One year can change everything.  The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) knows this better than anything, and I’ve already addressed some of those changes since coming onboard the SLAM Wrestling staff.  Anyone that also follows the NWA knows too well those changes, and their impact; from the suspension of its pay-per-views and live events, to most of its talent going to other venues, to the loss of key figures of the NWA, including one Joseph Hudson (aka “Jocephus” aka The Question Mark).  No one knows this better than his tag team partner, Aron Stevens, who is facing “The National Treasure” Nick Aldis for the Ten Pounds of Gold in the main event.

Show starts with a cold open with Aron Stevens being real and raw in acknowledging Joseph Hudson, and the title shot. He states he lost his passion with professional wrestling, and it was his involvement with Hudson that brought the passion back.  I’m here to tell ya after hearing that promo by the former Damien Sandow… goosebumps, man.

The shows starts proper with Cyr, by the Smashing Pumpkins and we are Live at the GPB Studios in Atlanta, GA.  Your commentators Joe Galli and Tim Storm have the call, and they are Back for the Attack, baby.  But let’s send it to the podium.

Kyle Davis brings out the NWA Heavyweight champion Nick Aldis in anticipation for tonight’s Main Event.  Aldis address the vocal, but small, crowd in attendance.  Aldis knows that the NWA has suffered setbacks, but the way he looks at it is it’s the setup for the comeback.  Now, he knows he’s dressed to the nines to deliver, but wants the crowd and folks at home to know everyone tonight is ready to deliver for you.  Also, tonight is for Joseph Hudson. Aldis even knows that whoever steals the show, so be it. This is the NWA!

Oh, and just in case you missed out of some changes since last watching NWA POWERRR, I’ll be sure to include some stuff to make sure you’re caught up with tonight’s matches.  With that, it’s time to start our first match of the night…


All image courtesy of the NWA.

Crimson vs. Jax Dane vs. Jordan Clearwater vs. Slice Boogie in a four-way match

Galli notes that rules of the match are whoever pins or submits any of the opponents is the winner.  If you’re not familiar with Slice or Clearwater, my interview with them should help you out.  Anyway, bell rings and it’s just a Pier Four brawl.  Crimson and Dane sends to newcomers out, and it’s a straight-up slugfest complete with “Yay/Boo” chants to the punches.  Double crossbody knocks both men to the mat, and Slice gets back in and goes for a piledriver on Crimson, but reversed to an exploder suplex.  Now Clearwater is back in, gets Crimson in a neckbreaker to Crimson to send him out, and sends Slice to Dane in the corner and splashes both men.  Clearwater grabs Slice and sends him the corner.  Slice goes to hit Clearwater but is blocked and Slice delivers a beautiful rope springboard German suplex to Clearwater.   Crimson back in, grabs Crimson as he leaps up top and hits a DVD to Clearwater.  Finally, Crimson and Dane work in tandem to take out Slice and Clearwater.  Dane with a nasty Clothesline to Slice sends him out, and now Dane and Crimson try to double team Clearwater.  Slice grabs Crimson and brings him out of the ring, and Clearwater holds his own with Dane and Hits is Midas Touch (big Boot) finisher, but Slice hits Clearwater with a missile dropkick, and a Dead-Ass Driver (piledriver to a powerbomb) gets the pin for the King of the Concrete Jungle.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Slice Boogie

We go backstage to May Valentine who is a backstage reporter, and she has her best friend Sal Rinauro, and Sal talks about what he’s looking forward to tonight show.  Sal is very animated.  May…well, not so much.  We’ll ponder that later since it’s time for…

Tyrus vs. Kratos

Tyrus has mostly been doing stuff on things like FOX News and a few cameos here and there (notably on Netflix’s GLOW as one half of the LumberJacksons), so this will be interesting to see.  Tyrus goes to Kyle Davis, and he’s insulted he did not get an interview beforehand.  But that’s cool, because he’ll do it whenever he wants. Seeing Tyrus in the ring, he looks huge in comparison to Kratos, who has his left arm wrapped up.  Folks, Galli states this is your “Godzilla versus King Kong”) match, but I say this is a straight up God of War boss match.  Nothing fancy here, just a big brawling match, with Kratos doing a shoulder tackle that knocks down Tyrus and proceeds to pummel away.  Kratos tries to lift the big man, but his arm starts to hurt, and that’s all Tyrus needs to go on the attack, focusing on Kratos’ injured wing.  Just clubbing blows and shoulder tackles by Tyrus to Kratos.  Sensing the end, Tyrus goes up top for a Vader Bomb but misses the target.  Kratos then goes to another shoulder tackle (this time with the good side of the body), and Tyrus is rocked.  Flying clothesline by Kratos knocks down Tyrus, but he can’t cover right away because his left arm still hurts. Kratos tries but only gets a two count.  Kratos tries to seal the deal and splash Tyrus, but he moves, and Kratos hits the turnbuckles with the bad arm again and drops to the mat. Tyrus gets a Bionic elbow, and gets the three count.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Tyrus

