Jesse Ventura appeared at the first six WrestleManias as a colour commentator. This writer was in attendance at the last of those — WrestleMania 6, which took place in Toronto, Ontario — and one of the memorable sights from that day was Ventura’s pink tie-dye tuxedo.

Back in the fall of 2016, I couldn’t resist asking “The Body” about the whereabouts of that outfit. On the phone, the former governor of Minnesota wasn’t exactly sure. But he did think that he has many of his outfits from his wrestling days stored somewhere — except for one.

“I haven’t brought any of them out,” he told SLAM! Wrestling. “but I remember I did something that I promised Bobby Heenan that I’d do. I told him that the day that I quit for good, I was going to go out to the middle of the Lake Street Bridge, which is the bridge that divides Minneapolis-St. Paul and the Mississippi River. I’d go to the centre of the bridge and throw out my wrestling tights, a pair of shades, a feathered boa, and my boots into the river. And I did it. I always told Heenan that I’d do it when I quit. And I wanted to be a man of my word, and so I did it.”

The wrestling memorabilia market’s loss was the river’s gain.