SASKATOON – Thousands of fans flocked to the Exhibition Wednesday to take in the POW action and meet six-time World Champion Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart. Hart signed for his scheduled time and then moved closer to the ring for another hour of signing for fans that hadn’t had the chance to meet him.

“It’s a good sized crowd, it’s been a long wait, but I got to meet the Hitman!” said an excited female fan, clutching her autographed picture. “I was there in 1992 when he beat Ric Flair for the WWF title, I still remember that so vividly. I was young, but I was so amazed and excited to see him win the belt. To finally get to meet someone I liked and admired so much is just fantastic.”

For Jeff, 38, from Saskatoon, the event was a family affair. His wife and three children all had the chance to speak with Hart, get autographs and take a picture with the legend.

“It was excellent, I always wanted to meet Bret Hart. It’s great for my kids because they watch WWE all the time, so this was something they really enjoy. It was everything I hoped it would be.”

Brad, 28, and a long-time Hitman fan traveled from Regina to meet Hart. “I give him credit for being here and meeting the fans. I know he has said in his articles that he had a hard time making public appearances after his stroke. He looks really good despite that, it’s hard to tell he had one.”

Irvine of Saskatoon used to watch Stampede Wrestling as a kid with his Dad and grew up watching The Hitman. “He’s been a hero of mine for a long time. I was really excited to meet him, and I got four items signed by him. I waited for an hour, and it was worth it.”

Hart’s appearance was deemed a huge success by Don Callis, who helped put together the week long event.

“It’s really nice. This has been a Bret Hart love-in. Canadian fans and fans all over the world all the world feel strongly about Hart. Canada has a special place for him. It’s a long line up to get the autograph, and Bret being Bret, he is taking time to talk to each fan. Each fan has some story about seeing him or his dad wrestling, one fan gave him a framed picture of Owen he had. He’s signed t-shirts from 1983! It’s a really warm atmosphere here for him, and it is great because he deserves it.”

Callis and NHB held an autograph signing with Hart in Winnipeg earlier this summer and the reaction from fans there was the same. “Bret is universally loved and adored by wrestling fans. He’s huge in Europe, the U.S., everywhere. Whether here or in Winnipeg, it’s a pleasure to have him.”

In other POW News:

Sabu made his long awaited Ex debut Wednesday. However he wasn’t in typical Sabu form, as an arm injury forced him to compete wearing a bulky cast, yet living up to his nickname of “Homicidal, Suicidal and Genocidal” he stepped into the ring with one of the toughest men in Canada, 380-pound Juggernaut.

There were no tables broken in the match, which was only the second time the two hardcore legends had faced off. However there was plenty of chair action, most of it involving Juggernaut’s head. Sabu had his own introductions to the steel as well when Juggernaut tripped him as he attempted his trademark Triple-Jump moonsault. The chair would end up being the undoing of the big man however, as his second attempt to trip Sabu during the move was thwarted, and an Arabian facebuster put the monster down for the three count. Hopefully this will not be the only match between these two at the Ex.

The other feature match, at 7 p.m., featured Wavell Starr and The Natural once again teaming up to face Apocalypse. However tonight Apoc had a new partner, choosing former ECW Champion Jerry Lynn to stand by his side. I am absolutely amazed with how Wavell, both on his own and with his partner, can incite a crowd. He is sure to make an impression next month when he arrives in OVW. Lynn took a beating during the match, but it was Apocalypse who would fall prey to treachery by the heels, once again being defeated by Wavell.

“I’ll beat him one of these shows!” swore Apocalypse backstage. The fans who have attended the shows and grown to hate Starr would love to see him do just that by stripping the First Nation Sensation of his World Carnival Championship.

Day Two Results:
World Carnival Champion Wavell Starr successfully defended against El Assassino
Apocalypse defeated Dice Steel
Juggernaut put away Johnny Handsome with the K-Drill

Wavell Starr & The Natural defeated Apocalypse & Jerry Lynn
Van Dutch defeated El Assasino with a DDT
Johnny Handsome beat Dice Steel
Dice Steel planted El Assassino
Crash Crimson defeated Honey Dipper Dan
Sabu defeated Juggernaut


Jason Clevett will be in Saskatoon all week wandering the midway and laughing at Juggernaut repeatedly losing midway games. Secretly he hopes Juggernaut will win him a giant stuffed snake.