Maria Kanellis, who ran the Ring of Honor Women’s Division — including recently crowning Rok-C as its new champion — wrote a long message thanking the women who performed in the ring, others on screen, and many names behind the scenes after the news broke Wednesday afternoon that Ring of Honor was going on a hiatus and all talent was released from their contracts and able to secure other bookings.

It is in direct contrast to her attacks on WWE after her previous release.

Here is her message:

Ring of Honor,

This change hits harder than the others I’ve experienced. I was no longer fighting just for my career, but for the careers of the women that I considered the Ring of Honor Division, THE Team. Angelina, Sumi, Mandy, Quinn, Vita, and Amy you fought for this division and kept going before I came back. This division is yours. You are the foundation of this incredible locker room. You created space and held the bar that encouraged everyone to be the best. Thank you for your support and for your talent. Chelsea, AK, and Marti thank you for your friendship, love and support and being a comfort and strength to me in the locker room while I was navigating this new role. Rok-C you are an incredible Champion and will be the future of this industry. Miranda you are my spirit animal. This is only the beginning for you. Please continue to fight and have that confidence in yourself. Trish I love your voice in this industry. Plus, you are the best technical wrestler of this era. Keep fighting for the culture. Diversity is important. Willow, Wow your soul is what makes this industry great. You uplift the locker room with their smile and fearless nature. Alex, Laynie, Ashley, Mazzerati, Allie, Gia, and Brandi keep growing. We were only a stop on your career path but the universe has huge plans for you all. Hollidead thank you for your respect. The respect you had for me made me feel that I could do this job. Nicole you are not a shadow. You are a star standing in the bright light and shine. Max, thank you for sharing your truth with the world and me. Representation is important.

LuFisto thank you for your knowledge and all the experience you brought to Beyond the Belles. You are one of the unsung Heros to all women in wrestling. You broke barriers for the women still fighting today. Alyssa you are an incredible asset to any company you are part of. You bring depth and respect to any position you have.

Zane thank you for helping produce the entire tournament and weekly TV. For holding a thankless position and working countless hours to provide context to all the ROH stories.

Lenny you have been a voice in women’s wrestling and give credibility to every match you commentate. Alongside Caprice and Ian, you guys told the stories of the matches and humanized the wrestlers more than just moves but heart and soul.

Leslie thank you for lending your years of knowledge to create characters through makeup. For being a shoulder to lead on and an ear to listen.

Josh, Matt and Hero you produced incredible matches that the entire division can be proud of. You gave the women confidence and truly were an integral part of the team. Thank you.

Hunter you gave me the call that changed my life. You gave me the job I always dreamed of. That I fought for and you fought for me. You saw the potential in me. And for that I am forever thankful.

Joe, Greg, Sinclair and all the production team thank you for your support. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for giving me my dream job if only for a brief time. Thank you.

And Bobby Cruise, my partner in producing the ROH Women’s Division. You remained in the shadows so I can shine. (The wind beneath my wings, lame I know.) I could not have done this without you. You are brilliant and have fought incredibly hard for me and for every woman in Ring of Honor.

My best friend, Mike for all the car rides, all the late nights, for every meal you have listened as I told you my dreams for the ROH women’s division thank you. I love you. You are my rock, my sounding board, my everything. We will figure this out too.

The ROH Locker Room. You guys and girls truly are the greatest locker room in the world but even beyond that you are the greatest humans. There are so many more things I want to say about each of you and to anyone I forgot but this statement could go on for pages and it still would not be enough. So I will just say, THANK YOU.


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