The stage was set and Samoa Joe’s career was on the line, as TNA presented their annual cage match PPV, Lockdown, live from Lowell, MA. With a tremendous emphasis being placed on Joe vs. Angle round five, the anticipation was at an all-time high. When the final bell rung, it was safe to say that the match lived up to its hype and delivered on so many different levels.

The atmosphere was electric, as Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle were shown being escorted by security from their individual locker rooms to the ring. Video packages were shown to highlight each competitor and stress the importance of this Title vs. Career encounter. Karen Angle was shown at ringside, but was quickly removed by security at the request of Kurt Angle, who swore he would remain focused solely on Samoa Joe and retaining his title.

Joe’s family was in attendance and came out to perform the traditional fire dance. Marcus Davis was also in attendance to present the winner with the TNA Heavyweight Championship belt, while Frank Trigg joined Mike Tenay and Don West on commentary. Overall, a tremendous job by TNA to make this match feel as special as it was meant to be.

The actual match itself was excellent, as Angle and Joe took an MMA style approach to things, grounding and pounding, locking in submission holds and straight out grappling. It was really a totally different pace than the other matches on the card took, but it’s also what made this match stand out. Joe and Angle duked it out and landed several heavy blows on one another, leading to an array of near falls.

As the match progressed, the fatigue began to set in, with both competitors looking to go in for the kill. Joe was able to lock in the STJoe, which was countered by Angle, who hit Joe with and Angle Slam and promptly applied an Ankle Lock after a near fall. Joe was able to fight back and fight off the offensive onslaught of the Olympic Gold Medalist, sending Angle face first into the cage and hitting him with a vicious Muscle Buster for the one-two-three.

After the match, Marcus Davis stepped into the ring and presented Joe with the TNA Heavyweight Championship belt. Joe celebrated as Angle laid prone in the center of the ring. A solid match, with a solid ending to cap off an iffy PPV. All in all, not a bad effort by TNA, but not one of their stronger PPV outings.

TNA Lockdown 2008 PPV Report

The PPV began with a pre-tape of Mike Tenay inside the Six Sides of Steel, hyping the Main Event between Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle and once again reminding us, that if Samoa Joe loses, he must retire.

A package was then shown to hype Lockdown and all of the matches being contested inside the Six Sides of Steel.

Don West and Jeremy Borash were shown in different points of the crowd, getting the fans hyped up and asking their opinions on who was going to win between Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle. Mike Tenay sat at ringside and hyped the rest of the card.

Match One – TNA X Division Championship X-Scape Match – Jay Lethal (C) w/ So Cal Val vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Johnny Devine vs. Curry Man vs. Shark Boy vs. Consequences Creed

This match was an all-out brawl in the beginning, with all the X Division stars simply gunning towards one another. Shark Boy hit the Chummer on Jay Lethal, but the pinfall attempt was broken up by Sonjay Dutt, who got rolled up by Johnny Devine and pinned.

Elimination One Via Pinfall @ 2:50 min – Sonjay Dutt

Shark Boy and Devine began going at it and trading shots. Sharky then tried to team up with Curry Man, but the other X Division stars were having none of it, as Consequences Creed hit a Hammerlock DDT on Sharky for the pin.

Elimination Two Via Pinfall @ 4:30 min – Shark Boy

Dutt was still at ringside cheering on Lethal alongside So Cal Val. Curry Man went up to the top of the cage, but was crotched by Devine. Creed brought Devine down and allowed Curry Man to recover, leading to a Senton from the top of the cage. Curry Man then got up and after a few reversals, hit the Spice Rack on Creed to eliminate him from the contest.

Elimination Three Via Pinfall @ 7:15 min – Consequences Creed

With Devine, Curry Man and Jay Lethal left, the three went all out. Curry Man was able to hit the Spice Rack on Lethal, but Devine broke up the pin and hit the Devine Intervention on Curry Man for a pinfall of his own.

Elimination Four Via Pinfall @ 8:40 min – Curry Man

Devine picked up where Curry Man left off, and beat on Lethal, using his wrist tape to tie Lethal up to the ropes. Dutt and Val blocked the door, forcing Devine to climb the cage. As Devine was climbing, Dutt went under the ring and grabbed electrical scissors. Dutt then helped Lethal free himself from the tape, as Val opened the door and Lethal hit the floor before Devine to retain his title. After the match, Lethal, Dutt and Val all celebrated together.

Winner Via Escaping The Cage and STILL TNA X Division Champion @ 10:40 min – Jay Lethal

Match Rating – 6.5/10

In the back, Jeremy Borash spoke with Frank Trigg, who backed Kurt Angle 100% and said that he hoped TNA threw Samoa Joe a good going away party.

Match Two – Queen of the Cage Number One Contender’s Match For A Shot At The TNA Knockouts Championship – Angelina Love vs. Salinas vs. Velvet Sky vs. Rhaka Khan vs. Christy Hemme vs. Traci Brooks vs. Jackie Moore vs. Roxxi Laveaux

This one started out with all the ladies on the floor, having to climb their way into the ring. The first two knockouts in the ring would then wrestle in an one-on-one contest. Angelina Love was the first one in, followed by Roxxi Laveaux and the match began. Same deal as Impact, with the same exact finish. Voodoo Crusher on Love was all it took to put her away for the win.

Winner Via Pinfall and NEW Number One Contender To The TNA Knockouts Championship @ 5:30 min – Roxxi Laveaux

Match Rating – 4/10

The new backstage interviewer, Lauren, was shown in the back with Samoa Joe. Joe said that losing never crossed his mind and he was going to walk out the new TNA Heavyweight Champion.

A package was then shown to highlight the feud between BG James and Kip James.

