Nia Jax made a big splash with a surprise return to Raw this week.

She is also making headlines by calling out an unnamed WWE superstar who she claims was putting others, including Alexa Bliss, in danger through her work in the ring.

Nia Jax has Bayley in trouble. Photo: WWE.

“When Lexi (Alexa Bliss) was working an angle with someone she was continuously getting hurt,” said Jax refusing to name the offending superstar although Paige, The IIconics and Natalya were a part of the impromptu chat held by Renee Young on her Twitch channel.

According to Jax, Bliss wanted to be a “team player” and not rock the boat with management.

Jax though couldn’t stand seeing her close friend and co-worker injured any longer.

“I had to go to the people, to the higher-ups, and tell them…Listen, Lexi is five foot nothing, a hundred pounds, getting thrown around like a little ragdoll and injured every night. I was like…Put me in, I’m a 6 foot, 300-pound bitch and I can handle it,” recalled Jax.

Throughout the rest of the chat, the name of the offending superstar was never revealed or mentioned.