SASKATOON – The end is in sight for Don Callis and Crash Crimson, the men behind the mania that has been this past weeks Pro Outlaw Wrestling at the Saskatoon Exhibition.

“By the end of Sunday everybody is going to be glad and happy that it is over, but we are also going to miss it because it has been such a great week.” Crimson said. Although there are still three shows to run Sunday at 4, 7 and 9, the tour has been deemed a success by all involved. Former ECW star Don Callis is thrilled with the results so far.

“I’ve been really happy with it. There have been some challenges. It’s been really hot out and the ring is outside with no covering to shade us from the sun. Today was about 34 degrees out, so it was very hot. Guys are pulling double and triple duty and working three matches a day in the heat. Everyone has really stepped up to the plate and the matches have been great. You couldn’t ask for any more.”

There were skeptics who didn’t think that the way the shows worked would keep crowds interested, but in actuality it has worked out well. The shows have resulted in standing room only around the ring and people have stayed through the shows and come back for more. “We’ve been running three shows a day and people are coming back to all three shows and being drawn into the storylines that we have woven together with Jerry Lynn and Wavell Starr,” said Callis.

Both men have learned a great deal as promoting 3 shows a day for a week is different then what both are used to. Crash listed the differences between putting together one show and a carnival. “Different styles, the matches are different, the exhibition has different rules. We’ve had to be more self-reliant. We can’t rely on a building to supply power, walls, a dressing rooms, sound, lighting and other such things.”

As mentioned in Saturday’s Diary, a big part of the idea behind these shows was to allow POW Rookies the chance to learn, and learn they have.

“We wanted to make sure that the guys we brought from out of town not only could get in the ring with a guy like Sabu and put on a good match, but take a greenhorn and take them out there and have a good match with them,” said Crimson. “So far they have been able to do that, and my guys are stepping up to bat and are doing a really good job. They are working a couple of times a day and I am really proud of each and every one of them. They have all improved on a in every match on a daily basis and that is what I want to see. I remember Don pointing a few things out to one of them and the next match he had he fixed the problem.”

Added Callis, “I’ve been trying to put the rookies in the ring with guys that can teach them. It’s hard because they are trained but they are really green and don’t understand psychology. I am trying to put them into situations where they can learn and have a passable match.” Many of the wrestlers have worked both sides of the fence during the week, working as both heels and faces on different shows. “When you have guys who people don’t really know, heel or face is irrelevant. They don’t really know how to work either style but they are learning so we just put them out there, let them have a match and listen as a babyface with a heel like Juggernaut.”

“It really doesn’t matter whether I am a face or a heel, I usually received a good reaction from the crowd, and so I liked doing both.” Dice Steel, who had never worked as a face prior to the Ex told SLAM!

“I’m just thrilled with the whole thing.” Crash concluded. “It’s gone just about perfectly.”

In Other POW News:

It’s been a very hot week in Saskatoon, and with the shows taking place outdoors, the main concern for the promotion was avoiding heatstroke.

“Everyone needs to drink a lot of water and keep hydrated. That is the most important part, we don’t want anyone dying.” Callis said at the start of the week. The wrestlers have taken the advice to heart and are doing everything they can to keep cool.

“I wore overalls the first day and it nearly killed me, so I am dressing down for the rest of the week,” said hillbilly Honey Dipper Dan.

“The first match I had with El Asesino on Tuesday was the hardest match, but I have been adapting pretty well to the heat,” said Dice Steel, who has put 11 matches under his belt this week.

Two of the other POW Wrestlers both claim to have good fortune with them in dealing with the heat, but for entirely different reasons.

“The advantage that I have is that in preparing myself physically and mentally for going to Louisville I am in good enough shape to be able to handle the heat.” Said POW Carnival Champion Wavell Starr.

“Luckily with all the work that I have to do during the day I’ve only been wrestling once on the 9:00 show,” said owner Crash Crimson. “We have an air conditioned trailer and lots of water. That helps.”

Crimson had an unexpected surprise on Saturday night when it was decided he would face Jerry Lynn. The shows had been building towards a Sabu/Crash showdown, and facing the former X-Division Champion was deemed a bonus by Crimson.

“My plans up until this week didn’t include wrestling him. As an owner and a wrestler I wasn’t here to promote myself or put myself over. Don talked me into working the match, and I am glad I did it.” Crimson has been on tour with Lynn with No Holds Barred, but the match was another in a long list of first time matches this week. “I had a good time and had fun. That is all I wanted to do, have fun and do a good match. He is very easy to work with. I am glad it went as well as it did.”

Sabu’s opponent on Saturday night was once again Apocalypse, and they topped their already great outing from Wednesday night.

“I wasn’t nearly as nervous going into the match this time. I just went in there and did it and it flowed better,” said the Calgary star.

But for the closer on Sunday Night, two matches are booked that promise to cap off the week in a spectacular manner. Wavell Starr and Jerry Lynn will have a rematch from their Friday Night Classic in the main event of the 9:00 show. The other main attraction is a match that fans have been wanting for a few years. Hardcore Wrestlers Crash Crimson and Sabu go one on one.

“I am the local crazy guy and he is the independent crazy guy, so I want to see how I measure up to him. Win lose or draw, even if I make mistakes I am still going to go out and have fun,” concluded Crimson.

Day Five Results


Wavell Starr beat Honey Dipper Dan with the Five Starr Frog Splash

Maxx Fiend took out Van Dutch with the Pendulum, a swinging Uranage he used long before Billy Gunn started using it.

Apocalypse kicked the head off of Johnny Handsome with the shining wizard for the win


Honey Dipper Dan gored Van Dutch for a win.

The Natural and Wavell Starr defeated Apocalypse & Dice Steel when Wavell hit Dice with a Samoan Drop.

Juggernaut won a triple-threat match over Max Fiend and Johnny Handsome. Handsome was taken out of the match after the Pendulum, allowing Juggs to hit the K-Drill for on Fiend for the win.


Honey Dipper Dan defeated Juggernaut by disqualification. Juggernaut originally won the match, but referee George Smiley found the brass knuckles Jugg used to take out Dan and reversed his decision.

Sabu defeated Apocalypse with the Camel Clutch. After the match, Crash Crimson ran to ringside and attacked Sabu with a chair. Lynn made the save leading too…

Jerry Lynn defeated Crash Crimson with a small package. After the match the heels attacked Lynn until Sabu made the save to set up the main events for Sunday’s 9:00 show.


Jason Clevett has resigned himself to the fact that Juggernaut will not be winning him a snake on the midway. To console himself, he instead had his picture taken with a 14 foot Burmese Python weighing 65 pounds.