Over the last few years Game Changer Wrestling (GCW) has made its mark in the world of professional wrestling. Tonight, GCW holds a landmark event in the historic Hammerstein Ballroom from New York City, New York. The Hammerstein Ballroom has been home to ECW, ROH and even WWE. Tonight GCW is ready to take the next step and prove to everyone that they are in fact a major player. There is a lot of attention on this show as it features many stars from AEW and other promotions. They also sold out the historic Hammerstein Ballroom. While GCW might not be for everyone because of their tendency to do violent matches, all eyes will be on them tonight. Here is the advertised card for the night:

  • Jon Moxley (c) vs. Homicide for the GCW World Championship
  • Jonathan Gresham (c) vs. Blake Christian for the ROH World Championship
  • Gringo Loco, Flamita & Arez vs. Bandido, ASF & Laredo Kid
  • Jeff Jarret vs. EFFY
  • Allie Catch vs. Ruby Soho
  • Joey Janela vs. Matt Cardona w/ Chelsea Green
  • The Briscoes (c) vs TBA for the GCW Tag Team Championship
  • Jordan Oliver vs. Jimmy Lloyd vs. Alex Colon vs. G-Raver vs. PCO vs Tony Deppen in a Grab The Brass Ring Ladder match


Match 1: Past Blue Ribbon Battle Royal

Participants– Psycho Clown, Dark Sheik, Radrick, Effy, Hood Foot, Ruckus, KTB, Big Togo, Too Hot Steve Scott, Juicy Finau, Nate Web, Big Vin, Janai Kai, Dustin Thomas, Zach Gowen, Yoya, Charles Mason, Reu Paul, LuFisto & Thunder Rosa

This match was a way to get as many GCW mainstays and surprises on the show as possible. Let’s fast forward to the final four. The final four participants of the match were Thunder Rosa, LuFisto, Big Vin, and Charles Mason.

Rosa and LuFisto team up against Mason and Big Vin. Rosa was hitting drop kicks on Vin and Mason after launching herself off LuFisto’s back. This partnership didn’t last long (obviously) as Rosa and LuFisto turned on each other and started trading punches. With Rosa and LuFisto distracted, Mason threw Rosa out of the ring to eliminate her. LuFisto now put her attention on Vin. LuFisto with a Samoan drop on Vin. Vin quickly regained his composure and put LuFisto on the apron. Mason pushes Vin onto LuFisto to eliminate her. We are down to two!

Mason slaps a sleeper on Vin but Vin throws him aside. Mason with a low bridge on Vin. Vin was now on the apron. Vin picked him up and threw him to the floor for the win!

Winner: Big Vin


Match 2: Grim Reefer vs Shane Mercer vs Dante Leon vs Jack Cartwheel vs Ninja Mack vs Alex Zayne – Scramble Match

As expected, the match started off with a high-speed pace. We got the typical spot where five men were on the outside and everyone had their chance to take out their opponents with a dive to the outside. Reefer hit Cartwheel with a springboard slam. Moments later, Mack hit a handspring moonsault on Reefer. Leon dropkicked Mack. Mercer then connected with a strong overhead kick on Leon who was waiting on the top turnbuckle. Reefer lit a 420 cigarette and dove onto the five other men on the outside after walking to top rope for a few steps.

The pace kept strong and every competitor had their chance to shine for a few minutes. Mercer hit an avalanche driver on Leon. Zayne hit Mack with a German Suplex. Reefer locked a crossface on Mercer while they were on the floor. Cartwheel then hit a wonderful moonsault to break the hold. After a few more minutes of fast paced action, Reefer hit a low blow on Mercer and brought a steel chair into the ring. Reefer hit a DDT on Mercer over the chair and went for a pin for the WIN!

Winner: Grim Reefer

After the match we got a promo from Chris Dickinson and promoter Brett Lauderdale. Lauderdale welcomes the fans and talked about how this is a historic night. He brought up stories of their early humble beginnings. Dickinson announced that he loves GCW and thanks the fans for taking care of him during his recent hip injury. He announced that he would be back for their yearly Spring Break show. Lauderdale paid tribute to some of the people who were instrumental to GCW but are not with us anymore.

The participants of the “Grab the Brass Ring” Ladder Match came out as the pre-show ended.

