With a few stars having re-joined WWE since the recent change in the creative and management regime, fans are speculating who may be next to do so. Lina Fanene – the former Nia Jax – isn’t ruling out the possibility. But if the company comes calling for her to come back, they may have to wait for her to finish everything in her Netflix queue.

“I’m going to be so judged for this,” she laughed while talking to SlamWrestling.net at Starrcast V, where she appeared to do fan meet and greets and autographs. “I really got into The Vampire Diaries. I’d never watched it before, and then my sister-in-law told me to start watching it, and I’ve been hooked. I’m also watching the spin-off, The Originals. I’ve watched all the Harry Potter movies – my niece and nephew love those movies, so we watch them from start to finish.”

Fanene is really enjoying the time she’s been able to spend with her family, noting that being away from loved ones is one of the hardest things about being on the road with a major company. Though there are other things she wasn’t wild about, too.

“The travel, the politics,” she said in particular. “All that kind of mess, I don’t miss that.”

Of course, things weren’t all bad, and Fanene reflected on the aspects of the job that she would like to experience again.

Lina Fanene, who was Nia Jax in WWE, at Starrcast V. Photo by Bob Kapur

“I enjoyed creating a match with somebody. I miss the art behind it, stuff like working the crowd. I miss seeing the fans – that’s why I like doing things like (Starrcast) – because they made me, they made Nia Jax who she was. I wouldn’t be anything without them. So I love getting to see them.”

As for whether she’ll get the chance to do so soon remains to be seen. Until that happens, if it does, Fanene is just going to take it easy and use this time to relax, recharge, and refocus on other priorities.

“Enjoying time with my family is extremely important to me,” she emphasized. “That’s what life is really all about. I find that devoting my time and energy into my family has made me a lot healthier, emotionally and mentally as well.”

“Besides that, I have a few other projects going on. I have a hemp farm, and I have a gun range. I have a modeling project, and quite a few other things. Over time, I definitely want to start a family. That’s what fires my heart: the idea of creating a family and making beautiful children and having a wonderful life.”

TOP PHOTO: Lina Fanene at Nia Jax. WWE photo