This is last show before NWA 312, and it’s going to get down and dirty as the feud between Aron Stevens and Rolando Freeman reaches a fever pitch that needs to be settled in a Titanic Tampa By Street fight in the main event.

For the last time, we are at the PBS Studios in Tampa, Fl. Joe Galli, Tim Storm, and Velvet Sky have the call. Bt our first match of the night is…

Pretty Empowered 2.0 (Ella Envy and Roxy) vs. Kilynn King and Samantha Starr

Envy and Roxy are not taking the boos from the crowd, as they try to gain momentum ahead of reclaiming the Women’s tag belts from Madi and Missa Kate.  

King and Envy, and calls her “Clifford” (like the Big Red Dog of the children’s books). That’s not nice by Envy.  Funny, but not nice, and King appreciates her literary humor by German suplexing Envy before Roxy enters.

There’s some nice tag chemistry between Starr and King, and The Muscle of Majesty nails a Findlay roll, followed by Starr adding a leg drop to cover for a two count.  Starr works over Roxy with snapmare to a stiff kick to the back and then head scissors to drive her face to the mat multiple times.  Starr is in control until Roxy grabs her hair and slams her back to the mat, and then she and Envy double-team on the second-generation wrestler, making her a Starr in Peril.  Roxy gets her in a neck crank, but Starr fights back and they both nail a double-hair mare to the mat and both women are down.  Ref starts the ten count as each goes to their respective corner.  Starr manages to make the hot tag to King and she is a Muscle of Majesty en Fuego, slamming Envy and using Roxy to slam her as well for a two count.  She and Starr attempt a double team as she gets Envy on her shoulders for a fireman’s carry.  Roxy knocks off King from the top turnbuckle and Envy rolls up Starr with a handful of tights for three count.

Your Winners via Pinfall:  Pretty Empowered 2.0

Next up is…

Homicide vs. Salazar de la Muerte

Galli mentions that he hails from Puerto Rico and has wrestled for five years.  As I looked him up, Muerte has wrestled locally around the South and Florida area and is part of a faction, Controversial Inc., alongside Labrava Escobar.

Muerte starts strong with a slam on Homicide and puts the bad mouth on him and then lands a running senton for a one count.  That last for about five seconds before The Notorious Legend takes over and bites his hand and nails an exploder suplex that dumps Muerte on his head.  Homicide fires back with a stiff back elbow and then bites his head in the corner.  He also fires off some stiff kicks to his back and then joint manipulation, but Muerte throat chops Homicide and then catches him in a side legsweep for a two count.  Homicide shows why he is the Notorious One with not one, but two, and then Three Amigos connects on the big man, and then he sets up Muerte on the top turnbuckle as he delivers the avalanche Koji Cutter for the decisive three count.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Homicide

May Valentine is backstage with the NWA Women’s World Champion, Kamille, and the NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion, Kerry Morton. Valentines comments that in their respective title reigns they have carried the titles well and asks what fans can expect at the NWA 312 Pay-per-view.  Kamille starts by giving respect to her upcoming challenger, La Rosa Negra, but she promised on that night she will be in for the fight of her life.  As for Morton, he states the title is in good hands and he’s looking forward to going toe-to-toe with Joe Alonzo in the square circle.  He tells Alonzo on that night to “bring your working boots.”

May Valentine with Kerry Morton and Kamille, from left.

Now joining with Valentine are Rolando and Rush Freeman  of The Spectaculars, and the “Big Brother” tasks to her about taking on her ex-fiancé, Aron Stevens, in the main event. Rolando says he is the future and he respects Stevens’ skill in the ring.  However, he adds, when you stab a guy in the back as he did, respect is out the window. Rolando promises to beat him from pillar to post and that he will cry for his mother.  Fierce words.

Rolando Freeman, with his little brother Rush, talk to May Valentine about his upcoming street fight.

For your viewing pleasure if you missed it is the replay of the match from the…

Courtesy of the NWA

NWA Nuff Said PPV: Thrillbilly Silas Mason (with Pollo Del Mar) vs.”The Most Feared” Kratos

So, since I’ve already covered this match, and you probably haven’t had a chance to read my Genius Recaps™, you should do yourself a favor and read it here if you missed out.

May Valentine is with all of  Pretty Empowered, and they smell something rank.  They realize it’s Valentine, since she smells like jealousy. 

Envy predicts that she and Roxy will be claiming back what’s rightfully theirs; the NWA Women’s World Tag Team championships. But the takeover won’t stop there, Kenzie Paige says, as she predicts that when everything is said and done with Max The Impaler, she will be your first NWA Women’s Television champion.  But Pretty Empowered knows after this Friday, they won’t be losers…unlike Valentine.

Pretty Empowered discuss their plans for world domination in the NWA with May Valentine.

Buncha Mean Girls.

Kyle Davis gives a breakdown of the matches that will take place on NWA 312, and I seriously need to get my butt in gear to write that down.  Consider this my wake-up call.

There is a recap of The Fixers getting fixed in the main event of NWA USA but read it here if you missed out on this Saturday’s event.

But let’s dive into the Main Event and it’s a…

Titanic Tampa Street Fight: Aron Stevens vs. Rolando Freeman

Rolando hobbles into the ring with ribs taped up, wearing jeans, but he’s ready to go.  Stevens comes dragging a trash can of plunder wearing his loaded black glove.

As the bell rings, Stevens gives Freeman a kick to the gut to drop him to the mat like a sack of potatoes.  He winds back with the glove, but tells Freeman “It won’t be that easy”.

Stevens gets his pinky up and nails Freeman with a backbreaker.  Ahh, the Power of Douchenozzlery™.

Aron Stevens says “Pinkies Up” to Rolando Freeman in the Titanic Tampa Bay Street Fight

He heads to the trashcan and out come the weapons.  Stevens gets a rope and ties it to the ring, then tries to tie up Freeman but he fights back.  A quick clothesline and then Freeman out of the ring hurt.  Stevens paces himself, and slams his hand on the ring, then grabs his hair and rams his head onto the bell at the timekeeper’s table.  Now Stevens takes him backstage to the catering area.  After he conducts some business and grabs a slice of pizza (Maybe it’s Cheat Day?  I dunno) Freeman sprays him with soda and then slams him with a shopping cart.  Freeman nails a bulldog to the snack table, then he straps Stevens to a stretching machine and clotheslines him over and over.  Freeman has the momentum until he gets low-blowed in his…errr, little Freemans.  Stevens then picks him up and dumps him in the shopping cart.

Stevens gives us his interpretation of a Jackass moment, as he sends the shopping cart with Freeman hard into the step.  He grabs Freeman and taunts him, saying, “You shoulda took the out.”  Back in the ring, Stevens has a ball and chain, but Rolando whips the bull rope tied to the ring in the middle of his legs and Stevens drops to the floor.  Now Freeman nails a running knee and follows up with a flurry of punches.  He ties up Stevens in the bull rope, then slams a cookie sheet on his head.  Freeman mounts in the corner with ten-count punches.  As he shoots ropes, Stevens delivers the final blow with his loaded glove for the one, two, and three.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Aron Stevens

After the match, the ref wants to inspect his glove and Stevens obliges, with him hiding the weight hidden behind his back (which is weird to do in a street fight match, but what do I know?), as the show goes to credits.

NWA POWERRR - 04/04/2023

Final Thoughts

Overall, a good show.  Pretty Empowered look good in their (tainted) win, and Stevens and Freeman have the blowoff to their feud, but I doubt this’ll be the last we see of these two in the ring.

In any case, see ya this Friday!