Roy Bevis, the brother of WWE superstar Paige, is fighting for his family.

Bevis is accusing William Regal, the General Manager of NXT and the Director of Talent Development and Head of Global Recruiting, from keeping the rest of his family from joining the WWE.

It is good to be king. WWE’s William Regal. Photo: WWE.

Bevis claims Regal is the reason why the rest of their family cannot also find employment with the WWE. Bevis wrestles as Zebra Kid. He has had a few run-ins with the law. He went to jail for drunk driving, was arrested for assaulting a police officer and knocking an official unconscious during a soccer match in which he was playing for Thetford Town. He was dropped from the team shortly thereafter.

“I have been told I can’t go to WWE tryouts because I threatened a NXT trainer or whatever. That’s b—–t. The bottom line is Regal. We heard he was slagging my family off. A lot of wrestlers told us he was slagging us off, calling us ‘poutine scum’ and my dad’s a ‘gangster’,” he said in a Facebook video.

Bevis claims Regal messaged his father to set things right with him but not Bevis himself.

“Men like to speak to each other because that’s what most men do. I’m not a ‘Yes Man’ like most people you hire. I don’t know why you keep carrying this on,” continued Bevis about Regal.

“At the end of the day, you should pick people on talent not because they give you a little twisty. I will never do that. If I never go to WWE, I never go. That’s fair enough but don’t keep talking s–t and blocking my family,” he continued.

Regal responded with a public post on Twitter.

“I hate doing this but no choice. Roy, Paddy, you’ve got my number. Be men the both of you and call me up. Roy, just re check the fb post threatening a WWE staff member in public from last week and see how it might affect your family. This is on you!” he wrote.

Bevis fired back on Twitter.

“It’s done now I’ve been too America 4 times in 2 years nothing more to say. I’ve told the truth. Thanks to the British fans who know us for backing me. Give me a shout when you want to meet man for man @RealKingRegal for chat. Happy to drive from Norwich to Blackpool when you’re back,” he Tweeted.