Moderator: Hello everyone! Welcome to our exclusive chat with Rena Mero, the superstar formerly known as Sable. Rena has been kind enough to link up with us here at SLAM! Wrestling to answer your questions and talk about her new book coming out in the fall entitled: Undefeated. Have fun and enjoy!

Jennifer : How do you think your book will do

Rena Mero: Hopefully my book will do very well. I’m not in it to sell a million books. I want to get my story out. I want people to know that things have not come easy to me and that I’ve had to work hard to get where I am. Hopefully this book will inspire other people to follow their dreams. I expect it out at the end of summer.

Mark A. Clyde: Rena you are truly missed in the sport of wrestling. None of the ladies can touch what you have brought to wrestling. How much longer before you and Marc can join WCW or ECW. If and when you do come back, you both will have a big impact on tv.

Rena Mero: At this point I have no interest in returning to wrestling. I am pursuing my acting career. But I never say never. I enjoyed the three years I was in the wrestling industry. Marc may very well be returning soon to WCW. And who knows I may not be far behind.

Traycee: Rena, I have to say when you got in the ring and actually “attempted” wrestling moves, you pulled them off! -I enjoyed seeing that more than i did seeing a cat fight. -your website is fantastic and we love the exercise tips but what’s new that you have in store for yourself other than acting? –Will we see you on Marc Mero’s side in WCW?

Rena Mero: Well I’m currently in the process of writing my book. I just shot the cover of Muscle Fitness, which will come out the 3rd week of June. I just shot the cover of Smoke magazine, which comes out in June also. I am working on my TV show Consultants, which we hope to start the production of in August. I’m working on m,y acting lessons, voices lessons, and continue to stay busy doing personal appearances. And being a wife and mother.

Anonymous: Does your book talk about a lot of what goes on behind the scenes in the wrestling world?

Rena Mero: My book touches with my involvement in the wrestling industry. It was a huge part of my life for three years — there was no way I could not talk about it. The most important thing to me is that this is a positive book. I don’t dwell on any negatives.

Sam: Rumor has it that Marc Mero will be heading back to WCW as Johnny B. Badd, Why would he do that and will you be going back to WCW as his valet?

Rena Mero: Johnny B. Badd was a character that Marc enjoyed. He is contemplating a return to WCW and he would love to come back as Johnny B. Badd.

DTC: Rena, what are your thoughts about Stephanie McMahon being the WWF Women’s Champion?

Rena Mero: I am very happy for her. She seems to be enjoying herself. Whatever they are doing is working.

Mike in Kamloops, BC.: Are you working on any current acting jobs or photo shoots? Thanks Rena!

Rena Mero: My book will be packed full of never-before seen pictures. The two magazines I mentioned will be out in June. I have been enjoying my return to modelling. That’s where my career started many years ago. I am in the process of shooting my calendar for 2001 and it will be available on my website soon —

Kelly Abrams: Hello to the exotic and sexy Rena Mero… Question1: With your experience and knowledge of the wrestling ring… have you, or will you ever consider starting your own wrestling empire? perhaps strictly a Womens’Wrestling Federation .. a.k.a “WWF” ??

Rena Mero: Off the top of my head, it would be too time consuming and I know what is involved in wrestling and the headache it would be to try to run my own wrestling company.

Dark Angel: How do you feel about the current portrayal of ladies in the “big three” wrestling federations?

Rena Mero: I’m glad to see that women have an important role within the industry. My no. 1 complaint would still be that most women are very submissive and victims. I would like to see women portrayed in a much stronger and intelligent capacity.

Kyle: Will you ever pose in Playboy again?

Rena Mero: Playboy was a wonderful experience and a great opportunity for me. As I’ve said before, I never say never. There’s always that possibility.

Mike Hunt: What do you miss most about working in the wrestling world?

Rena Mero: I miss the character that I played very much. I miss performing before a live audience — the energy and excitement — there’s nothing to compare with it.

DTC: Rena, were you a wrestling fan before you met Marc?

Rena Mero: I was not a wrestling fan. I did watch wrestling very sporadically. But it is something you can get addicted to.

John from Sundre, Alberta: Are you planning to be doing any appearances in canada and if you are, where in canada

Rena Mero: I would love to some appearances in Canada. I’m going to be doing a 20-city book tour. And I’m sure one of those will be a Canadian city. And you can check out my appearance schedule at

Jon: It’s been about a year since you left the WWF.Are you still in contact with anyone that you worked with?

Rena Mero: Unfortunately, my schedule keeps me very busy. There are not many people within the WWF that I am contact with. Most of my friends are in WCW.

Crack that Whip: Were you mad that Entertainment Weekly asked you questions, for the express purpose of making you sound stupid?

Rena Mero: To my knowledge I do not remember doing an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Pamela: What would you say to young women who are interested in entering the professional wrestling field?

Rena Mero: I would never discourage anyone from doing what it is in life that they want to do. But I would encourage them to find out the pros and cons of anything they become involved in.

Brooke Colley : When you were in the WWF, which role did you prefer… Valet or Wrestler??

Rena Mero: I can’t say that I preferred one over the other. I enjoyed them both. Being a wrestler was definitely more challenging and there’s always the safety concern.

