Angelina Love has been a mainstay in women’s wrestling for 19 years, traveling through TNA and Impact Wrestling, ROH, AAA, and briefly WWE, and less than a year ago she joined the NWA.

This Saturday at NWA Nuff Said, she will be getting a shot at the NWA Women’s Championship, held by Kamille for more than 600 days now.

Love’s decision to join the NWA came from a simple idea: “I hadn’t done it and I want to do everything.”

“I know so many people like Pat Kenney in talent relations, I’ve known him since I was 19 and Velvet’s doing commentary there and it’s my girl. I’ve known Billy [Corgan] forever too, a lot of guys that I was in Impact with, or Ring of Honor with or Deep South with were there, so I was like that would be really great if I could start working there,” she told

The very relaxed and chill vibe around NWA is another thing Love appreciates about being there, and she is happy to not have to deal with high stress or any drama. After starting with NWA in April 2022, she has been enjoying the opportunity to wrestle with a lot of people and face a lot of them for the first time.

Love mentioned her connection to Velvet Sky, a commentator in NWA, together they are famously known as The Beautiful People from their time in TNA. The Beautiful People debuted in 2007 and quickly became fan favorites for the way they pushed the envelope as WWE entered its PG era. (Madison Rayne was also a member, and, for a brief time, so was Lacey Von Erich.)

The Beautiful People in NWA. Instagram photo

“We have the best fans in the world and just the fact that I don’t really know of any other like female duos or factions or anything that stay relevant. We’ve been doing this for like 15, going on 16 years now and we’re still getting booked everywhere and we’re both still on TV and we do appearances together all the time,” said Love.

She described the gimmick as her and Sky’s baby: “It’s such feel-good stuff for us to know that what we did was so loved and people still want to see it all these years later. We’ve always stayed busy though, we’ve never just like stopped doing Beautiful People’s stuff, even if we were working in two separate companies.”

On top of being signed full-time to NWA, Love is also a full-time mother to her son, which is a tall task. “It isn’t easy, but you just do it, when you’re a parent, you just do it; when you’re an adult, you just do it.”

Love said she chooses where she works based on what is most accommodating for her family, and NWA does not have a gruelling schedule. “I’m not having to leave weekly or be gone for numerous days a week on the road. I wouldn’t even work for a company if that had to be the type of schedule because my son comes first obviously.”

She even brings her son to a lot of the shows, when necessary, she said he loves, “getting on an airplane, loves hotel rooms, and he’s just the star of the show wherever he goes.”

When asked about her longevity, Love said it all comes back to her work ethic and the fact she has wanted this since she was a kid. She also said wrestling has been the one thing that has been constantly present in her whole life.

“Fodder always says he doesn’t do anything at 60% and I’m kind of the same way, like as far as being a wrestler. Anytime I go to a new company, I’m not going there to just hang out and maybe someone will pay attention. I make sure you know, and I think my work speaks for itself too.”

Psycho Love. Credit: NWA

In NWA, she has recently been paired on-screen with her real-life significant other, Psycho Boy Fodder, together they are known as Psycho Love. “When Fodder and I got together, we just knew that we wanted to work together and try something together where like I was managing him and then obviously, we would be able to do a lot of mixed tags.”

Both Love and Fodder have very unique looks, and she said that helped everything come together with their pairing and relationship. She said they did start with Psycho Love on the indys, before pitching it to NWA owner Billy Corgan, and he loved it.

Love’s opportunity for the NWA Women’s title — nicknamed “The Burke” after Mildred Burke — came to be when Psycho Love attacked Kamille and Thom Latimer (who is married to Kamille) on an episode of Powerrr. Love and Fodder beat them down with a kendo stick, leading to the NWA Women’s Championship match being no disqualification. Love is very happy with the decision for the match to be no DQ.

“I think it’ll be really fun and it’s no DQ, which I am not afraid of. So, I think especially with just how I am, wrestling for a title, eight-time champ sounds good to me and just having it be no DQ, it’s like that’s always how I’ve wrestled, a fight.”

Love has held a number of titles in her career, she spoke about being Knockouts champion, Impact Tag Team champion and the ROH Women’s champion. She believes anytime someone goes to a new company, they should be aiming to be a champion and be at the top.

The Love and Kamille program has been very short heading into Nuff Said, and Love acknowledged that they are blowing into things straight away. However, she doubts this will be the last of Love versus Kamille, as you never know what shenanigans may go down on Saturday.

“Expect the unexpected with me, you never know. I’m always the bad girl, it’s no DQ, so it’s going to be a playground out there, so I’ll definitely have some tricks up my sleeve.”

She finished the interview by saying at Nuff Said, maybe the fans will see a brand-new NWA Women’s Champion.

“It would be great to add The Burke to my list.”

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TOP PHOTO: Angelina Love in the NWA ring. Credit: NWA