SASKATOON – The fans have been begging for someone to knock the arrogant Wavell Starr off his perch as POW Carnival Champion since he walked out to the ring at 4:30 pm on Tuesday afternoon. Sunday night their wish came true as NWA-TNA star Jerry Lynn pinned Starr in the finale to the week-long event.

Fans in attendance will long be talking about the classic match that occurred as both men put forth a tremendous effort to entertain the fans. He was accompanied by his regular partner The Natural, who sported a Winnipeg Blue Bombers Jersey all evening to antagonize the fans, and as has been his trademark, Wavell grabbed the microphone.

“Usually I get out here and talk, but tonight, I am here for one reason, and that is to kick Jerry Lynn’s ass so let’s get on with it!” said the usually long-winded champion. Lynn responded by running to the ring and Wavell bailed out.

The back and forth match saw Lynn’s trademark swiftness, as he stunned the champion with flying headscissors and frankenstieners. A second attempt at the move turned the tide as Wavell hit a sit out powerbomb. With the challenger now under his control, Starr went to working on Lynn with headlocks, keeping the high flyer grounded. Lynn came back, sidestepping as Starr jumped to the second buckle, and springing off the second rope with a sunset-flip powerbomb that took both men out.

The Natural tried to distract the referee, allowing Wavell to hit Lynn with the championship. Unlike Friday night, this was not enough to put the former ECW champion away. As the fans chanted his name, Jerry came back with a number of near pinfalls, before sending Wavell crashing into Natch and planting him with his trademark cradle-piledriver to end the match and bring the fans to their feet.

After the match, Starr was ecstatic about the finale. “I feel incredibly lucky to have worked with Jerry Lynn not just once but four times this week. (Twice in tag matches, twice in singles matches.) He is the kind of guy you can learn a million and one things from and I certainly did this week and I am happy that I had the chance to learn from him.”

The praise for Lynn from Wavell continued. “He was one of the top guys that was brought in and he didn’t have to do everything that he went out there and did. Not only that, but he was up early every morning working out very hard in the gym. I even saw him walk out of the cardio room covered in sweat, even though he is working every night.”

But it was not just the student role that Starr played this week, but also that of a teacher to POW rookies. “The way that I was taught is that you learn from the people that came ahead of you. One of the biggest things that seems to be lost in younger wrestlers these days is respect and attitude, but I don’t see that here.”

In Other POW News:

At the 4:00 show The Natural cost Apocalypse a match against Juggernaut, leading to a challenge for a tag team altercation for the 7:00 show. Apocalypse was to team with Honey Dipper Dan, a hillbilly who loved to dance to his theme song “Sweet Home Alabama” and during the week would bring kids from the audience into the ring to dance with him. I was sitting backstage with the team when the idea hit me.

“You know dude, you so have to dance,” I told him.

“Uhhh…” Was his response. But the idea quickly snowballed as the three of us bounced around ideas. After Apocalypse finally got his revenge from the week by pinning The Natural by rolling through a cross body he started to leave the ring, but Dan stopped him. Fans of Rikishi clued in quickly as Dan took off the torn and ratty flannel shirt he wore over his clothes and put it on his partner. The crowd went insane as Dipper’s music hit and the two danced and do-see-doe’d before standing in opposite corners to a loud ovation.

“I look like Homeless Jimmy,” Apoc commented when reviewing the tape.

The Natural also had a shining moment prior to the match. Juggernaut has befriended a few Ex employees that work in the parking lot, and has often been found lounging in the shade chatting. When The Natch was telling all the Saskatoon Ladies that they may have a chance to be with Juggernaut, he said “But you will have to beat off the parking lot attendant girls because they can’t get enough of him!”

Juggernaut had to cover his head with a hood to hide his laughter.

Heavy storm clouds lurked in the sky as the semi-windup for the Ex, the long-awaited battle between Crash Crimson and Sabu finally occurred. Although limited by Sabu’s newly reattached bicep, the two still battered each other with chairs and fists all around the ring. Sabu again floored fans in attendance by connecting with his trademark triple-jump moonsault despite the injury. But interference by Wavell Starr prevented the pinfall from occurring. Wavell then hit Sabu with a chair from the outside, causing the Hardcore Icon to stagger into a chokeslam and suffer his first loss in Saskatchewan.

“We had a hell of a match, I hope I get to face him again when he’s healthy so we can really do some damage to each other,” Crimson said afterwards as the skies finally opened up, dampening the crew of kids striking down the ring, but not dampening their spirits after the experience of a lifetime.

Day 5 Results

Honey Dipper Dan defeated Dice Steel with a pumphandle powerbomb.
Wavell Starr defeated Van Dutch
Juggernaut beat Apocalypse with the K-Drill.
Dice Steel defeated Van Dutch with a flipping diamond cutter.
Wavell Starr pinned Johnny Handsome after a Samoan Drop.
Apocalypse & Honey Dipper Dan beat The Natural & Juggernaut when Apocalypse pinned The Natural.
Juggernaut knocked Johnny Handsome senseless with the K-Drill.
Wavell Starr’s interference with a chair cost Sabu his match against Crash Crimson, who chokeslammed Sabu for the surprise win.
Jerry Lynn defeated Wavell Starr to win the POW Carnival Championship with the Cradle Piledriver.


Jason Clevett has a hell of a tan and got to shake Sabu’s hand. He is eager to get home, but is dreading the trip back. But he knows that it will make for a great finale to the trip. Look for all the details in Road Diary 7, Tuesday on SLAM! Wrestling!