Brooke Colley : Rena, if you could go back and change anything that has happened in your life, what would it be and why???

Rena Mero: I have no regrets in my life. I think that everything happens to you for a reason. The hard times that you go through build character, making you a much stronger person.

Ray: How did it feel to be the one of the top (if not, the top) Playboy seller?

Rena Mero: It was a wonderful experience. I was the fastest-selling magazine in history and named Sex Star of the New Millennium. And I have to thank my fans for that. They made it possible.

GO likes boys: If you could be a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

Rena Mero: How about a dogwood tree. Just because it’s beautiful.

Linda: What do you think about the firing of Luna Vachon?

Rena Mero: I don’t know the circumstances around that, so I don’t feel qualified to give my opinion. But I think she’s a very talented wrestler.

Ross: Just to let you know you are sure missed on the WWF shows, no one comes near to being as totally beautiful as you are. What do you think of all the sexual explicitness currently portrayed by wrestling in both WCW and WWF? Are you planning on being in Toronto in the foreseeable near future?

Rena Mero: Let’s just say that you have to make the choice for your family as to whether it’s appropriate or not.

New Yawk: Do you have any heat with Vince Russo over what he wrote about you in the RAW magazine? Did he not help make you a star?

Rena Mero: I never had any hard feelings towards Vince Russo in any way. He had a job to do and he did it.

4073199197mhg: How can fans get a hold of you?

Rena Mero: Fans can contact me at my web site, Fans can also write to me at Rena Productions, PO Box 1210, Geneva, FL, 32732

Daniel: How did you feel when the WWF tried to turn you into a “heel”, after being a fan favorite for so long?

Rena Mero: I wasn’t so concerned about turning heel. I understand that’s part of the wrestling industry. It’s very unfortunate that we both saw my character going in different directions.

Jaime: If you were on an Island and could have only 4 things with you, what would they be and why?

Rena Mero: My husband and daughter, plenty of water, matches and a gym. And sunscreen.

Brooke Colley : Do you find it flattering to be admired and idolized by so many people???

Rena Mero: I find it overwhelming, the support of my fans. And I’m very grateful to them.

Va-Chyna: Which Mero gimmick did you like the best? Johnny b. Badd, Magnificent Mero or the Wildman. It seemed like Marc was on his way to being big star until the knee injury.

Rena Mero: I definitely enjoyed the Johnny B Badd character the most. It was fun.

ChiCho: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Rena Mero: Five years from now I hope to be working on my television series and possibility doing a feature film. And continually be happy with my family.

Chukc Rokk: With the popularity of The Cat, Terri Runnels, Stephanie McMahon, Chyna, and Tori, do you think you have been replaced in the WWF well? And do you think that The Cat has gone too far by exposing her breasts on PPV?

Rena Mero: There will always be someone to take your place, but no one can every replace you. Everyone has to make the choice to do what right for themselves. I chose not to do it.

John from New Jersey: When most real-life couples played a “splitup” for wrestling in recent years, the end result was a split in real life. Was their any strain in your relationship with Marc when you played that out, and why do you think that your marriage held together, when so many others failed the test?

Rena Mero: There was absolutely no strain in marriage. Marc and I understand that this is a business. We have no problem separating our personal life with our personal life. And we have a very strong relationship.

Mr. Perfect: Since Sable is out of the question, what name will you use in WCW?

Rena Mero: I haven’t thought that far ahead. My main focus right now is the TV series.

Dan: Shortly after you left the WWF, you were seen on WCW’s Monday Nitro. Were you asked to be there, or were you just a fan like all of the other people in the arena?

Rena Mero: I have a lot of friends within WCW. I went there to say hello and check it out.

Mayeleen: How did Marc Mero react to your playboy shoot?

Rena Mero: Marc was extremely supportive of my decision to pose for Playboy. And very proud of the end result.

May in Calgary: Who is your role model and why?

Rena Mero: I don’t have any specific role model. I admire anyone who is strong, confident, intelligent. And the one motto that I try to live my life by is ‘Never let anyone else’s opinion influence the decisions you make in your life.’

Matt: I heard on a wrestling show Gene Simmons of KISS wanted to do a movie about you, any truth to that?

Rena Mero: Yes, we have just signed a deal with Commotion Pictures to do my life story. And Gene Simmons, who is a good friend of mine, will be producing it.

Brooke Colley : Do you have any words of wisdom to your fans???

Rena Mero: Always believe in yourself. Follow your dreams. And go for what you want in life.

RT: Are you ever going to run for mayor, senate or president? Who knows? It could happen a la Jesse Ventura. =)

Rena Mero: I have no political aspirations, although a lot of people believe that politics and acting go hand in hand. I’m concentrating solely on acting.

steven ashby : do you think you will ever return to wrestling.

Rena Mero: There are certain aspects of the business that I miss. At this point I have no plans on returning, but you never know what the future holds.

Moderator: The chat is now over. Rena would like to thank everyone for their support and taking part in this chat.

Rena Mero: Thanks to my fans for their continued support of my career. They make my job very enjoyable. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that people are interested in what I’m doing. Please check out Look for my new book at the end of the summer, my magazines in June, and for my 2001 calendar very soon.