The wife of hall of fame professional wrestling commentator Jim Ross is in critical condition after being involved in a car accident in Norman, Oklahoma.

J.R. poses with Tiger Hattori and his wife Jan at WWE NXT event in San Jose. Photo Courtesy of JR’s Place.

Although not much is known at present about the circumstances, Ross Tweeted that his wife suffered the accident while riding her Vespa scooter and is presently undergoing surgery after suffering multiple skull fractures.

“We need a miracle,” he Tweeted.

Jan Ross was a flight attendant for 13 years and met Jim Ross and Ric Flair on a flight. The first wrestling show she went to with JR was in a small town in Florida.

Jan was a big part of the JR’s BBQ sauce company as well. In a 2000 interview with Canadian Press, J.R. credited Jan with helping out with the cookbook, Can You Take The Heat? — The WWF Is Cooking! and the sauce recipes. “She’s the cook in the family,” Ross said. “She was the oldest daughter of four kids, so she was cooking very, very early in her life.”