The Royal Rumble happens just once a year and maybe this is a good thing. The first WWF Pay Per View of 1999 was a lackluster affair that had no real conclusions, no special guests in the Rumble itself (besides the re-appearance of former Men on a Mission member and former King of the Ring, Mabel). And featured yet another screw-job to decide the outcome of the Heavyweight title match.

The Rumble

The first two combatants were obviously Steve Austin and Vince McMahon and after all was said and done they were the last two. Highlights involved Steve Austin and Vince McMahon brawling through the crowd, ending-up in a bathroom where Austin was jumped by Team Corporate and taken away in an ambulance. Vince doing commentary, Austin driving the ambulance back and Austin Stunning him. Mabel clearing the ring before being jumped by the Acolytes and kidnapped while the Undertaker watched was good to.

Low-lights involved Mabel and Kane doing their best Diesel impressions and tossing out a number of stars too quickly. Al Snow getting eliminated almost immediately, Gillberg who was a dark-horse and could have been a contender if he had lasted more than ten seconds and Vince throwing Austin out while Austin was distracted by the Rock, winning the Royal Rumble. Here’s the order and subsequent elimination’s (brackets indicate who threw their tired asses out).

1.Stone Cold Steve Austin 2. Vince McMahon 3. Golga 4. Droz 5. Edge 6. Gillberg 7. Blackman 8. Severn 9. Tiger Ali Singh 10. Blue Meanie 11. Mabel 12. Road-dog 13. Gangrel 14. Kurrgan 15. Al Snow 16. Goldust 17. Godfather 18. Kane 19. Shamrock 20. Billy Gunn 21. Test 22. Bossman 23. Hunter Hearst Helmsley 24. Val Venis 25. X-Pac 26. Mark Henry 27. Jeff Jarrett 28. D-Lo 29. Owen Hart 30. Chyna

Golga (Austin). Gillberg (Edge). Severn (Mabel). Blackman (Mabel). Tiger Ali Singh (Mabel). Blue Meanie (Mabel). Droz (Mabel). Edge (Road-dog). Mabel (Acolytes). Gangrel (Road-dog). Al Snow (Road-dog). Road-dog (Kane). Kurgan (Kane). Godfather (Kane). Goldust (Kane). Kane (Kane). Shamrock (Austin). Bad Ass (Austin). Test (Austin). X-Pac (Bossman). Jeff Jarrett (Hunter). Henry (Chyna). Chyna (Austin). Val Venis (Hunter). Hunter (Austin). Owen Hart (Austin). D-Lo (Bossman). Bossman (Austin). Austin (Vince McMahon).

Mankind vs. the Rock
WWF Heavyweight ‘I Quit’ match

Another excellent match from these two, that featured an extreme Hardcore bump from Mankind when he was knocked-off a balcony at least six to eight feet on to lighting/speaker cabinets, then bouncing off of them to the floor. The Spanish announce table collapsing before the Rock could put Mankind threw it, Mankind being handcuffed and chaired until unconscious and finally Mankind’s voice saying I quit over the loudspeaker while he was unconscious. Another screw-job by Vince and the Rock is once again WWF champion.

Sable vs. Luna Vachon
WWF Women’s Heavyweight Strap Match

A good match which saw Sable take a strapping and come back to win the thing after being dragged around the ring by Luna and touching the corners right after her. The fan/Stalker who ran in on Raw a few weeks ago got involved and allowed Sable to touch the fourth corner ahead of Luna. Sable retains the belt and for someone who doesn’t take bumps Sable looks like she got killed during the match.

X-Pac vs. Gangrel
WWF European Title Match

The sleeper match of the card didn’t disappoint, with both athletes trading high impact moves. It’s hard to understand why both these guys don’t get bigger pushes, especially Gangrel. Anyway X-Pac won the match with the X-factor to retain the belt. No bloodbath, no Brood, no win for Gangrel.

Ken Shamrock vs. Billy Gunn
WWF Intercontinental Title Match

A good match with some good wrestling was what this one delivered. Shamrock is an excellent technician but he just lacks charisma, Billy has tons of charisma but looks out of place by himself. After Shamrock worked on his ankle throughout the match Billy injured it severely on a double ax handle of the top-ropes and quickly tapped to the ankle lock. Ken is still in the zone and still the champ.

Road-dog vs. Bossman

This match was boring at best and made little sense, it wasn’t a Hardcore match and neither wrestler was strong enough to maintain interest without some help form a weapon or two. Why they would spend so much time getting Road-dog over as a hardcore wrestler and then not have him in a Hardcore match is beyond me. Bossman won with his sidewalk slam to not win the belt but thankfully to end the match.