Main Card

The show opened with a very well produced video package that showcased GCW wrestlers paying their dues, receiving criticism, being told they won’t make it. Now, they and GCW are performing on PPV at the Hammerstein Ballroom.

The show kicked off right away with the first match set up for us….

Match 3: Jordan Oliver vs. Jimmy Lloyd vs. Alex Colon vs. G-Raver vs. PCO vs Tony Deppen vs. AJ Gray in a Grab The Brass Ring Ladder match

Six of the participants are in the ring. Music hits and out came AJ Gray. As soon as the match started, the plunder started. Oliver and Lloyd formed a temporary partnership (keyword, temporary) as they both grabbed a ladder and hit their opponents. Deppen hit them both with a dropkick onto the ladder. Deppen then decided to re-arrange the furniture and set up a ladder on the corner of the ring. This idea backfired quickly as Gray picked up Deppen and Powerbombed him onto the ladder he just set up.

AJ set up his own ladder… BUT this ladder was maybe six-feet tall. He tried to climb the ladder to get the brass ring but this didn’t go well for him.

Colon and PCO then climbed the ladder as Oliver climbed to the top rope and dropkicked both of them off the ladder. A set up participants ended up on the outside and PCO took this opportunity to do a tope cannonball through the middle rope onto whomever was on the outside. PCO rolled back into the ring and set up another ladder in the middle of the ring. Gray pulled PCO down but this just angered PCO more as he hit Gray with a ferocious forearm. PCO took out Raver out of the ring. PCO then climbed the ladder again but Deppen naturally brought in a larger ladder and set it up next to PCO’s. They end up battling on their respective ladders. Deppen won this short battle with PCO after a rake to the eye.

As Deppen took Oliver out with a knee strike, he went up one ladder. Oliver responded with climbing a second ladder and they trade punches. Oliver climbed the topes, springboarded off the middle rope and hit a cutter to Deppen.

PCO made his way back to the ring and hit a package piledriver onto a ladder to Oliver. PCO is taken out and lied across a ladder by Colon. Colon dove and squashed PCO. G-Raver followed this up with a dive of his own onto Colon.

Lloyd delivered an ECW looking Awesome Bomb to Raver onto a ladder on the outside of the ring. Gray set up a ladder, tried to jump off the ladder but completely missed the mark and looked injured. Oliver and Colon each climb a ladder and traded blows. Oliver ends up falling from the ladder. Colon couldn’t quite reach the brass ring. Lloyd put a stop to this attempt by Colon. John Wayne Murdoch interfered in this match and took out Colon from the match. Gray and Lloyd are on a ladder and Gray knocked Lloyd down. Gray is now alone on top of the ladder. Gray reached for the Brass Ring and gets it for the win.

Winner: AJ Gray

Match 4: Team Gringo (Gringo Loco, Flamita & Arez) vs. Team Bandido (Bandido, ASF & Laredo Kid)

This match will be contested using Lucha rules meaning that when a competitor exits the ring, a new person can come in and become legal. Laredo and Arez started that match as Laredo swept Arez from his feet. Bandido hit a three amigos. This caused Gringo to come into the match and face off against Bandido. Gringo hit Bandido with a dropkick. This brought ASF into the match. ASF made quick work of Gringo with a few beautiful lucha inspired arm drags. Flamita is now in the match replacing Gringo. Team Gringo are all in the ring and attacking ASF. Arez ensured that Bandido couldn’t help his partner as he hit a dive onto the outside. Gringo then hit a suplex on ASF. Gringo followed this up with a full force headfirst toss of ASF to the corner turnbuckle. The action continued with Team Gringo taking full advantage of the match. Once Team Bandido was able to gain some control to the match to even things out.

Gringo, Arez, ASF, and Laredo each have each other in a leg lock. Bandido and Flamita notice this and Flamita hit Bandido with a Poisonrana in between their partners. Flamita went for a pin but all other four men broke the leg lock to break the pin. Bandio and Flamita stayed as the legal men. Flamita with another pin attempt on Bandido but Laredo broke the pin and followed this up with a 450 splash on Flamita. Arez then with a backstabber on Laredo. ASF was once again forced to break a pin.

