Once again, we’re live from Thunder Studios in Long Beach, CA on Fite.tv.  Let’s get to the opening promos, where The Bodega are talking about Real Money Bro$ and vice versa, Kevin Martenson is ready to take the Heritage Title, but Ray Rosas says “Nuh-uh”, essentially.   We even have Peter Avalon (Shhhh!) ready for the UWN World Title Tournament, and “Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickinson is happy to finally get some competition (really?  Avalon?  Well…okay, then).  Serena Deeb is ready to rewrite history, but Thunder Rosa is going to show why she is the champion and La Mera Mera.  That said, how about we get the action started in the ring?

As always, ring commentators Todd Keneley, James Kincaid, and Blake “Bulletproof” Troop have the call.

First Match for the Hollywood Heritage Championship: “BHK” Kevin Martenson vs. Ray Rosas (c)

Props to Keneley bringing up the history and prestige of the Hollywood Heritage title, listing wrestlers like “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce (who, it was noted, has his likeness on the faceplate on the belt), Eli Drake, Peter Avalon, Watts, and Scorpio Sky to name a few.  Also, Rosas has been collecting belts like the Heritage title and the AZ State Championship (from Chanpionship Wrestling from Arizona), but BHK (now sporting a short haircut but still a long beard) wants that Heritage title that has eluded him until now.  Start of the match goes back and forth, with “BHK” getting a shoulder block, who follows up with a German suplex and a cross body.  Martenson then delivers chops, but a Polish hammer by Rosas stops that nonsense for a bit.  Martenson then hangs Rosas on the top rope, and goes out back to suplex Rosas to the hard ramp, by Rosas hangs on for dear life.  Martenson clotheslines Rosas back in the ring, then hits a pendulum springboard kick, but it’s a two count for his trouble.  Martenson goes for a high-risk maneuver that Rosas scouts and trips him up.  Rosas goes for a cover, but it’s a two count as well.  Rosas back in control, but Martenson hits a leaping enziguri to Rosas that dumps him out to the hard ramp.  Sick move of the night had “BHK” leap from the ring onto the ramp for a Swanton, but Rosas gets out of the way, and Martenson lands w/ a thud.  Martenson rolls back to avoid a count out. Now, Rosas targets the injured back or “BHK” with a bow & arrow stretch variation submission, but Martenson gets out.  Rosas keeps targeting Martenson’s back, but can’t put away “BHK”.  Rosas tries a big elbow drop, but Martenson moves out, and Rosas misses the target.  Final moments of the match told the story of injured back (Martenson) versus Elbow (Rosas), but Rosas hits his Bed of Roses finisher for one, two, and three.

Your Winner via Pinfall, and still Hollywood Heritage Champion:  Ray Rosas

Back to the Commentators desk, where they talk the brackets in the UWN World Title tournament, and tonight’s matchup of Avalon against Dickinson, with “Bulletproof” noting that the “Dirty Daddy” has been running roughshod through PrimeTime Live since the start.  Next thing you know, we get a surprise visit from Aron Stevens, who brings his own chair to join the commentary and check the mic like a pro (Stevens:  “Check 1,2! Check. Check!). But most important, he wants everyone to know he was robbed of his NWA Third Degree National Championship, and his friend The Question Mark is stuck in Mongrovia (Me, at the TV:  Damn you, COVID-19!!). Stevens vows to gets The Question Mark back in America, but a stage manager is trying to drag off Stevens, and that poor schmuck gets a chair for his trouble and is laid out while refs and Kincaid go to check on the guy. Stevens gets back on mic, and lets us know that he is an artist of sorts, and states to the NWA that he has arrived, and goes so far as  to challenge Eli Drake and “Cowboy” James Storm for The NWA Tag Team Titles.  As “Bulletproof” himself puts it, “Pro wrestling is a wild business.”  You ain’t whistling Dixie, as they say in Mongrovia, sir.