Match Three – BG James vs. Kip James

This match was nothing special and really didn’t have anything to it. This feud has been run so many times in TNA that it has lost its spark. There hasn’t been anything added to the mix to make it more interesting. After some back and forth action, Kip James missed a charge at BG James in the corner and got rolled up for the pin. After the match, the two shook hands, but Kip once again turned on BG and clotheslined him out of his boots.

Winner Via Pinfall – BG James

Match Rating – 5/10

In the back, Jeremy Borash spoke with a very focused Kurt Angle, who said that he was going to prove to all the naysayers that he was the very best, and he was going to make Samoa Joe tap out. he said that this match was all about survival.

In another part of the arena, Black Reign and Rellik were shown beating down Eric Young, as security and Kaz came to the rescue.

Match Four – Cuffs in the Cage Match – Eric Young and Kaz vs. Black Reign and Rellik vs. The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) vs. LAX (Homicide and Hernandez) vs. The Rock N Rave Infection (Jimmy Rave and Lance Hoyt) vs. Scott Steiner and Petey Williams

This match was just a total cluster. Kaz was forced to start the match without Eric Young. Young came out midway through the match, but was scared away by the monsters. It came down to The Rock N Rave Infection vs. the monsters, when Super Eric appeared and took out the other four competitors with a splash from the top of the cage. He then proceeded to lock all four combatants up and free Kaz from his handcuffs, winning the match.

Winners Via Cuffing Their Opponents To The Cage @ 10:45 min – Super Eric and Kaz

Match Rating – 6/10

Lauren was then shown in the back with Samoa Joe’s family who also guaranteed victory for Samoa Joe.

A package was then shown to highlight the feud between Riesha Saeed/Awesome Kong and ODB/Gail Kim.

Match Five – Awesome Kong and Riesha Saeed vs. Gail Kim and ODB

This was actually a pretty good match. Riesha Saeed was heavily involved, and mixed it up with both Gail Kim and ODB. The end came when a mis-communication caused Awesome Kong to hit the spinning backfist on Saeed, knocking her out. Gail Kim then hit Kong with a missile dropkick, while ODB hit Saeed with a top rope splash for the win.

Winners Via Pinfall @ 8:30 min – Gail Kim and ODB

Match Rating – 6.5/10

In the back, Jeremy Borash spoke with Karen Angle, who said she was there to support Kurt Angle because she was concerned about him.

Match Six – Robert Roode and Payton Banks vs. Booker T and Sharmell

Booker T and Sharmell took out all their frustrations on Robert Roode and Payton Banks. Sharmell showed no fear and went right after Robert Roode, in an attempt to get some payback for the broken jaw she suffered at his hands. In the end, a miscue lead to Banks slapping Roode and getting rolled up by Sharmell for the pin. Booker T and Sharmell celebrated, while Roode and Banks argued. Roode then left Banks high and dry.

Winners Via Pinfall @ 7:45 min – Booker T and Sharmell

Match Rating – 7/10

Backstage, Lauren spoke with Marcus Davis, who has been working with Samoa Joe. He said that if Joe stuck to the game plan, he would walk out of Lockdown victorious.

A package was then shown for Lethal Lockdown.

Match Seven – Lethal Lockdown Match – Team Tomko (Tomko, AJ Styles, James Storm, Brother Ray and Brother Devon) vs. Team Cage (Christian Cage, Sting, Kevin Nash, Matt Morgan and Rhino)

Christian Cage started out the match for his team. It looked as though Tomko would start out for his team, however, it was a ploy, with AJ Styles sneaking in and attacking Cage. This match was excellent, with lots of unique action taking place. The order of entry went as follows:

Entrant Two For Team Tomko – Brother Ray

Entrant Two For Team Cage – Rhino

Entrant Three For Team Tomko – James Storm

Entrant Three For Team Cage – Kevin Nash

Entrant Four For Team Tomko – Brother Devon

Entrant Four For Team Cage – Matt Morgan

Entrant Five For Team Tomko – Tomko

Entrant Five For Team Cage – Sting

Brother Devon got busted open pretty bad during the match. Styles and Cage also went at it heavily, fighting to the very top of the Lethal Lockdown structure. Styles and Cage set up a table on top of the structure, while the rest of the competitors pelted each other with weapons on the inside of the cage. On top, Styles and Cage climbed a ladder, while James Storm made his way up top. Storm then pushed the ladder over and sent Styles and Cage crashing through the table. Storm then made his way back down and cracked Matt Morgan with a beer bottle, however, when he turned around, he ate a Gore for his troubles, giving Team Cage the big win.

Winners Via Pinfall @ 26:45 min – Team Cage (Christian Cage, Sting, Kevin Nash, Matt Morgan and Rhino)

Match Rating – 9/10

A package was then shown to hype Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle.

Karen Angle was shown at ringside, while Frank Trigg joined Mike Tenay and Don West on commentary.

Samoa Joe was then shown walking backstage as a package was shown to highlight his TNA career.

Samoa Joe entered with the traditional fire dance.

Kurt Angle was then shown walking backstage as a package was shown to highlight his TNA career.

Marcus Davis was in the ring to present the winner with the TNA Heavyweight Championship, as Kurt Angle spotted Karen Angle at ringside and had security eject her from the building.

Jeremy Borash then did the introductions and set the stage for the Main Event.

Match Eight – TNA Heavyweight Championship vs. Samoa Joe’s Career Match – Kurt Angle (C) vs. Samoa Joe

Winner Via Pinfall and NEW TNA Heavyweight Champion @ 17:45 min – Samoa Joe

Match Rating – 8/10

Overall PPV Rating – 6.5/10

Chris Sokol is from Long Island, NY and enjoys the arcade at Dave and Busters.