Bandido and Gringo were the legal men. Bandido with a DDT on Gringo. Flamita then came in and hit Bandido sending him to the outside. ASF with a sunset flip on Arez, then Laredo quickly hit Flamita with a Powerbomb. The action gets insane as an all out lucha brawl erupted sending many competitors to the outside. Laredo with a Spanish Fly on Arez from the top rope onto the other four men who were on the outside still. Back in the ring, Gringo hit ASF with a piledriver for the win!

Winner: Team Gringo (Arez, Demonic Flamita & Gringo Loco)


Match 5: Lio Rush vs Blake Christian

Blake Christian made his way to the ring and took a mic. He announced that Jonathan Gresham couldn’t make the show but he still wanted a shot at the ROH World Title. He said that there is still someone there to face him. Lio Rush came out.

Rush went for a handshake but Christian hit a series of arm drags to start the match. Blake hit Rush with fast paced offense to start the match including an enziguiri that sent Rush to the outside of the ring. This gave Rush a moment to take  a break and regain his composure.

Christian continued his intense offense and locked Rush in a shoulder stretch that resulted in a rope break after Rush was able to make it to the ropes. Black went for one too many shoulder tackles as Rush moved from the third one. This gave Rush the chance to finally get some offense in. Rush hit Christian with a double boot and a step up enziguiri. Rush speared Christian. The offense didn’t stop there as Rush followed that up with a Falcon Arrow for a two-count.

Blake answered this offense from Rush with a suplex. Christian then went for a springboard flying forearm and hit the back of Rush’s head. Blake then hit a running knee and a Spanish Fly for a near fall.

Rush was able to make his way back to his feet to even the match a bit. Rush hit a poisonrana and inverted DDT to Christian. Rush hit a Final Hour but Christian rolled away. With both men on the apron, Rush went for a powerbomb but Christian blocked the attempt and went for a tombstone piledriver on the outside. Rush, back in the ring is on dream street. Christian landed a 450 splash for the pin and the win.

Winner: Blake Christian


Match 6: Joey Janela vs Matt Cardona (w/ Chelsea Green)

Before the match we get a video package highlighting the ongoing rivalry between Cardona and Janela. Cardona came out to “Enter Sandman” by Metallica, made famous in that building by The Sandman in ECW. Cardona comes out to nuclear heat as he wore a “F*CK Mick Foley” red flannel shirt. There was a banner in the crowd that said “If Cardona wins, we riot”. Green and Cardona take their time to get into the ring as they argue with just about everyone in the crowd.  Cardona grabbed the mic and riled up the crowd some more. Janela came out next to a hero’s welcome.

Once the match started, Cardona hit Janela with a Lou Thesz Press and a one legged dropkick for a quick two count. Cardona grabbed a door from under the ring and set it up in the corner of the ring. Janela got up and delivered a Death Valley Driver to Cardona through the door. Janela now with a flurry of punches on Cardona who escaped out of the ring. Janela doesn’t let Cardona take a break as he hit him with a tope suicida onto the outside. Cardona got up fro this and levelled Janela. Cardona and Green kissed which got the crowd super angry.

With both men eventually making their way back to the ring, Janela brought a chair to the ring and hit Cardona over the back with it. Janela laid Cardona across a chair and missed a Senton. Cardona got up, grabbed the chair but Green stopped Cardona from hitting Janela with it. Green hit Cardona with a low blow. Green now helps Janela up and tells him to go to the top rope to lay out Cardona for good. Green then tripped him on the ropes. IT WAS A PLOY ALL ALONG! Green went back to Cardona who revealed he was wearing a Jock Strap.

Cardona hit Janela with a trash can lid and went for a pin but only got two. Cardona slowly climbed the ropes but Janela caught up to him and hit a superplex to Cardona. Janela then hit a German Suplex on Cardona. Cardona noticed the Internet Championship on the ground. He picked it up and was looking to use it against Cardona. This is when The Smart Mark, Mark Sterling came out and told Janela that in the contract that he drew up it stated that if he uses the Internet Championship on Cardona he would be disqualified. He then announced that Vince is there. “No Chance in Hell” plays over the PA and out comes someone wearing a Vince McMahon rubber mask. The person is revealed to be Vincent/Virgil. This distraction allowed Cardona to roll up Janela but he only got a two-count.

