matthew for the win. I thought it was a glitch. Hammerstone didn’t come back to help, so I’m guessing the injury was too great. The Calling proved their point.

Winners: The Calling

Taya Valkyrie has reigned as World Featherweight Champion for a year now. Remained undefeated, destroyed everyone so far, but there’s one person she hasn’t faced yet. The self-professed God queen, Delmi Exo. She was scheduled to have a match against Taya, yet Valkyrie used her “political maneuvering” to get the fight postponed indefinitely.

Delmi has been studying Valkyrie noticing she’s been looking for new talent, so Exo will do her favor by taking that Championship belt. Taya avoids the press, who attempts to speak to her in the parking lot.

On medical updates, Hammerstone is in dire pain, so much so that he’s getting a ride to the hospital. Because of that, his World Heavyweight Championship could be vacant at Battle Riot, crowning a new champ. That’s why Alex Kane is here to make that statement point blank.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. doesn’t think that Kane is the “uncrowned king” as he places it. That prompts Kane and Mr. Thomas to attack him. Commentary foolishly thought that the rest of the roster were coming to break the fight, instead, they joined it. Ha! Ha!


Battle Riot will be epic!

TOP PHOTO: The Calling’s winning pose. Courtesy of MLW