The SVGS are the NWA’s newest faction, made up of Jax Dane, Blake ‘Bulletproof’ Troop and Chris Silvio Esq. They are looking to take the company by storm and take all the gold.

This faction only came about at NWA Nuff Said on February 11, and they have since transformed themselves to become a dominant force.

“We were each born savage, so that’s a term that the three of us subscribed to and kind of a lifestyle. It’s like cool, I tell people all the time, you can’t try to be cool,” Silvio told “You’re either cool or you ain’t. Savage is the same way, you can’t fake the funk. You can’t pretend to be a savage. You’re either a savage or you ain’t. It’s a way of life. It’s training, it’s toughness, it’s resilience, not giving up no matter what life throws at you.”

The SVGS. Credit: NWA/Hiban Huerta

Of the SVGS, Dane is arguably the most experienced as he has been a mainstay in the NWA for close to a decade winning every major title except the US tag titles and the Television Championship. “I’m just a star man, it doesn’t matter whether it’s tag team or individual. I enjoy them both. They both present different challenges, different approaches, different mental approaches,” said Dane.

“You take Troop’s background and he’s just a machine, an MMA fighter that is transitioning into professional wrestling. He’s a student of the game,” said Dane. “He’s a student of Mixed Martial Arts. He’s coachable. He can listen. He’s physically capable of doing anything we ask of him. You put him with Silvio, who is a genius and brilliant mind. And then you pair him with the single greatest champion the NWA’s ever seen. You can expect success.”

Troop is an MMA fighter turned professional wrestler. “Pro wrestling was my first true love and it broke my heart when I realized it was not on the level. And because of that, it’s something that I really try and implement in my current professional wrestling career,” said Troop. “It’s realism and believability. I might not be able to convince you pro wrestling’s real, but people are gonna think bulletproof Troop is real.”

Blake Troop getting in offense. Credit: NWA/Hiban Huerta

The inexperience of Troop is prevalent, however. “I am such a coachable athlete now, I’m sitting under two learning trees,” admitted Troop. “I’ve got a guy who’s watching my back in the ring and a guy who’s next to the ring. And it’s an opportunity for me to learn and have my back watched.”

As Troop continues to improve, he described himself as a hungry young lion willing to do whatever is necessary. “I think it motivates Jax. I think a lot of Jax, not that he didn’t have a fire for competition, but I think now that he is working with me, he’s almost like it’s something that’s kind of sparked some more, passion’s probably the right word for it, but passion for violence,” said Troop.

Both Troop and Dane were under the guidance of Silvio, and it was Silvio that presented the idea of the SVGS. Dane recalled Silvio pitching him the idea, “Hey, Jax, I got this real badass dude that wants to tag with you. What do you think? Who is he? He’s this guy here. Let’s watch him work. Oh yeah, I think that’s a good idea. Sign us up. There wasn’t some big collaboration, it was, Hey man, do you wanna do this? Yes, I wanna do this. Let’s get it done. Let’s go win some trophies.”

Jax Dane showing his strength. Credit: NWA/Hiban Huerta

The SVGS made it clear that they are competing in a grown man’s sport and anytime they walk through the curtain they are looking to be violent and hurt their opponents. To go along with their viciousness, Silvio says nobody knows more about professional wrestling and the business than he does.

Silvio echoed that there is no other group of men in the NWA that can match with them, and there is no more imposing group around. “I gotta say that we have one of the best rosters in professional wrestling, so that’s a bold statement to say that with all the great talent we have, nobody can hang with us,” said Silvio.

With Silvio being out of action with a neck injury from four years ago, the NWA will not allow him to compete so he has been the voice of the SVGS.

“I have no problem voicing my opinion. I’m well-spoken, I’m articulate and I know how to convey a message. And these two guys, they don’t get paid to come out on TV and speak and do all these little things every week there’ll be an email saying, hey, such and such on the roster, blah blah blah,” said Silvio. “Everybody go out and do a little video on social media and promote the show, promote NWA Powerrr. My boys don’t have to do that. They’re all training for fights. I’ll speak for them. I’ll be the one that tells everyone how badass they are.”

In their short time as a team, the SVGS have already secured themselves a shot at the U.S. Tag Team Championships at NWA 312 on April 7. The current U.S. tag champions are The Country Gentlemen, AJ Cazana and Anthony Andrews.

The Country Gentlemen vs SVGS. Credit: NWA

Silvio said in five years Cazana has all the potential to become an NWA World champion but “we’re not five years down the line. Troop and Dane and myself, we are grown-ass men. There is a big difference between a young man with potential and three grown-ass men who are absolute killers in the wrestling room.”

Troop said in the 20-something matches he’s had in his career he’s only won by pinfall once or twice, he prefers to submit guys or knock them out. So he sent a message to Cazana and Andrews: “There’s one of three things, I guarantee to see a tap, a snap or a nap. Someone’s getting their lights out or they’re tapping or I’m breaking their leg or their arm or their neck or whatever it is that I have a hold of.”

The Country Gentlemen brand themselves as hard country boys and Dane takes great offense to that. He said if you’re a real tough guy, you go out there and show instead of telling everyone about it.

Silvio followed that by saying this is the most important match for all of the SVGS, he said it’s not another day in the office and they are putting their livelihood on the line in this match.

“I’m advocating for these men and once the three of us are all in the ring together at the same time, you’ve never ever seen anything like a thing of beauty, violent beauty, beautiful, violent art. That’s what we love to create,” said Silvio.

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TOP PHOTO: The SVGS on NWA USA. Credit: NWA/Hiban Huerta