Sterling made his way into the ring and lifted Janela up to help Cardona get a clean hit with the Internet Championship. OBVIOUSLY Cardona hit Sterling with the belt and knocked him out. Green tried to distract Janela but this didn’t work at all as Janela hit a death valley driver on the apron. Janela was ready for some more plunder as he looked under the ring and ended up finding Hornswoggle.

Hornswoggle slammed Janela to the ring post. As Hornswoggle was proud with himself he didn’t notice that Sam Steakhouse was right behind him. Hornswoggle ran into the ring and was hit in the corner with a splash from Steakhouse. Steakhouse then attempted a moonsault but he missed. Hornswoggle is once again happy with himself and started flipping off the entire crowd. Cue Marko Stunt. Stunt beat up Hornswoggle. Cardona then attacked Stunt from behind. Janela made his way back to the ring and took out Cardona yet again. Janela found that plunder he was looking for before and threw it into the ring. Stunt and Janela hit Cardona with Elbow drops.

Green grabbed the Internet Championship but was intercepted by Janela who wanted to deliver a powerbomb to her but Cardona made the courageous save with a shot to the back with a chair. Janela returned the favour by hitting Cardona in the back of the head with a chair that opened him up hard way. Green now with a kendo stick tried to attack Janela but he grabbed the stick and finally hit Green with a piledriver. A Man dressed similar to Edge from ECW One Night Stand with a long leather jacket and biker helmet made his way into the ring and Speared Janela through a door set up in the corner of the ring. The Masked man took of the helmet to reveal it was none other than Brian Myers. Cardona hit a Rough Ryder on Janela through another door, went for the pin and finally got the win.

Winner: Matt Cardona

After the match the crowd starts throwing a bunch of garbage in the ring. Cue X-Pac to make the save. He hit a spinning heel kick on Myers and slammed Cardona hard. Myers was set up for a Bronco Buster but Myers dragged his best friend out of the ring for the save. X-Pac and Janela celebrate in the ring.

Mance Warner comes to the ring and says GCW is the best. He said they have the best locker room. He then praised every aspect of GCW including the crowd, ring crew, commentators, photographers etc. Atticus Cogar comes out and tells everyone to Eff off. He goes face to face with Warner. Warner then said that he might not be cleared to wrestle but he can fight. A fight broke out but Cogar gained control after 44OH came out to help him. The lights go out and right before they turn back on we hear a familiar whistle. When the lights came back on we see Sabu with Bill Alfonso. 44OH get beaten up by Sabu, Warner and Alfonso. The good guys celebrate.


Match 7: Ruby Soho vs Allie Katch

A great video package airs hyping the match. Specifically how this match was a dream match for Allie Katch and how she has constantly been told no or she can’t. This was her time to prove everyone wrong.

The match started with a somewhat emotional Katch and Soho exchanging locks. The crowd started dueling chants. Katch tripped Soho and his a cartwheel kick. Ruby recovered and slammed Katch onto the turnbuckle.

Katch eventually hit Soho on the turnbuckles. Katch with a suplex on Soho. Soho stopped an overhead kick and got a saito suplex on Katch. Allie recovered and hit a knee strike on the apron to Soho. Once both women were back in the ring, Soho hit a hurricarana on Katch for a two-count. Both women exchange knee strikes, arm drags and two-counts.

Katch hit another knee strike to Soho and instantly hit a piledriver. Soho kicke dout at two yet again. Katch set SOho up at the turnbuckle for a superplex but Soho connects headbutts to Katch. Shortly thereafter, Soho countered an Avalanche Piledriver with a Riott Kick on the top turnbuckle. Soho went for the pin and got the win.

Winner: Ruby Soho

After the match Soho walked to Katch and they embrace in a long hug as they celebrate.

Match 8: Jeff Jarrett vs Effy

A video package aired showing the recent “beef” between the two men. Once the match started Effy brought out a $20 and placed it in the ring. He told Jarrett to take it and leave. The ref grabbed the bil and told both men to start the match. Effy hit a flurry of offense and locked in a Tarantula lock on the ropes. Jarrett connected with a clothesline on Effy. Effy then went over the ropes after Jarrett connected with another clothesline.

