As we prepare for night two of the By Any Means Necessary supercard on the latest NWA POWERRR, the big event will be the cage match between Jax Dane and Crimson to settle their bad blood once and for all.  But how bad will the anger spill over on this event provided by the National Wrestling Alliance, in association with Tried-N-True Wrestling?  What will the cost be for these two battle hardened veterans?

More importantly, instead of stepping Into the Fire, why doesn’t NWA owner William Patrick Corgan use “Bullet with Butterfly Wings” as the opener for this cage match event, or is it too on the nose?

We’ll ponder that for another day, as we get a cold open with Kyle Davis, who’s with Crimson and his nine year old son.  Davis asks Crimson about what Jax Dane said last week, and even though we at Slam! Wrestling did an interview with Crimson earlier (shameless self-promotion), Crimson added these thoughts:

“Yeah, I’m sure he did say that a lot more because that’s all Jax does is runs his mouth. That’s all he’s been doing lately is running his mouth but you know what Jax did? Jax Dane ruined the biggest opportunity of my life on the biggest stage I’ve ever been on NWA 73, and I can’t let that go unnoticed. There are consequences for actions and Jax Dane, for whatever reason, broke my trust. That’s somebody I’ve written the roads with over five years, travelled the country with, and trusted with my lifestyle. And for him to do that to me? There’s consequences, and I’m telling you this ends tonight in this cage.”

Strong words that adds to the excitement as we head for the Valor Hall in Oak Grove, KY.  Joe Galli, Velvet Sky and Austin Idol have the call (and I seriously am being generous with that term.  Time to prep for muting the bickering between Idol and Sky with a generous amount of mescal).

We head to the ring with Kyle Davis and Tim Storm, as he prepares for a match with Jaden Roller. His thoughts …are not happening as he’s blindsided by Roller, and he grabs the mic and wants a no DQ match with Tim Storm.  Well, to paraphrase the philosopher Kurt Russell, he called down the thunder, so he’s getting it in our First Match, which is officially a…

No Disqualification Match:  “The Heartthrob” Jaden Roller vs. Tim Storm

The Heartthrob rips away at Storm’s shirt, but Storm hulks up…errr, storms up and starts choking at Roller with the bits of his shirt.  Storm is channeling Dusty Rhodes with quick jabs and a bionic elbow, if you will, and gets a big boot to Roller to cover for a two count.  Storm keeps working away at the youngster, all the while Idol is screaming at Storm that he’s breaking the rules, but Roller gets behind storm and nails with not one, but two, low blows to stop Storm in his tracks.  Roller then grabs a steel chair gets back in the ring, and slams it to Storm’s back.  Roller props the steel chair between the corner ropes, and tries to send Storm to the corner but he keeps escaping.  This goes back and forth but Roller finally sends Storm to the chair wedged corner and a slam with a flying elbow to cover for a two count.  Roller then tries to drape Storms neck on the chair’s back in an attempt to do a guillotine leg drop, but Storm escapes and Roller hurts his hamstring on the chair edge.  Storm gets Roller in a DDT to the chair and covers for the win.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Tim Storm

As he walked back, Idol kept screaming it was fixed, and Sky told him to shush, and as much as I like the match, the banter between Sky and Idol was hard to enjoy.  Well, that means it’s time for more mescal.

In the back is Kyle Davis with Nick Aldis and Trevor Murdoch…tag teaming. Murdoch is happy to get his hands on Adonis, with the help of his former rival. Aldis says this isn’t Strictly Business, but it’s personal business with the Heavyweight Champion and The National Treasure.  With the actions Latimer has done and throwing away their 17 year friendship, he warns that actions have consequences.

We then head to the ring, and the hometown crowd is jazzed up for one of their own, and it’s a championship event that is a…

Two out of Three Falls Match for the NWA Women’s Championship:  Kamille(c) vs. Kenzie Paige

We get boxing style intros for the title match, but when the bell rings, we get a lockup and a toss off of Paige by the Brickhouse Kamille, asserting her power.  The match is tale of guile and gumption by Paige trying to stop the onslaught by Kamille.  Paige does a surprise roll up for a one count by Paige, but this is all Brickhouse, and Paige has no answer to her offense.  Kamille channels “Dr. Death” Steve Williams with a gutwrench suplex and an Oklahoma Stampede to cover for a two count.  Paige is thrown outside, and Kamille keeps up the carnage with throwing Paige to the ring post and then to the guardrails.   Back in the ring, Kamille cranks Paige’s head, and tries a leg Lariat drop but can’t put away the scrappy Paige.  Paige fires back with chops and toe stomps and a spinning back fist. Kamille rushes and is stunned by the turnbuckles for Paige to roll up for a two count.  Kamille nails a swinging neckbreaker to cover for the first pin.

With a quick break, Kamille attempts to end things with a spear, but Paige dodges and Kamille hits the post and goes to the floor.  From there, Paige follows and lights up the champ with chops and a beautiful suplex on the entrance ramp.  Kamille is stunned, and Paige hurries back in the ring, and the ref start to count out Kamille. Kamille gets in at the nine count but is spent, and Paige covers for a two count.  Paige tries throwing everything at The Brickhouse, from a neckbreaker to a backslider pin to a super kick to a Samoan drop, but she can only get a two count.  Finally Kamille ends things with a spear and cover to get the second fall.

