For WWF sensation Edge, this Sunday’s Royal Rumble is a dream come true. A long-time wrestling fan turned World Wrestling Federation superstar, Edge (AKA: Adam Copeland) will be making his first Rumble appearance ever and he couldn’t be more thrilled.

“I always thought that was a really cool concept. Growing up and watching it, it was always one of the ones that I really looked forward to. It’s guaranteed to last an hour. So, if you’re in early…you’ve got to last. I think it’s cool too because you get an opportunity to mix it up with guys that maybe normally you wouldn’t,” he said barely able to contain his enthusiasm in a telephone interview with SLAM! Wrestling.

A member of the Gothic trio known as The Brood, Edge let it be known that his stablemates Christian and Gangrel will also take part in the 29-Man, One-Woman (Chyna) over-the-top-rope battle royal with the winner receiving a future bout for the World Wrestling Federation World Heavyweight title.

Vampiric Brood leader Gangrel is pulling double duty as he will also challenge X-Pac for the WWF European title earlier in the evening. In sizing up the competition, Edge believes The Brood does have an advantage over the other single wrestlers entered into the Rumble, however, if push comes to shove, he’s got no qualms about turning on his pals.

“There’s power in numbers, definitely. But, it is every man for themselves so if it came down to the three of us…I’m throwing those two out!”