Sending it back to May Valentine who’s with Trevor Murdoch and his match with Chris Adonis. Murdoch knows he is a marked man and a target, but he’s not an easy target. He’s gonna do everything he can to keep the title.   But let’s focus on our first title match of the evening…

NWA World Television Championship match: Da Pope (c) vs. Thom Latimer

For those of you who missed the title change between “Outlandish” Zickey Dice and Pope, you should check it out here.  Also, the Television title can be retained by the champ if he gets a pin or time limit ends the match in a draw.  This match will have a ten minute time limit.

Anyway, crowd is hot, chanting “Pope is Pimpin’,” but Latimer is not impressed.  Latimer overpowers to start, and Pope is a tad nonplussed.  Pope uses his speed to his advantage, and goes for a crossbody for just a two count.  He gets back up, but Latimer clotheslines him inside out.  Latimer presses the attack, and sends Pope to the ropes, but Pope tries a sunset flip that gets a two count.  Latimer then uses his size to rock Pope, and gets the TV champ with a chin lock to grind down Pope, while time ticks away at the clock at seven minutes left.  A scoop and a slam, but only gets a two count for Latimer.  Pope tries to get on his feet, and Latimer goes up top the turnbuckle for an axe handle to Pope to knock him down.  Pope back up, more slowly, and Latimer hits another, all while time ticks further along at the five minute mark. Latimer wants to end this, but Pope manages to deliver a desperation German suplex to Latimer that is so nasty looking as his head hit the bottom two turnbuckles, while the crowd eats it up.  Pope picks up pace, with an atomic drop and a DDT, but only a two count.  Pope gets in a STO/clothesline that looks slick, and covers again but another two count.  Pope sends Latimer in the corner, and Latimer grabs Pope like a sack of flour and slam him to the mat with authority.  He goes up top, but Latimer takes too long as Pope goes up and sends Latimer down with a superplex.  It’s 1:43 left, and Pope goes for an elbow drops, but Latimer rolls away, but it doesn’t matter as Pope still hits the mark.  Pope goes for Da Pope Express (double knees to the corner), but Latimer dodges, and gets a dazed Pope with a power bomb.  One minute left, and cover, but only a two count for Latimer.  Latimer sends Pope to the corner but Pope reverses into a twisting sunset flip, but it’s a two count.  Twenty seconds left, and both men slug it out from the mat.  Time runs out, but they’re still going, even after the time limit expires, until Kyle Davis announces that…

Your Winner via Time Limit Draw, and Still NWA Television Champion:  Da Pope

Pope ain’t feeling pimped or pumped by this, but he grudgingly accepts.  Latimer ducks out in a show of poor sportsmanship. This looks to be far from over.

Backstage again with May Valentine with Aron Stevens, who takes a moment to address Joseph Hudson’s son. Aron is choked up at this point, as he recounts his friendship, and how often he spoke of his son, and he hopes that he grows up to be the man his dad will be proud that he will be. Aron knows he’s the underdog and has always been, but this time it’s different.  Aron says before he was a talker, but tonight he will let his actions speak for himself and he will address it all in the ring.  Never seen this side of Stevens before, and I’m convinced before the match even starts that he is a true contender.

Back to Galli and Storm, and their guest sitting with them is with Taryn Terrell.  She’s scouting the next match to see who’re the top fighters in the women’s division, so let’s go to…

Thunder Rosa vs. Kamille in a match to determine the Number One contender to the NWA World Women’s Championship

For those of you late to the show, Thunder Rosa lost her NWA Women’s Championship against Serena Deeb during a UWN Primetime Live matchup that you really need to catch on Fite.TV.  Galli also acknowledges the match Rosa had recently with Britt Baker, which you should be watching harder.

Some mic problems affect Terrell as she tries to offer her insight early into the match, but this is the only thing to take away from match itself.  Kamille is just a brick house (and she’s mighty mighty… you know how the song goes), and takes over convincingly over Thunder Rosa.  She just rag dolls Rosa in the ring, and delivers a brutal gutwrench suplex.  Rosa fires up and tries to get some spots in, but Kamille keeps knocking her down.  Kamille gets a little too arrogant, even yelling at Rosa where her MMA moves are, and Rosa shows her by trapping Kamille in a cross arm breaker, and neatly transitions to a triangle arm bar.  Kamille uses her power to lift up Rosa and she slams her into the top turnbuckle.