Your Winner and Still NWA Women’s Champion:  Kamille

After the match, Thom Latimer and Chris Adonis come out to the ring with a birthday cake for Kamille. Latimer grabs the mic from Kyle Davis, who tried in vain to get a post interview with the champ, and Latimer demands the fans sing “Happy Birthday” to Kamille, but stops because they suck. Then, Latimer demands Davis get on his knees and sing, and as Davis warbled fearfully, Aldis and Murdoch come out and that means it’s time for …

Trevor Murdoch/Nick Aldis vs Thom Latimer/Chris Adonis

Aldis and Latimer looks ready to start, but Latimer quickly tags to Adonis, and Aldis brings in Murdoch in kind.  Murdoch has some new moves to his arsenal with a drop toehold, and then a Russian leg sweep to the muscular Adonis.  Now, Aldis tags in, and he wants Latimer, and we now get them both in the ring…before Latimer ducks out of the ring, and Aldis give chase to Kamille blocking for her man.  The head games keep going for the Strictly Business members, until the ref ejects Kamille.  As Aldis sees Kamille get sent packing, Adonis blindsides The National Treasure and he and Latimer pound away at Aldis.  Aldis answer back with a superplex, and gets the tag to Murdoch, and he gets a big boot to Adonis, but Latimer clotheslines him from behind.  Murdoch is in trouble and Latimer comes in and gives the champ a back suplex for a two count.  Latimer and Adonis wear down the champ with tag chemistry, but Murdoch gets a tag to Aldis and he gets a Thesz press to Latimer, and then uses Adonis for a body drop to Latimer to add injury.

Aldis with a Tombstone piledriver to Latimer, and Aldis goes up and lands an elbow drop to cover, but Adonis breaks the count.  Latimer and Adonis try by any means necessary (see what I did) to stop the momentum, and Latimer grabs the ref, and mule kicks Aldis in his national treasures.  Latimer and Adonis sets the spike piledriver, but Aldis fights out, and all four men deliver powerbombs all around, and then a spinebuster by Adonis to Aldis allows him to cover for a two count.  Adonis goes up top for a high risk move, but is caught in the Kingslayer cloverleaf, and then Kamille comes out again, and gets Adonis to ropes to break the hold.  Aldis chases Kamille, and back in the ring Adonis gets in Aldis in the Masterlock, but The Dealer hits a jawbreaker.  Kamille tries a spear, but Aldis dodges and she hits Adonis instead, and Aldis sends Kamille out of the ring with Latimer. Murdoch goes up top with a flying bulldog and gets the win.

Your Winners via Pinfall:  Nick Aldis and Trevor Murdoch

Latimer and Kamille watch on, and this is certainly far from over, and Business is booming, kids.

And now for the Main Event, all to settle the score by any means necessary, this is your…

Steel Cage Match:  Jax Dane vs. Crimson

As Dane comes out first, and steps in the ring, Dane first throws a steel chair in the ring and then comes to the ramp to try to get the jump on Crimson, but silly Godzilla…Crimson is prepared for that, as he comes through the crowd and then attacks Dane, following up with a suplex to the entrance ramp on Dane.  They continue to brawl outside the cage, and battle all over Valor Hall, with Dane getting the worst of the beating.  Crimson send Dane to the steps, but gets blocked and Dane hits head on steps.  Crimson answers with more violence like choking with TV cables, and Dane slams cage door in his face.

They finally get in, and the match officially begins, as Davis gets on the mic and announces that since the cage is locked, they can only win by pinfall or submission.  Dane slams Crimson to the side of the cage, and tries to undo the turnbuckle pads to get any advantage he can in the ring.  The shirt Dane wore earlier during his ring entrance is utilized, as something else is in the shirt when he clocks Crimson across the head.  As Dane stomps away, Crimson is bleeding from the forehead, and Dane sensing the blood adds insult to injury, literally, by grinding his face in cage, and wipes his blood on the referee’s shirt (ew).  In the corner, Dane goes up top to punch, and stops long enough to gloat at the crowd, but Crimson uses that moment to powerbomb him back to the mat.  Crimson rushes Dane, and is laid out with a big boot, followed by a running tackle to a pin for a two count

Dane digs his fingers to open the wound further, and Crimson fires up and throws Dane to the cage walls.  With Dane battered and laying on the mat, Crimson goes up top with an elbow drop to Dane, and covers for a two count.  Crimson attempts to follow up, but Dane sends him to the cage, and he bounces back to a Samoan drop.  Crimson grabs the steel chair, and Dane crashes face first into said chair with a spear attempt.  Crimson gets Dane up top and delivers the DVD.  He tries to follow up, but Dane has a powder that he throws in Crimson’s eyes, and covers for a two count.  Crimson is still fighting away, as he tries to clear his eyes, but now Dane has rubbing alcohol.  He throws the liquid in his eyes with causes him to writhe in pain from being blinded and his earlier gash on his forehead.  With Crimson’s sense distorted, Dane clotheslines for the one, two and three to a round of boos.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Jax Dane

The Cage is unlocked as Dane insists the Ref raise his hand in victory to a chorus of more boos from the crowd, as the show go


Final Thoughts:

This supercard definitely brought out all the big guns, and the capper being the cage match between Jax Dane and Crimson really stepped things up another level.  The tag match with Aldis/Mudoch and Adonis/Latimer was a another hit, but both these matches leave more room for another story to be told, and it will be fascinating as the NWA gears up for the Hard Times 2 pay-per-view.

Honorable mentions should also go out to Paige in her titlle match with Kamille, and she will be a strong contender in the future, as will Roller.  So why shouldn’t I raise this to 4 or more stars?

The announcing.  Whoever thought Velvet Sky and Austin Idol should be talking over each other while the matches were going on needs their head examined.  They are talented when just paired with Joe Galli who brings out the best in them individually, but together…nah.  Sorry.

What more is in store as we head to the PPV?  We’ll find out the, so see you in seven!