SASKATOON – For Calgary’s rising star Apocalypse, his match on the 9:00 p.m. show at the Saskatoon Ex was something he would never forget. Thursday night, he looked across the ring, and staring back at him was Sabu.

“It was pretty crazy. I was thinking ‘Wow, I never thought I would see the day when I would be in the ring with Sabu.'”

The match was a long time coming for Apocalypse, who lists Sabu as well as tag partner Jerry Lynn as major influences.

“Sabu was what got me re-interested in wrestling when he was in ECW. Seeing my name on the bill next to his and standing in the ring knowing I was about to fight him was the most nervous moment of my life. At the same time, I was feeling like the biggest mark ever because I am thinking ‘Man, I am about to fight Sabu!!’ Followed by ‘I hope I don’t screw up!'”

The fear was rational, as Sabu is nursing an infection in his arm as a result from a nagging torn bicep, forcing him to wrestle in a cast. The strategy for not adding to the injury was simple for Apocalypse: “I stayed the hell away from his arm.”

“When I woke up today, I was thinking I don’t want to be that guy who wrestles Sabu and ends up doing something to his arm. When I got here today and saw my name on the card with him, that was my first thought. ‘Don’t touch his arm!'”

However the upside of facing Sabu with an injury was the obvious faith in Apocalypse’s talent and ability to not do any damage. The POW office wouldn’t put just anybody in the ring with Sabu healthy, for Apocalypse to wrestle him with an injury was flattering.

“I was flabbergasted to wrestle him with him injured. It does make me think wow these guys put a lot of trust on me to know that I will take care of him.”

The match was well done despite the injury and the fact that the two had never faced before. Apocalypse received a few chairshots, and lost the match when Sabu floored fans and wrestlers alike by hitting his trademark triple-jump moonsault despite the arm injury and covering Apocalypse for the pin. Apocalypse was happy with the match.

“Everything went well, considering how nervous I was, I had trouble putting things together in my head. There were a few little things that maybe could have been better but I don’t think either of us was at fault; it comes from never having worked a guy before. It was a total pleasure to be able to get into the ring with Sabu and wrestle him, and have my name added to the list of great talent who have wrestled Sabu.”

Adding to his euphoria about this weeks trip was the opportunity to twice team with former ECW Champion Jerry Lynn against The Natural and Wavell Starr. “It’s been a dream of mine forever to be in the ring with guys like Sabu and Jerry Lynn.”

It has also been a great learning experience for Apocalypse. His two matches Thursday were very different. “I had to work more against Sabu because they kept cutting Jerry off from making the tag in the first match. The guys I am in the ring with are fantastic wrestlers, and being a fan as well as a wrestler, it is hard for me to not just stand there and mark out the whole match.”

Apocalypse has worked with legends before in a six-man tag match with ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan and Brutus Beefcake in Nunavut, however Sabu & Lynn are a different style of wrestler.

“I’ve always loved Jerry Lynn and followed what he was doing. I was so mad at the WWF and how they misused him, I thought it was awful. To actually be in the ring with guys who I have looked up to for so long is just a great feeling for me,” Apocalypse concluded.

In Other POW News:

Luck was with the company today, as despite rain in the morning, the shows opened with clear skies. It was incredibly hot and humid today in Saskatoon, affecting the wrestler’s stamina. However they were still able to go out and put out solid shows. The crowds continue to pack the stands around the ring for the shows and stay rooted to the spot for the full hour. Two hours after the show ended the skies opened up with thunder and lightning.

With the location of the ring being right behind the grandstand area, the 9:00 show was often had a soundtrack from artists performing on the stage. Tuesday featured wrestling to Canadian rock band Default. That seemed appropriate compared to the mellow music of pianist Chantel Kreviazuk on Wednesday and country’s Doc Walker Thursday. Friday will be rapping and wrestling, as hip-hop artists The Rascalz take the stage. “It’s weird to be watching it and hearing the music in the background, but when you’re in the ring it’s not as noticeable,” said Johnny Handsome.

Thursday’s tag team altercation involved Manitoba wrestling legend Tony Condello. Before the match, Wavell and The Natural tore into the crowd before the POW Carnival Commissioner Condello hit the ring and put them in their place. They attacked him, Lynn and Apocalypse made the save and the match started. When Starr knocked out the referee, Condello ran to ringside, took out star, and counted down The Natural’s shoulders.

For fans at the Ex last night they had a once in a lifetime opportunity. Sabu rarely does pictures or autographs, but both he and Jerry Lynn were at the picture table meeting fans and signing polaroids.

“This is awesome! I met Sa-Freakin-bu!” said one fan before striking a trademark Sabu pointing-at-the-sky pose.

This weekend the big guns are going to be drawn as the Ex draws large crowds. Jerry Lynn has challenged Wavell Starr to “Quit hiding behind a tag team partner and defend that (World Carnival Championship) belt against me.” The challenge was accepted and that match is expected to happen. As well, Crash Crimson challenged Sabu tonight, and it is expected that those two hardcore athletes will square off as well as possibly some combination of the two along with Juggernaut.

Day Three Results

The Natural antagonized the crowd before defeating Dice Steel
Juggernaut won over Van Dutch
Apocalypse defeated Johnny Handsome in another good match. “It was a hell of a lot hotter out there today then Tuesday. Yech,” said Handsome after the match.

380 Pound Juggernaut beat 350 pound Honeydipper Dan with a sidewalk slam.
Jerry Lynn & Apocalypse avenged Wednesday’s loss, defeating Wavell Starr and The Natural when Lynn executed a La Magistral Cradle onto Natural to the crowds enjoyment.

Crash Crimson caught Dice Steel off the top with a powerslam to win his match.
Sabu beat Apocalypse with a Triple-Jump Moonsault.
Wavell Starr successfully defended his World Carnival Championship against Johnny Handsome with the Five Starr Frog Splash.



Jason Clevett is outraged to have paid $7 for a sausage last night. Juggernaut still hasn’t won him that snake.