Rosa is dazed in the corner and Kamille goes to tackle.  Rosa escapes in time, and Kamille hits the post and goes outside the ring.  Rosa gets back her momentum and basement drops kicks Kamille on the outside.  Rosa up top the ring apron tries a crossbody, but Kamille catches her and dumps her unceremoniously to the hard concrete of GPB Studios.  Kamille doesn’t have the same power, and her shoulder/back are feeling the effects.  Rosa takes advantage with a bow and arrow stretch on post to Kamille.  Back in the ring, Rosa with a quick cover for a two count.  Rosa on the attack with kicks and chops, but Kamille answers back with another gut wrench suplex.  Rosa answers back with a single leg Boston Crab and transitions to a STF, further targeting the back of Kamille.  Rosa evens gets Kamille in a surfboard to a nasty curb stomp but Kamille has some fight in her.

This is turning to a war of attrition between the fighting femme fatales, and with both teetering, Kamille hits Rosa, and gets a cocky cover, but Rosa kicks out at two.  Kamille goes down and Rosa grabs her leg for another bow and arrow stretch, but can’t cinch in.  Kamille heads to the corner and Rosa with double knees in the corner rock Kamille, followed by a dropkick to her spine. Alas, it’s just another two count.  Crucifix pin by Rosa, but Kamille kicks out. Rosas goes to another submission to get Kamille grounded but she easily picks up and slams Rosa in to the corner.  Rosa goes up top, and gets a missile dropkick followed by a backstabber, but a close two count is all she gets.  Rosa goes for broke and an attempted double foot stomp misses, but a Kamille spear cuts Rosa in half and doubles her over. Kamille doesn’t cover, but instead goes back to the corner and delivers another spear and this time she covers for the one, two, three.

Your Winner, and the New Number One Contender for the NWA Women’s Championship: Kamille

Backstage again with May Valentine who is joined with Austin Idol, and according to him it’s Idol-wood. Even though he is friends with Aldis, he says he was invited by Stevens.  Guess we’ll have to see what shakes up later in the evening, but time for the next title match of the evening…

NWA National Championship match: Trevor Murdoch (c) vs. Chris Adonis

Originally, Aron Stevens was the NWA (Third Degree belt) National Champion, thanks to the teachings of his sensei The Question Mark, until Trevor won the belt in an emotional matchup in week three of the UWN Primetime Live.  This match is more old school wrestling, as Tim Storm notes, with a collar and elbow tie up to start, but Adonis shoves off Murdoch.  Murdoch may looked outmatched, but he shows Adonis he is a thinking man’s champion with a headlock takedown.  Adonis escapes but Murdoch answers back every time.  Adonis hits the ropes, but $Murdoch is ready with a drop toehold and back to a headlock to wear down Adonis.  Murdoch firmly in control of the match, goes up to hit his signature Flying Bulldog finisher, but Adonis swats him away.  Adonis answers back at the champ with elbows and punches.  Murdoch chops at Adonis, who answers with a thumb to the eye that had some Flair (if you will).  Adonis works away at the champ, and stretches out Murdoch to prep him for the Masterlock submission, but Murdoch fires back with a few clotheslines of his own.  Murdoch goes back to the high rent district up top, and gets Adonis in a crossbody but it only gets a two count.  Murdoch attempts and Irish whip, but Adonis almost gets him in the Masterlock.  Murdoch shows his veteran skills and rolls up Adonis and gets the pin to retain.

Your Winner and Still NWA National Champion:  Trevor Murdoch

The Champ goes to Adonis and extends a hand in a show of Sportsmanship.  Adonis accepts, but then beats down Murdoch like the sore loser he is. He gets Murdoch in the Masterlock into a Full Nelson Slam. Adonis adds insult to injury with a seated Masterlock before officials get in the ring to break up the violence.

Austin Idol joins Galli and Storm, and cuts a promo on tonight being on FITE, and he was the reason the Omni Arena was built and puts over the main event.  He even alludes to his friendship with Aldis, and how he helped him win the title from Tim Storm the first time (who is not happy at that memory, obviously), but Idol says it was Stevens who reached out to him to get his insight on how to beat the champ.  So who’s going to come out on top, he wonders?  Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

In a show of class, Kyle Davis announces there will be a ten-bell salute to honor those we lost this past year, like Jim Crockett, Joseph Hudson, and others.  A very solemn moment that leads to our main event…

NWA World Heavyweight Championship match: Nick Aldis (c) vs. Aron Stevens

Both combatants enter the ring, with a very stoic Stevens (in a more modernized karate gi that still honors Hudson’s “Question Mark” gimmick) his ring wear is also black and yellow.  We get Kyle Davis delivering boxing style intros, (which I’m totally fine with because there is a crowd to play off, finally!).  Someone in attendance yells “This is your chance, Aron!”

