It has come to light today that former NJPW and Impact superstar Michael Elgin (Aaron Frobel) was arrested a few weeks ago in Belleville, Illinois, for violating a protective order filed by a former girlfriend. Local police are now investigating the case.

The order was served to Elgin in May and he is accused of violating that order numerous times since then.

It claimed that Elgin attempted to contact the woman, her mother and another party through emails and texts under an alias. In the messages it is alleged that Elgin expressed the difficulty he has been going through since the relationship ended.

In the police report the former girlfriend states that she was never injured during their relationship but she was sexually, verbally and emotionally abused by him but never reported the incidents. She states that she felt “intimidated” by him and if she did not fulfil his wishes (including “pegging” him), he would “ignore her”, “be visibly upset with her” and made her “feel guilty”.

She also says Elgin would:

  • punish her for saying ‘no’ to sex
  • berate her verbally in public
  • berate her verbally in private
  • isolated her from her friends and family
  • monitored her phone and computer to see if she was complying – extreme control
  • demanded sexual caretaking
  • pressure her to engage in sex acts she expressed not wanting to do
  • exposed her sexual health by seeing male and female sex workers during their relationship
  • insulted and shamed her
  • used intimidation

She told police that she even though he has never harmed her physically she is “fearful he could become violent due to his use of steroids.”

In June of last year, Impact wrestling fired Elgin after suspending him. Multiple women including indie wrestler Kaitlin Diemond accused Elgin of inappropriate behaviour.

Elgin released a video in July stating: “I have made many mistakes in my life but never ever would I do anything to try and force anybody to do anything.”

Following that, he posted several statements on Twitter in which he wrote: “For anyone who has had to deal with such trauma that has been presented. I’m sorry; I know no ones worlds will ever take the pain away. People deserve to be heard. They deserve due process. But due process is very important. For everyone involved. But no matter what I say, or anything else it’s attacked. But silence was no longer an option. Everyone deal with what you have to deal with in any way that helps and have a great day.”

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