The show has a cold open with May Valentine asking Homicide about his plans and the NWA Junior Heavyweight title history. Next, Joe Galli welcomes us and introduces co-hosts Austin Idol and Velvet Sky. Galli talks about the continuation of the Junior Heavyweight Tournament. This was a good start to the show.

Then we see Kyle Davis at the podium with NWA USA Managing Director Tim Storm, who starts to talk about his plans, but after a few seconds he is interrupted by BLK Jeez, who says he has signed Marshe’ Rockett. Wrestling legend Raven then walks out and argues with Tim Storm, then BLK Jeez says he likes how Raven thinks and they go to the back to talk about things.

Match 1: J Spade VS. Ariya Daivari

Spade is a great new comer while Daivari is a seasoned pro. This was a good match that the studio crowed was into the entire time.  Spade is a high flyer. After Daivari uses the ref as a shield to gain an advantage, Daivari comes off the top rope with his signature Magic Carpet Ride onto Spade and Daivari gets the win.  Good match with a lot of offense and Daivari moves on in the tournament.

Galli pitches to a May Valentine interview with Natalia Markova. Valentine asks Markova, Why does she treat others so badly? Markova then yells at Valentine and then grabs her hair, then walks away. Valentine says, Who the hell does she think she is? This was not very good, bad comedy not any sort of NWA tradition.

After a break, we then see Valentine back interviewing NWA legend Ricky Morton of the Rock and Roll Express, who talks about being a second generation wrestler, and his hopes for the career of his own son, Kerry Morton. After a few minutes, George South and CW Anderson interrupt Ricky and Kerry. South asks Ricky where he was when he needed help years ago. The senior Morton tells South that he does not know what he is talking about. South turns to Anderson and asks CW where he was.

After a break, Valentine interviews PJ Hawx about his loss last week against his father, Luke Hawx.  Good interview but you can tell PJ is still green on the mic.  After a break, Galli teases next week then we go to the main event.

Marshe’ Rockett axe handles Anthony Mayweather. Photo by Greg Oliver

Match 2: Anthony Mayweather VS. Marshe’ Rockett

Mayweather (who used to be known as Crimson) obviously has more experience but you can see from this tough match that Rockett is a up and coming star in the NWA.  Members of Strictly Business (Chris Adonis and Thom Latimer) and BLK Jeez are out watching the match, but are eventually ejected from ringside. After much outside chaos, including Jeez getting into a scuffle with Mims, Mayweather tries to help, and gets distracted by the chaos on the floor. Back in the match, Rockett hits Meaweather with a great athletic drop kick and gets a two count. Mayweather comes back with hard hitting offense but eventually in a shocker Rockett wins after a Karate style back kick to the face of Mayweather. Mayweather did not see the kick in time because he was running trying to catch Jeez. All and all, this was a good main event for this 34-minute show. Rockett and Jeez have good chemistry. Rockett will be a champion one day.

Mims gets in the face of BLK Jeez. Photo by Greg Oliver

Galli then closes the show.

TOP PHOTO: Ariya Daivari plays to the fans. Photo by Greg Oliver


NWA USA Episode 2 - Jan. 15, 2022

Overall the show was good but the bad acting by May Valentine and Natalia Markova stands out on such a short show. Valentine has potential, but Markova is just a waste of payroll.