Start of the match had both men doing chain wrestling, but a shoulder tackle by Aldis grounds Stevens, as the champ tries to get in Stevens’ head.  Stevens answers back with an arm takedown, but Aldis takes down Stevens with a wrist lock.  Stevens goes for a takedown, but Aldis sends him in the corner and chops away.  Stevens goes on the offensive and drives knee lifts and elbows drops to Aldis, which is enough for a cover but it gets him a two count.   Stevens with a springboard moonsault, but he misses Aldis.  Champ sends Stevens out, and proceeds to drive Stevens’ spine to the edge of the ring apron.  Aldis continues with ramming Stevens into the ring post, and Aldis keeps up attack.  Back in Aldis drops an elbow to his back, cover for just a two count.

The champ shoots Stevens to the ropes, and Aldis connects with a clothesline. Another cover gets a two count again.  Stevens digs deep, goes for a kick, atomic drop, and a superkick, but both men are down as the ref makes the count.  Stevens gets back up, and goes for a discus clothesline that misses. Into the corner and Stevens rains punches on Aldis to count of ten.  Stevens shoots Aldis to the ropes, and a double clothesline knocks both men back down.  Slow to get back on their knees, both men slug it out.  Aldis does a drop toehold, but Stevens counters with a kick and a short DDT gets a two count.  Aldis with the attempts the KingSlayer cloverleaf, but Stevens answers back with a Figure Four leglock.  Aldis writhes in pain, until he reverses the hold until Stevens reaches for ropes.  Now Aldis reaches down to hit a Michinoku Driver, and gets a two count for his troubles.  Aldis goes outside and up to the ropes, but Stevens catches him and delivers a Superplex. Both men are spent, even though the crowd enthusiastically chants “Fight forever! *Clap, clap!  Clap, clap, clap!* Stevens has enough to drape an arm to cover Aldis, but no go as it gets him a two count.

Stevens goes in the corner with shoulder tackles to Aldis. Up top for a superplex, Aldis head butts Stevens to drop down to the mat, and the champ elbow drops for a two count.  Aldis with a piledriver, but gets countered by Stevens with a discus elbow to drop the champ. Ref down on the mat for one, two….oh, so close!  Stevens drops a knee pad and drops knee onto the prone Aldis.  He then goes up top, but gets caught by Aldis who drops him and gets the KingSlayer hooked in center of ring.  Stevens is a mask of pain, as he crawls to the ropes but Aldis pulls him back to center. Stevens crawls again, and gets the rope to break the hold.  Stevens goes outside. Aldis follows and Stevens runs Aldis into the corner post, and his momentum also takes down the backstage podium.  Both men down, Ref counts again.  Aldis makes it back in the ring, and Stevens barely dives in before he’s counted out.  Back in, Stevens rams Aldis to the corner, followed by an arm DDT, transitioning to a crossface, but Aldis manages to get to the ropes to break the hold.  Stevens goes back to the crossface in the center of the ring, but Aldis tenaciously gets to the ropes again.  Last ditch by Stevens has him do a roll up into an inside cradle, but Aldis reverses so Steven’s shoulders are pinned, and ref counts one, two, three!

Your Winner and Still NWA World Heavyweight Champion:  Nick Aldis

After the match Aldis gets his hand raised, but Stevens is in the corner of the ring, where the former mask of The Question Mark lays.  Stevens is clearly overcome by emotion when Aldis goes over and tells Stevens to stand up, and tells him that was a war, and gives his hand in a show of respect. End of the match has everyone go in the ring, where the Mongrovian flag held by Hudson’s tearful wife. Stevens says, “This one’s for you, sensei!” while the fans chant, “Thank you, Joseph!”



Final Thoughts:

Just a great PPV from top to bottom.  If anything, this show is a celebration not only of Joseph Hudson’s life, but the pure joy one can have in being in, and participating in, professional wrestling. It’s shows like this that rekindle my enjoyment of the sport. As for the matches, not many low moments in action. The backstage interview were a bit stiff at times, but that’s a minor issue.  The big standouts were not only the main event with Aldis/Stevens (and I truly hope that isn’t the last we see Stevens get a shot at the top), but Rosa/Kamille damn near tore the house down.

Thank you, NWA, and good to see you get Back for The Attack.  Also, catch NWA POWERRR on March 23rd on Fite.TV