After his appearance on WCW Thunder on April 26, 2000 Thunder in Syracuse, Marc Mero was asked to start working again for the company.

He declined to start immediately, instead wanting to get himself into tip-top shape again before resuming his wrestling career.

“I take a lot of pride in the way I look,” Mero told SLAM! Wrestling after a live chat with his wife, Rena (aka Sable). “I want to come back 100%.”

The Wildman and Sable when they first burst upon the WWF scene.

Mero is only just getting over the shoulder surgery which he had at the beginning of the year. In all, he’s been off from wrestling for a year and a half.

He misses both the fans and the thrill of entertaining people. But said it is nice just to chill out at home, picking and choosing what he wants to do, and helping his wife’s burgeoning acting career.

Oh yeah, and healing.

“My body has finally healed after nine years on the road,” he said with a laugh. All those aches and pains that never go away from a wrestler are gone from Mero at the moment.

WCW is home to him, and is the company that made him a name as Johnny B. Badd.

At the Syracuse Thunder, Mero was shown in the crowd with trainer Ray Rinaldi. Later in the evening, he had a brief scuffle with Tank Abbott.

“They invited me down to do an angle, sitting in the stands,” he explained.

Being backstage and seeing old friends was great. “It was almost like I never left,” Mero said. “I really had a great time being there.”