Quiet, can you feel it? The tension in the air, the way the animals are nowhere to be found, the sense of dread. Indeed, something wicked this way comes, a madman if you will. A man so hardcore that Abdullah the Butcher had to test him. So violent that RealTV did a feature on him and so out of control that he’s gaining the title as one of the new kings of the Death Match just as quick as he is gaining in infamy.

A madman named Pondo.

Mad Man Pondo. Courtesy www.ringnears.com

Ring ‘n Ears co-creator/promoter F is partially responsible for Pondo’s imminent reign of terror as part of the upcoming this weekend’s events in St. Catharines and Toronto. And he couldn’t be happier that Pondo will lead the ‘Re-Birth of Hurt’ tour of hardcore rock’n’ roll and wrestling.

“We wanted to get Pondo because I’ve seen some of his matches on tape and it was one of the greatest matches I’ve ever seen,” said F. “The man is just mental, anyone who is familiar with indie wrestling wants to see Pondo, because the guy will do anything.”

The list of extreme things Pondo has done is indeed impressive, mastering the four-corners of Pain Death Match, taking fluorescent lighting tubes to the head, wrestling in barbwire and rubbing alcohol matches. Obviously his extreme brand of hardcore is set to steal the shows this weekend.

That is if Canada is ready for Pondo.

“I think Canada is ready for Pondo or if not ready, they are getting there,” continued F. “Especially now that ECW is on television up here, we’re not going into this blind (bringing-up Pondo). He may not be the greatest worker on earth (in terms of wrestling ability) but the man will do anything — set mousetraps, broken glass, barbwire, you name it he’ll do it.”