Professional wrestling has its fair share of dominant females over the years, but none is as on top of her game as “The Brickhouse” Kamille. Since her debut in the National Wrestling Alliance, Kamille has grown from being the valet of Nick Aldis to the current holder of the NWA Women’s World Championship.

On January 27, 2023, the NWA recognized that Kamille held “The Burke” for a record 600 days, but sometimes she forgets how long it is that she has held the title.  “I only know because normally when I do podcasts, they’ll tell me, and I’m like, ‘Cool. Thank you for reminding me.’” she laughed. caught up with Kamille in December of 2022, as she was appearing at a show in Salt Lake City, for the independent promotion, Devotion Championship Wrestling. She was preparing a title defense with local favorite, Reka Tehaka. “This is my first time in Utah,” Kamille noted. “I was excited just to get out here and see the beautiful mountains with the snow; it looks picturesque.”

The match between Tehaka and Kamille was a physical one, but Kamille still held The Burke — the nickname for the NWA Women’s title, after Mildred Burke — after the match.

Kamille likes to keep things active when wrestling outside of the NWA for other independent promotions. “So normally, I do a couple of months,” she said, “and what motivates me is, one, it’s always good just to get in the ring. You don’t want to get ring rust; you know what I mean?”

And just before this interview was posted, Kamille had posted about working out with WWE producer TJ Wilson and his wife, Natalya Neidhart:

The ultimate goal, said Kamille, is to grow the fanbase of the NWA. “So, if people know of Kamille, they might not know of the NWA, until they see me in the ring, and then they might want to check out the whole program. So, I feel like it’s a great way to kind of grow the brand.”

At the time of the interview, Kamille was coming off a hard-fought three-way match with her rival, KiLynn King, and Chelsea Green at the Hard Times 3 PPV. “At least I’m still the ‘One Time,’” she laughed about it afterward. “I was just happy because those types of matches — triple threats — you can lose by not being pinned. So, I was definitely relieved the fact that I came out the winner on that because it definitely puts a little stress on you beforehand.”

Since winning The Burke from Serena Deeb, Kamille has faced all comers from Thunder Rosa to Melina to Leyla Hirsch of All Elite Wrestling. We asked the champ if there are any other challengers from other companies she’d be interested in facing in the squared circle? “Yeah, I mean, there’s a few. There’s, of course, Jade Cargill with AEW. We both have titles; we’re both big, bad bitches. You know, why not do a title for the title-type thing? [Then] there’s Jordynne Grace, who is Impact’s big, bad bitch; anything like that.”

What about in the NWA? “I would love to get in there with Angelina Love,” she said at the time of the interview. “I’ve never gotten to work with her, and I think that although she’s small,” the five-foot, ten-inch tall Kamille explained, “I feel like she is mighty. And she’s also a vet, so she has a lot of things up her sleeve. I feel like it’d be very interesting to get in there with her.”

She will definitely get her wish at the NWA Nuff Said pay-per-view. After the events of the recent NWA POWERRR Live show, when she and her husband, Thom Latimer, were attacked from behind by Love and her new man, Fodder. This will culminate at the PPV that will have Kamille face Love in a no-disqualification match for The Burke, on February 13, 2023, from Tampa, Florida.

The One-Time champ has more challenges ahead. “We have the NWA versus AAA in Mexico City. I’m really looking forward to that, obviously. I did Triplemania against Taya Valkyrie,” she said referring to a September 2022 bout, where Kamille was a replacement for Thunder Rosa due to a back injury. It was a bout for Valkyrie’s Reina de Reinas title. “That was my first taste [of] Mexico and the fans there.”

Kamille will be there in March as part of NWA owner Billy Corgan’s The World is a Vampire tour. “It’s his new music festival he’s doing there so he’s gonna have not only wrestling fans but music fans that might not know a lot about wrestling and it’s their first chance to check it out,” she said. “I’m really excited to get some new eyes on the product.”

No doubt wrestling fans will have multiple opportunities to see the dominance of the One Time holder of The Burke.

TOP PHOTO: Kamille debuted a new hairdo at the first live NWA Powerrr on January 31, 2023. NWA photo