Headline matches for the white-and-gold brand continue when NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes defends against Grayson Waller in a showdown between two charismatic staples of the future at Spring Breakin’. There are numerous undercard bouts created spontaneously by the competitor’s themselves in segments of tonight’s episode, featuring countless interview interruptions and post-match assaults in preparation for next week’s event.

The Creed Brothers vs The Dyad vs Gallus (c) – NXT Tag Team Championships

The teams interrupt the opening recap package with a pull-apart brawl until the bell rings under triple-threat tag rules – essentially continuing the brawl in an organized way. Julius Creed stands out with insane agility and strength amidst nonstop action, and the opposition coexist against him through picture-in-picture. The Creed Brothers and Dyad collide and inadvertently take out Ivy Nile ringside, allowing Gallus to capitalize and retain in a very engaging opener. 

Winners: Gallus


Earlier today, Dijak was approached by Apollo Crews who stood up for an assaulted cameraman. They mentioned the upcoming WWE Draft, and an exhibition showcase was set for later. Maybe third time will be the charm. 

“Hard Hitting Home Truths” debuts as a newscast segment for Nathan Frazer, who shows Hogwarts-esque personality. He admits to taking repeated losses and vows to “turn this ship around.”

Noam Dar vs Myles Borne

NXT UK Heritage Cup holder makes his NXT US debut with a smooth theme song and presentation, but it’s Borne who impresses in-ring. Dar eventually catches him with the Nova Roller for three, and if anything “certainly brought the swag” as commentary states.

Winner: Noam Dar


A promo package from Roxanne Perez targets Zoey Stark and Tiffany Stratton as NXT Women’s Champion Indi Hartwell takes a backseat to a more interesting undercard – arguably the best in WWE at that. 

From a wrestling show to a Lifetime drama, Josh Briggs begs Kiana James at her place of work to help reconcile with Brooks Jensen, who appears with a formal makeover. To his credit, Briggs put his soul into this segment. 

Commentary puts over the size of Odyssey Jones who is promptly demolished by an awesome spear by Bron Breakker, looking cold in the all black attire. He gives himself a mic with classic Steiner delivery until heroic villain Duke Hudson sticks up for Andre Chase University, challenging him to a match at Spring Breakin’. “The MVP is not done talking!” Hudson fires up, subtly inserting Andre Chase into the match; both men are killing it.

Cora Jade is interviewed backstage and interrupted by Gigi Dolin who says, “This big Instagram famous ass is gonna kicks your’s.” After, Pretty Deadly bromance over their shared hatred over Tony D’Angelo and Channing Lorenzo 

Roxanne Perez vs Zoey Stark

Extended chain wrestling ends in favor of Stark who retains control through commercial, and a comeback from Perez garners big support. Although Stark possesses an intensity that Perez doesn’t have in her, the latter catches Pop Rox for the pinfall victory that surprises even Booker T. NXT Women’s Champion Indi Hartwell congratulates Perez and offers a title match for Spring Breakin’ before Tiffany Stratton steps in, and a confident champion adds a second challenger.

Winner: Roxanne Perez


Grayson Waller gives his best American impression while predicting a respectful encounter with Carmelo Hayes. Meanwhile, footage shows Mr. Stone reconsidering his partnership with Von Wagner, who finally “opens up” about being the son of a Beverly Brother. 

An admittedly cool comic-book style vignette highlights the feud between Axiom and Scrypts which is otherwise the opposite. Continuing to get creative, a TikTok from Dani Palmer precedes her eventual debut.

Gigi Dolin vs Cora Jade

Commentary insists on calling Jade the “resident mean girl of NXT” more times than minutes in the match before Jacy Jayne interferes without disqualification. Dolin throws Jayne into Booker T before he can repeat the tagline, but Jade secures the victory in a very awkward short match. Jade’s post-match promo is cut short by Lyra Valkyria, who also challenges her rival to Spring Breakin’ like everyone else.

Winner: Cora Jade


Eddy Thorpe speaks on his Native American background when yet another interruption occurs – this time from Damon Kemp. “Keep up the good work, kid. You might have something,” says rookie Kemp. 

Spring Breakin’ continues to pile up, and a mixed-match tag between Kiana James and Brooks Jensen and Fallon Henley and Josh Briggs is set inside the bar. 

Dijak vs Apollo Crews

The competitors returned to NXT for a new lease, but their trajectories are stagnant once again. Commentary foreshadows the upcoming draft, which Crews would possibly benefit more from. “Somebody call my momma!” Booker T shouts as they tear it up with strike exchanges and big reversals with Dijak putting it away with Feast Your Eyes for three. He attempts a post-match assault before Ilja Dragunov makes the save preceding what will undoubtedly be an incredible encounter.

Winner: Dijak


Jacy Jayne is interviewed in the parking lot showing much more personality than her rival counterpart in Gigi Dolin, who does have an intriguing backstory. “When I’m done with Gigi Dolin, she’s gonna run away from NXT just like she ran away from her mother and her brother,” Jayne closes.

Charlie Dempsey vs Wes Lee (c) – North American Championship

Drew Gulak attacks Lee with the referee distracted, and the regal rookie in Dempsey capitalizes with intensity. The limb-targeted offense is a rarity, breaking down Lee, who is a very believable underdog. After a great technical beatdown from Dempsey, the champion connects with the Cardiac Kick for victory, but the losers commence in a two-on-one assault. 

Winner: Wes Lee


From bars to the Italian restaurant is a conversation between Tony D’Angelo and Channing Lorenzo, discussing putting Pretty Deadly into a freezer like a prior opposition. The first ever “trunk match” is set for Spring Breakin’, whatever that may entail.

A vignette of Oba Femi precedes his debut next week, which features him track-and-field throwing various pieces of furniture. 

WWE’s best in-ring talk show, the Grayson Waller Effect, hypes the Spring Breakin’ main event between Waller and NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes – who brings an aura alongside Trick Williams missing tonight until now. Hayes and Waller trade verbal jabs with their signature charisma bringing up allies like MVP and Logan Paul respectively, but neither get physical – nor did they have to. NXT’s best talents on the microphone, and arguably in-ring too, square off next week and the headline alone is hype enough.


NXT 4/18/23

Orlando, FL

Probably the weakest episode of NXT amidst a good hot streak, but it did feature some nice in-ring action. The build-up to Spring Breakin’s undercard felt rushed and uninspired, and with repetitive segments, this was a long watch.