No tag team in the National Wrestling Alliance has been tougher than the father and son duo of Luke and PJ Hawx, collectively known as Hawx Aerie.  But the nefarious stable of Idol Mania, led by the Universal Loudmouth ™, Austin Idol, wants to take the fan favorites down in a big main event later tonight.

But until then, we’ll step Into The Fire…on YouTube, since there was a technical glitch NWA alerted fans to (and we brought up on the web site) with FITE, so enjoy the freebie a few days early.

The show starts with a cold open with Cyon. He cuts a promo that professional wrestling is a sport, and its purpose is to solve things through violence. Next week, Cyon will face Sal Rinauro, and he says, “I’m looking to find something out about you, Sal, that only you and I are going to know the answer to!”

It’s like a riddle wrapped in an enigma, and served as a sushi burrito. Also, I’m hungry.

From the GPB Studios in Atlanta GA, Joe Galli, Austin Idol, and Velvet Sky, have the call, and Idol is ramped up to eleven, so expect that Idol will be super extra on commentary.

At The Podium with Kyle Davis is Matt Cardona and Mike Knox, as Cardona plays with his phone, and dreams of a day when the NWA POWERRR show will have intro music. Cardona says the product is so stale. They’re not outsiders, he claims, but they are saviors and will inject a dose of relevancy. Cardona goes on and says they shouldn’t boo him and Knox, but thank them… because they’re not like Trevor Murdoch.

Speaking of the champ, Murdoch comes out glaring at Cardona, and states he doesn’t care about NWA like he does. Be the three letters means things like Harley Race, Starrcade, and blood sweat and tears the men and women put in the business. They don’t need his s***, Murdoch emphatically says; they just need a ring and some guy with some balls to face him. Murdoch wants Cardona, but Cardona says only will happen if he puts up title facing… Mike Knox. Murdoch happily obliges… again.  So, get ready for round two next week.

But let’s get to your First Match of the night…

Courtesy of the NWA

Kylie Rae vs. Allysin Kay

This is mostly a singles competition, without their respective tag members at ringside. Rae uses her technical finesse to overcome Kay’s strength. Rae offers a handshake to The Hex member, and she tries a sneak roll up, but Kay grabs her and gets a nasty backbreaker to cover for two. Kay catches Kylie in a wheelbarrow attempt to a facebuster for two. The match is all Allysin Kay, but in the corner, “Smiley” Kylie escapes a splash attempt, tries another roll up and a basement Superkick to cover Kay for a two count. Rae gets Kay with a tilt a whirl slam, and then tries a crossface, but Kay is still too powerful and delivers Samoan drop. As she sets Rae for an AK 47 finisher, Rae manages to wriggle out, and reverses to a roll up for the pin.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Kylie Rae

Marti Belle checks on Allysin Kay, while Tootie Lynn congrats “Smiley” Kylie.  Could be a big match down the road

Backstage, May Valentine with Kiera Hogan and Kamille. Hogan is grateful for the opportunity to face the big one… the Burke. She’s obsessed with the title, and Kamille says Hogan should be honored to face her. She is the hottest flame, but Kamille notes that a flame can get put out, like that. Strong words from the Women’s champ.

At the Podium is Dirty Dango and JTG, and the Dirty One exclaims it’s time to get weird. On cue, Captain YUMA and Freeman and Alex Taylor come out. YUMA says they look forward to their match tonight, and Dango says it should be fair when all three men face them. Freeman is all, “Wait.  Any three?” and Dango agrees.  YUMA offers hand to shake on it, and Dango gets a bottle of… something squirted into his hand. 

I know our fearless leader, Greg Oliver, was down there in Atlanta during tapings, so if he knows what that was, ask him. Me?  I’m going to stay blissfully ignorant in this case. [GREG OLIVER: Watching backstage, everything Dango did got the boys in the back popping. I believe it was a lube of some sort …]

Back to May Valentine, who is now with Homicide and La Rebelión. She asks about an upcoming six man tag team match. Homicide says it’s all rumors. Bestia says something in Spanish, and MechaWolf translates it as they don’t care what type of match it is, because they will be on top, just like they’re the top tag team in the NWA.

Time for some more women’s action in…

Courtesy of the NWA

Melina vs. Madi Wrenkowski

Madi has been on the wrestling scene a little over two and a half years, but she is wrestling like she’s been doing this match longer.  During the beginning of the match, she gets Melina in a Rings of Saturn submission, but Melina arches her back to a pin to break the hold.  Madi comes back with a sitting facebuster to Melina and combines with a sliding clothesline for another two count.  Melina takes control and gets Madi in a surfboard submission to a slam to the mat.  The action goes back and forth, and then Melina fires up and comes out swinging.  At one point, Madi gets Melina between the ropes and delivers the axe kick, but she just can’t put Melina away.  The end comes when Melina takes control, and gets the split leg drop to Madi, and the pin count ends the match.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Melina

Back again with May Valentine, and she is with Taryn Terrell, Jennacide and Paola Blaze.  Blaze and Jennacide haven’t been playing nice, and Terrell wants then to kiss and make up. Blaze says she wants to be friends, and Terrell thinks that’s sweet.  She prods Jennacide, and I wanna say it sounds like “sorry”, but… eh, close enough for government work.  Terrell is so happy that she achieved world peace.  Now she wants to keep it going with addressing climate change.  Personally, I think she’s have a better chance running as a Democrat in Utah than she would with that, but I digress.