Anyway it’s time for some ads (you can subscribe to the show and check them out.  I’m not getting paid to recap ads….yet.)  But we come back to…

Tag Team Match: The Bodega (Danny Limelight & “The King Fat Boy” Papo Esco) vs. Real Money Bro$ (Big Money Clutch & RMB $uge)

Money Bro$ for a sneak attack, but Papa Esco just says “No way, Jose” in his own inimitable style by powering down on the Bro$. Quick tag to Limelight sees him get in a somersault senton on $uge, but for a two count.  Shoulder block by $uge, but Limelight kips up and hits a neckbreaker, and $uge is stuck in the Bodega corner.  Tag to “The King Fat Boy” and $uge tries to knock down Esco, but he’s not a hater he just sidewalk splashes a lot (apologies to Big Pun) but can’t put away $uge.  Limelight get the tag, but Clutch manages to slow down Limelight, and soon he’s your Boricua en Peligro, as they say in San Juan.  From there The Real Money Bro$ ensure the ring is cut in half for Limelight, and they do their best to grind down Danny by slamming him on the ring apron and manhandling him, but can’t get any better than a two count.  Money Bro$ go for the Down Payment double team, but just get a two count for their trouble.  $uge back in, but Limelight flips and catches him in a sleeper/rear naked choke submission, yet $uge gets out of the hold.  $uge goes again on the attack, but Limelight manages to get back to Papo Esco, who now enters and becomes your Boricua en fuego.  Soon, all four teams are in the ring and any semblance of order by the ref has deteriorated.  End has Limelight/Esco hit the Bodega Bomb (spinning bodyslam/crossbody combo) on Clutch get them the three count.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  The Bodega

Next we have a vignette by Erik Redbeard where it brings up some Viking imagery.  It’s almost as if Erik is having some sort of a…Viking Experience, shall we say?  And somewhere in a Thunderdome far, far away, a couple of Raiders must be shaking their heads.

We throw it back to Clint Armstrong with the “Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickinson. All Dickinson wanted was competition, and now he finally gets it tonight against… Peter Avalon.  I guess someone hasn’t seen AEW Dark show of late, but what do I know? Next up we head back to the ring for your…

NWA Women’s Wrestling Championship: Thunder Rosa vs. Serena Deeb

Ring Announcer Adnan Kureishy is in the ring to deliver the boxing style intros for both competitors, and since everyone knows how I feel about those type of intros in a mostly empty building, let’s move along, shall we?

Big props to the commentary team noting that these ladies faced off earlier in the year on AEW, and the story of this match is that Rosa in on La Mera Mera Destruction tour, and Serena had originally retired five years ago, but is getting back into the rhythm having almost shaken all the ring rust off .  Start of the Rosa offers her hand in mutual respect to Serena, and from there we get some nice chain wrestling to start.  This is textbook good grappling from both, but it’s all Rosa in control.  Serena manages a flying leg scissors, followed quickly by a couple of arm drags, but gets a one count. Serena focuses on arm, then gets a headlock to Rosa.   She shoots Rosa to the ropes, but we get an arm drag by Rosa, followed by a scoop slam and a running senton from the ropes.  Alas, only a two count.  But now it’s Thunder Rosa in control with a pump kick Serena in the corner.  Serena manages to sidestep Rosa’s attack, and she uses the top rope on Rosa for an assisted neckbreaker that gets Serena a two count.  Serena fires off her forearms on Rosa, and shoots the ropes for a sliding forearm, but still no dice.

Middle of the match is a back and forth affair, with neither one giving an inch.  Serena focuses most of her attack on Rosa’s neck, and she gets her cinched into a neck crank move, dubbed the “Serenity Lock” by Keneley. Serena gets aggressive, but Rosa sidesteps, then hits shot gun knees to Serena, followed by a Northern Lights suplex just for a two count.  Serena then tries to hit a suplex, plus a neckbreaker, but gets the two count, also.  Serena goes for a double underhook facebuster, but Rosa counters into a fireman’s carry to a knee to the back of the neck, but can’t get the three count.  Serena then tries a heel hook to a half crab submission, then ties up Rosa into a modified surfboard, but Rosa is able to escape.  Serena then hits a Figure Four leg lock (Woooo!), with Rosa reversing the pressure on her leg and grabs for the ropes.  Serena quickly grabs Rosa, and now hits the underhook face buster. Ref starts counting one, two….Rosa gets ahold of the ropes.  Rosa has had it and send Serena to the outside of the ring, and proceeds to just stomp her stupid.  Back in, and Rosa goes for a German suplex, but still can’t put away the challenger.  Rosa tries to shoot Serena into the ropes, hoping to catch her in the thunder Driver, but Serena rolls up the champ for the one, two….three!