Jarrett took off his belt and began hitting Effy with it. The ref tried to stop but was not very successful. Jarrett continued his attack on Effy with a belt and even started choking hi with it, even though Effy may or may not have smiled a bit. Effy was able to escape from being hit with a steel chair. Effy finally got some offense in as he attacked Jarrett in the corner. Effy connected with his Fame-Asser before choking Jarrett with the belt. Effy went for a Blockbuster but Jarrett moved out of the way.

Jarrett grabbed his guitar but Effy connects with a Low-blow and went for a roll up pin but was only able to get a two. Effy took off his fishnets from one leg and choked Jarrett with it. Jarrett was able to grab his guitar and hit Effy over the head with it. Jarrett went for and connected with The Stroke for the win.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett


Match 9: GCW World Championship: Jon Moxley (c) vs. Homicide

As the match started, the fans erupted into a huge “F*ck Bully Ray” chant. Both men took to their brawler past as this fight gets going. Both men exchanged punches on one another. Homicide ended up on the outside and Mox connected with a clothesline to the outside. Mox missed a double axe handle but also avoided a DDT.

In the ring, Moxley hit a neckbreaker and stomped on Homicide’s hands. Mox with a piledriver but only got a two. Homicide was trying to get up and while on his knees, Moxley kciked the chest of Homicide. Homicide eventually got up and hit an exploder suplex on Moxley. Homicide then landed a Tope Con Hilo on Moxley. Homicide with some momentum went to the top rope and connected with a cutter for a two-count. Moxley avoided a Cocktail and both men started trading heavy looking punches.

Moxley got the upper hand and began to elbow the head of Homicide. Moxley then locked a choke hold on Homicide, whose tooth fell out, but Homicide was able to maneuver himself to the ropes to force a rope break.

Moxley set up a chair in the corner but Homicide hit Moxley with a Lariat for a two-count. Homicide could sense victory was nearing as he went for a Killswitch on a chair but Moxley countered it into a DDT on the chair for yet another close two-count. Moxley set up another chair in the middle of the ring and was looking for a Paradigm shift but Homicide was able to escape. Moxley eventually hit a clothesline and a Paradigm shift for the successful defense of the GCW World Championship.

Winner: AND STILL GCW World Champion Jon Moxley


Match 10: The Briscoes(c) vs ???? – GCW World Tag Team Championship

It’s time for the main event! The Briscoes are in the ring for their open challenge and out comes Matt Tremont. His partner was none other than Nick Gage. The match started with plunder already in the ring. Gage hit a spear on Jay through the door. The match was dominated by the champion Briscoes. Eventually all four men have chairs and have a chair fight. Dewey Donovan tried to throw a pizza cutter into the ring but the Briscoes intercepted it.

Tremont was outside laying on a door and Jay dove onto him via a beautiful looking dive over the ropes. Jay dives into Gage through a door and went for a pin but only got a two. Gage went to the top rope with Mark and hit a piledriver from up there. Gage went for the pin and got the quick victory!

Winner: New GCW Tag Team Champions, Nick Gage & Matt Tremont

After the match the entire GCW locker room came out to the ring as Gage grabbed a mic. Gage talked about his journey and how he’s trying to live a straight life. He said that GCW is the best promotion in the world and asked if the fans are ready! Everyone celebrated as the show went off the air with a minute to 11PM EST to spare…


Jarrett: ‘Surreal’ to be wrestling again, praises Effy

Final Thoughts

Hammerstein Ballroom - New York, New York

Game Changer Wrestling has indeed come a long way from its roots but was this enough to captivate a new and old audience for four hours? It depends on your taste in wrestling. GCW maintains that independent wrestling feel but they are booking wrestlers from major promotions around the world. That said, this style of presentation might not be for you. The commentary might have too much swearing. The matches may seem overbooked and the overall feeling might not be your grandma’s wrestling show. This show tried to give everyone a little something of what they might like and overall the show delivered. While there were flaws in the matches, the production was on par with the best of them. The pre-match hype videos were superb, and some matches were “4 star classics”. Overall this show was “good enough”. Will GCW be able to maintain the momentum that they currently have? Only time will tell but tonight was for sure a step in the right direction for a promotion that wants to cement itself as a major player.