Back at The Podium with all the members of Idol Mania, and Kyle Davis notes Tyrus in on to seventh title defense with the Television Title.  After palming Davis’ head (and wondering what the funk is on his bald pate), Tyrus says he’ll hang on to the title as long as he wants, cause everyone is on his time. He does want to congratulate the NWA Heavyweight champion, Trevor Murdoch, and notes that they are cousins.  He gets props to the champ… for now.  But with all the winning he’s doing, Tyrus muses that he’ll have to his cousin sooner than later. But this is the time he and BLK Jeez note that Idol Mania wants tags gold, and Clearwater and Rockett will be in tag action tonight.

Yeah, Idol was beyond excited by this, and this is why I am glad of the power of the mute button.

Speaking of weird things, it’s time for …

Courtesy of the NWA

The Dirty Sexy Boys (JTG and “Dirty” Dango”) vs. Ill Begotten (Captain Yuma, Rush Freeman with Alex Taylor)

Before they get to the ring, Freeman pulls the curtain and… wait, The Fixers?  They come out and Freeman explains to YUMA that they’re honorary Ill Begotten members.  So, yeah.  That’s happening, as “Wrecking Ball” Legurtsky and Jay Bradley go to town on the Boys, and Legurtsky sends JTG’s head right to Dango’s… err, “Dirtier” Dangos.  At that point, the three members of Ill Begotten have JTG isolated, making him Tha Gawd in Peril.  At The Fixers set up a tag team move, JTG breaks free and gets a desperation tag to The Dirty One, and he is a Dango en Fuego and fixes The Fixers.  Dango goes up top for a leg drop, and Bradley hits ropes to drop Dango, and the Fixers deliver a double brain buster.  Before Bradley can pin, Freeman says to tag him in, and gives a wad of cash from his tights to pay off Bradley.  The Fixers are cool with it, tag in Freeman, and he gets the win.

Your Winners via Pinfall:  The Ill-Begotten

YUMA is not at all happy with how the match ended, as Freeman argues, “It’s a victory.”  Really, I can’t argue with that logic.

Check the action you missed on NWA USA on YouTube, or click here for the recap of the second episode.

At The Podium with Kyle Davis is Rodney Mack and Anthony Mayweather.  Mack addresses Dane disrespecting his wife, Jazz, and says he you don’t do that, as he walks off.

Mayweather lists the crimes Dane has perpetuated on him from NWA 73 to the Steel Cage match in Oak Grove at By Any Means Necessary… and a bearded dude that looks like he raided “Macho Man” Randy Savage’s clothes closet, circa 2000, ambles up to the Podium, asks for a selfie with Mayweather.  He obliges, and he gets the shot… and serves Mayweather with a restraining order.

I missed the name of the bearded guy (so I’m calling him Weaselly McDouche, Esquire ™), but apparently he is the lawyer for Jax Dane, and says he Mayweather has to keep his distance from Dane at all times.

Back to commentary, and Joe Galli announces that coming soon with six man action called Team War.  Basically it is six man action in a fatal four-way matchup with four teams.  It’s something of a tournament.  I would have got more notes, but Idol distracted me by going *Way* overboard with the new tag team on Idol Mania.  So, let’s get to the Main Event…

Hawx Aerie vs. Jordan Clearwater and Marshe’ Rockett (with BLK Jeez and Tyrus)

Clearwater and Papa Luke lock up, and Clearwater talks smack saying to Luke to not put his hands on him.  Naturally, Luke smacks The Golden Boy around.  Both teams tag, and now it’s Rockett and PJ in.  The younger Hawx uses his technical prowess to overcome a bigger, powerful Rocket, but he’s a lot to take on.  Tag back to Luke, and Rockett delivers a standing dropkick to Luke out of the ring, and BLK Jeez works over Luke on the outside.  He shoves Luke back in, and Rockett cover for a two count.

For a while, it looks like the tag chemistry of Clearwater and Rockett looks good, as they work over Luke, isolating him in the corner, and he becomes a Hawx in Peril.  Luke gets a Tag to PJ, but the ref is distracted by Idol Mania shenanigans to see the legal tag, and says no tag was made, to PJ’s incredulity.  More beats down by Clearwater and Rockett in the ring, and they set a major tag team move, but Luke escapes to get the hot tag to his son, and PJ is En Fuego.  As he cleans house, Tyrus and Jeez try some more shenanigans outside, until finally the ref finally ejects Idol Mania.  As they get sent packing, Rockett hits PJ with a front suplex, but Luke gets a neck breaker.  Clearwater gets in the mix, but Hawx Aerie gets some double team action with an assisted powerslam and PJ covers for one two three.

Your Winners via Pinfall:  Hawx Aerie

Both Hawx hold their hands up in victory, as Idol Mania sulks off to the aback as the show goes to credits.


Final Thoughts:

Overall, a solid show.  Just solid ring work, great promos… and the match with Dirty Sexy Boys and “The Ill-Begotten?”

Hunter S Thompson said it best:  “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”

Hawx Aerie are really getting some more action under them, and that may include a tag title matchup.  Idol Mania is exactly what you want in a heel stable:  loud, boorish, cocky, and wants to win in any way.

Until then, see you in seven!