Your Winner via Pinfall, And New NWA Women’s Champion:  Serena Deeb

Keneley states that the La Mera Mera Destruction tour has come to the end.  Rosa gives the handshake of mutual respect and then limps out of the studio.  Serena gets on the mic and tells us she came to rewrite history, and she respects the history and the legacy of the Women’s title, and all who have held it before her.  But before we can process what just happened with the title change, it’s time for the Main Event.

UWN World Title Tournament: Peter Avalon vs. Chris Dickinson

Avalon comes into the ring and starts by shushing everyone (which, why is it necessary in an empty studio, I have no idea, but I’ll play along). Avalon Then comments on the “Dirty Daddy” Dickinson, remarking that “Alliteration is appropriate.” Avalon states he is pretty, a producer, and the longest reigning Hollywood Heritage champion of all time, and he’s essentially doing David Marquez a favor, so…. you’re welcome.  Oh, and “Shhhhh.”

At this point, Keneley notes while in AEW he is still “Looking for victories, he (Avalon) has written volumes” with Championship Wrestling from Hollywood.  Dickinson comes to the ring hyped up, and it’s all “Dirty Daddy” in control.  Best part is when Avalon shushes Dickinson, only for the “Dirty Daddy” to grab his finger, and Avalon gets a judo throw for his troubles.  Avalon goes for a leg lariat, and flying head scissors takedown, but Dickinson is proving his offense is too much for Avalon to handle.  Middle of the match had Dickinson go the running DVD, but Avalon’s legs accidentally knocks out the ref.  Both wrestler head outside the ring, where Avalon is about to get a piledriver on the ring apron, but Avalon fights out of it.  Dickinson then tries a kick to Avalon, but gets his leg caught in the corner turnbuckle ropes.  Avalon uses the opportunity to keep his leg trapped and then grabs a steel chair to slam it against the “Dirty Daddy’s” leg. 

Now Avalon is in the driver’s seat, and focuses most of the match on knee/leg submissions, with Dickinson managing to grab the ropes.  Avalon then goes for his Golden Arch (heel hook) submission, but Dickinson still gets out.  Avalon then tries a Moonsault but Dickinson gets out of the way, only for Avalon to eat canvas for his trouble.  Dickinson and Avalon trade chest chops, with Dickinson hitting a Northern lights suplex on his one good leg, but Avalon kicks out at two.  Dickinson tries to hit the hits but pulls up lame, giving Avalon the opportunity to hit a DDT followed by a flash Flatliner.  Avalon almost has Dickinson, but he kicks out at two and three quarters.  Avalon and Dickinson trade blows again, but Dickinson is still pulling lame and can’t get his running DVD going, so he just fires up a wicked clothesline flips up Avalon, and that’s enough for the “Dirty Daddy” to secure the win.  Keneley states at the end that Dickinson called an audible with that clothesline finisher, and now Avalon with be stuck with Audible Books as a result (heh). 

Winner via Pinfall, and Advancing in the UWN World Title Tournament:  “Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickinson

Keneley teases for next week’s show with more action from the tournament like Karl Fredericks vs. Rosser, Dave Boy Smith, Jr. vs. Mike Bennett, Watts vs. Erik Redbeard, the return of Heather Monroe and…Lio Rush?!  

Final Thoughts on Episode 7:

All the titles took center stage this episode, Form the Rosas/Martenson opening bout, to the NWA Women’s title, to setting the stage for what’s to come next in the UWN World title tournament.  Having the commentary explain the importance of the Hollywood Heritage title really cemented its place in the show.  The tag match between The Bodega/Real Money Bro$ wasn’t anything fancy, but was still solid in its own right.  The match between Thunder Rosa and Serena Deeb was beyond fantastic, and if anything Serena showed no sign of ring rust. My jaw dropped when the title changed hands to the former Straight Edge Society member.  I’m especially curious what direction this will play down the road.  My only regret is that we may not get to see more of the “La Mera Mera Destruction Tour”, but I don’t believe that will last for Thunder Rosa.  I wish that this was the Main Event, but I get why Avalon/Dickinson was last on the card.  If nothing else, it served two purposes:  Telling the story of how the “Dirty Daddy” will get slowed down by Avalon’s dastardly deeds, and Avalon showing he can do more outside of AEW Dark matches (*ahem*).  As for the teasers for next week’s show, you’d be crazy not to pony up the dough on Fite.tv  As for this show?  As always….still worth the $7.99 price tag.

Until next time….See you next Tuesday.